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PapatymisonN (6:10:43 PM): Hello everyone.
NebbieQ (6:10:43 PM): Hey guys
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End790 (6:10:50 PM): wat
memyselfandlost (6:10:51 PM): hi, all.
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PapatymisonN (6:10:52 PM): It was me, by the by.
besyanteo (6:10:59 PM): YOU'RE A CHEESE!
besyanteo (6:11:00 PM): >:!
PapatymisonN (6:11:10 PM): I am no cheese.
besyanteo (6:11:14 PM): LIES
Almond Moose (6:11:14 PM): :)
End790 (6:11:22 PM)
: what is this, some sort of chat _
PapatymisonN (6:11:26 PM): Unless I'm a gouda. In which case yes, cuz that's fun to say.
E mouse2000 (6:11:28 PM): Mass invite for old time's sake I take it
NebbieQ (6:11:30 PM): HOLY SHIT IT'S AN END
End790 (6:11:34 PM): is it
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End790 (6:11:38 PM): IS IT REALLY
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PapatymisonN (6:11:42 PM): Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Kate! And Tai!
NebbieQ (6:11:43 PM): I BELIEVE IT IS
CGNakibe (6:11:52 PM): Its a tragedy!
PapatymisonN (6:11:54 PM): ^_^ I love you guys!
MajorGeneralTso (6:11:57 PM): I have been summoned.
CGNakibe (6:12:01 PM): I haven't even got my good conquerer clothes on. ;_;
PapatymisonN (6:12:07 PM): For great election watch greatness!
besyanteo (6:12:14 PM): All the best conquerers are nude.
MajorGeneralTso (6:12:40 PM): I have a Modern Physics reading to be doing!
MajorGeneralTso (6:12:47 PM): ...I will return to you all momentarily!
PapatymisonN (6:12:51 PM): So do it while chatting and watching CNN!
memyselfandlost (6:13:00 PM): whee, I'm watching CBS, myself.
MajorGeneralTso (6:13:12 PM): I have enough trouble convincing myself to do it without a TV on and 11 people to talk to.
PapatymisonN (6:13:15 PM): Oh, CNN's fun for the blunders and talking over each other...
MajorGeneralTso (6:13:19 PM): It'll never get done here and with CNN on.
memyselfandlost (6:13:21 PM): ehehe.
besyanteo (6:13:41 PM): I refuse to watch news.
besyanteo (6:13:50 PM): Fuck that shit. It's on TV.
PapatymisonN (6:13:56 PM): Shaun. *poke* Your state isn't proving to be completely composed of goofs. Good job.
memyselfandlost (6:14:05 PM): hehehe.
PapatymisonN (6:14:07 PM): And Bes? This is moon-landing worthy. Turn the thing on.
memyselfandlost (6:14:20 PM): I'm hoping that Ohio is not full of doofuses.
PapatymisonN (6:14:31 PM): Looks good right now...
besyanteo (6:14:45 PM): Cha: Nu.
E mouse2000 (6:14:54 PM): Moon-landing worthy?
PapatymisonN (6:14:57 PM): Yesh.
memyselfandlost (6:15:05 PM): yes!
memyselfandlost (6:15:14 PM): We worked hard enough here.
Idran1701 (6:15:17 PM): Which part? The event itself, yeah, but not really any of the coverage of it.
(6:15:18 PM) DogshamanPhil has entered the room.
Almond Moose (6:15:29 PM): do I get tarred and feathered for not voting? o.o
PapatymisonN (6:15:34 PM)
: When politics are good, it sticks in your head.
besyanteo (6:15:34 PM): We ARE still tlaking about the stupid election, right?
PapatymisonN (6:15:35 PM): ...
besyanteo (6:15:50 PM): What the fuck Cha,
besyanteo (6:15:56 PM): you're canadian. o_o
besyanteo (6:16:05 PM): Ashley totally has dibs on this.
Idran1701 (6:16:07 PM): Most people outside the US would rather we have Obama too.
PapatymisonN (6:16:09 PM): Yeah, and take it from an outsider's view...
PapatymisonN (6:16:17 PM): THIS ONE'S IMPORTANT.
DogshamanPhil (6:16:17 PM): Aha, I got invited for the election chat.
CGNakibe (6:16:37 PM): /me gnaws on Phil.
CGNakibe (6:16:41 PM): What's up, man?
CGNakibe (6:16:43 PM): How goes?
DogshamanPhil (6:16:43 PM): Interesting! Somebody thought that I could contribute! I'll soon fix that.
NebbieQ (6:16:51 PM): Ahaha
CGNakibe (6:16:55 PM): Fix?
PapatymisonN (6:16:56 PM): Nooooooooo! Don't go! Contribute nothing! I'll love it!
CGNakibe (6:17:04 PM): I'm playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
DogshamanPhil (6:17:06 PM): Hah, funny you should ask.
CGNakibe (6:17:08 PM): I can crack Giant Enemy Crabs.
NebbieQ (6:17:09 PM): I'm talking about the election in another chat, so I'm not really in the mood to talk about it here.
NebbieQ (6:17:12 PM): It would just be redundant
CGNakibe (6:17:14 PM): Don't think I can't crack other things. >:{{
DogshamanPhil (6:17:22 PM): I could bring up my embarassing personal problems!
besyanteo (6:17:23 PM): Also: I totally voted. I totally don't want to think about it for the rest of the day
PapatymisonN (6:17:24 PM): Kay. We can talk about ... ducks...
Almond Moose (6:17:30 PM): quack
besyanteo (6:17:36 PM)
: Duck liver: Tasty treat,
DogshamanPhil (6:17:39 PM): Someone asked me how I was doing, so you've opened a can of worms that nobody will appreciate you opening!
besyanteo (6:17:40 PM): Or THE DEVIL?
CGNakibe (6:17:43 PM): <.<
CGNakibe (6:17:44 PM): >.>
PapatymisonN (6:17:45 PM): He doesn't like you.
memyselfandlost (6:17:48 PM): How are you doing?
NebbieQ (6:17:55 PM): Tasty treat, but very fatty
CGNakibe (6:17:56 PM): heeheehee. *laughs like the Duck Hunt dog*
CGNakibe (6:18:03 PM): *RUNS before someone takes out their revenge*
PapatymisonN (6:18:09 PM): *BLAM!*
besyanteo (6:18:16 PM): Neb: !!
memyselfandlost (6:18:18 PM): I always saved bullets to shoot that stupid dog.
Idran1701 (6:18:41 PM): I will just tell you one thing, Bes: Currently (by MSNBC at least) VA only has McCain leading by 1 point with 64% of precincts reporting in. :O
E mouse2000 (6:19:08 PM): Question
E mouse2000 (6:19:12 PM): Why are we all gathered here just to wait?
Idran1701 (6:19:18 PM): I have no idea. Chuck?
PapatymisonN (6:19:27 PM): Because it's better than JUST listening to Blitzer talk.
DogshamanPhil (6:19:31 PM): Me? Well, my girlfriend suddenly left me for another dude on the other side of the state, I lost my job and it's pretty much impossible for me to find a new one,
Idran1701 (6:19:37 PM): I'm just following things online, myself.
DogshamanPhil (6:19:40 PM): And I'm pretty sure they're going to reopen debtor's prisons, so I'm buying myself a buttplug.
Almond Moose (6:19:44 PM): I got my music on shuffle and was playing text twist
PapatymisonN (6:19:52 PM)
: Come to Canada, Phil. No need for buttplugs here.
DogshamanPhil (6:19:55 PM): So overall, I've been better, but I'm not homeless yet, and that's worth something
E mouse2000 (6:20:08 PM): /me is planning to follow that plan, if only due to having someone to hug there. ;_;
DogshamanPhil (6:20:18 PM): I might take you up on that if McCain wins.
PapatymisonN (6:20:19 PM): I give free hugs.
besyanteo (6:20:20 PM): You know,
besyanteo (6:20:26 PM): HAlloween was kind of depressing
Idran1701 (6:20:28 PM): Oh?
PapatymisonN (6:20:33 PM): I'm listening.
besyanteo (6:20:35 PM): listening to 8-12 year olds talking about how,
besyanteo (6:20:41 PM): should candidate X win the election,
besyanteo (6:20:46 PM): they would move to Canada
Idran1701 (6:21:01 PM): I don't know if that's depressing or amusing, myself.
Idran1701 (6:21:07 PM): Early political interest, if nothing else. :D
Almond Moose (6:21:12 PM): did you get your free halloween burrito?
DogshamanPhil (6:21:13 PM)
: Probably doesn't mean much, kids are mostly parrots at that age.
besyanteo (6:21:15 PM): Early indoctrination by parents
EternalDragonAya (6:21:21 PM): Whoah, it's Phil.
DogshamanPhil (6:21:29 PM): Yeah, imagine my surprise!
besyanteo (6:21:32 PM): I know mine are telling our 7 year old that Obama is BAD.
E mouse2000 (6:21:42 PM): Are they saying why?
besyanteo (6:21:46 PM): No.
Idran1701 (6:21:56 PM): Aw.
E mouse2000 (6:21:56 PM): I reccomend fire.
DogshamanPhil (6:21:57 PM): Yeah, did you know Obama is Muslim and he strangles flamingos for a living?
besyanteo (6:21:59 PM): I mean, I KNOW why,
Idran1701 (6:22:04 PM): Well, by 15 hopefully she'll see how untrue it is.
besyanteo (6:22:06 PM): but a 7 year old wouldn't udnerstand Abortion, and they know that
E mouse2000 (6:22:22 PM): You'd be surprised.
DogshamanPhil (6:22:37 PM): Well, depends on what you mean by "understand" yeah?
besyanteo (6:22:42 PM): Then they're just not introducing him to something that morbid yet. =P
Idran1701 (6:22:43 PM): Still 50/49 with 67% reporting, now. And that's mostly western.
PapatymisonN (6:22:53 PM): ... Y'know... I don't get it. I don't get how ANYONE can BELIEVE the ridiculous tripe they say about Obama. I don't!
DogshamanPhil (6:22:59 PM): I mean, a child can oftentimes get the general gist of it
memyselfandlost (6:23:05 PM): I don't, either.
PapatymisonN (6:23:07 PM): The man's made of TEFLON, and they think poop stains his suit. It boggles!
memyselfandlost (6:23:26 PM): *snrk*
Idran1701 (6:23:41 PM): ...There is a county named Isle of Wight there? That is a good name.
besyanteo (6:23:50 PM): Cha: I don't believe ALL the good or bad things people say about him. Ditto McCaine.
Idran1701 (6:24:03 PM): No, I think he means the secret Muslim-type stuff.
DogshamanPhil (6:24:04 PM): You shouldn't take to heart most of what you hear in a presidential campaign
besyanteo (6:24:08 PM): It bothers me in equal part that so many people are dressing Obama up as this incredible, perfect ornament,
Idran1701 (6:24:09 PM): Or the palls around with terrorist stuff.
Idran1701 (6:24:17 PM): *pals
PapatymisonN (6:24:22 PM): The Rolling Stone article was pretty damning... anyone here read that?
DogshamanPhil (6:24:28 PM): Most of it is a longshot to sway whoever is on the fence.
besyanteo (6:24:35 PM): I keep hearing something about how he's going to "Deal with the Jews", yeah
besyanteo (6:24:43 PM): I'd like to think it's bullshit. *shrug*
Idran1701 (6:24:46 PM): It is.
DogshamanPhil (6:25:05 PM): I voted for Obama, but I don't figure he's going to be the world-changing force some people think he is
Idran1701 (6:25:08 PM): It's because he's vaguely connected to Khalidi, a guy the McCain campaign is claiming is one of many anti-semites he's friends with.
besyanteo (6:25:11 PM): The bigger concern I hear in this house is how his economic plans are going to ruin the economy
Idran1701 (6:25:16 PM): Even though Khalidi himself isn't even an anti-semite.
besyanteo (6:25:45 PM): I don't recall how that was supposed to work, but there was this long, involved explanation as to why it would.
Idran1701 (6:25:48 PM): Phil: Nor do I, but I'm glad that there's actually a candidate I can vote for, instead of use to vote against the other guy.
Idran1701 (6:26:04 PM): I was really pulling for Dean in 2004. :(
DogshamanPhil (6:26:12 PM): For the most part, nobody really knows jack about the economy.
PapatymisonN (6:26:12 PM): He was amusing as HELL...
Idran1701 (6:26:41 PM): That's a pretty big overstatement, I think. No one knows it perfectly, but I don't think nobody knows jack about it.
DogshamanPhil (6:26:51 PM): I know that the basic premise is that if people consume and people produce, your economy moves. I think we've set a few consumption records already.
DogshamanPhil (6:27:10 PM): Of course it's an overstatement!
besyanteo (6:27:15 PM): Ah, I recall what it was now
DogshamanPhil (6:27:20 PM): You can't expect me to be serious ALL the time, yeah?
Idran1701 (6:27:39 PM): I haven't talked to you in years, I can't remember if you were or not. :D
PapatymisonN (6:27:42 PM): Speaking of non-seriousness... Orc.
besyanteo (6:27:47 PM): They're afraid that his plan (they say he has this plan) to take tax breaks from corporations will hurt the economy overall,
besyanteo (6:27:59 PM): because it will lead companies to do lots of lay offs
PapatymisonN (6:28:14 PM): Key word seems to be "afraid", Bes.
besyanteo (6:28:16 PM): Also: You are a fugly orc. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing,
besyanteo (6:28:20 PM): because, well, orc.
PapatymisonN (6:28:27 PM): It's not. Fugly = awesome.
E mouse2000 (6:29:02 PM): I have little right to talk about economics because I'm somewhat skeptical of its importance in general :V
DogshamanPhil (6:29:02 PM): Of course, Joe Blow will believe anything if it's convenient enough or inconvenient enough (relating to someone they don't like)
PapatymisonN (6:29:11 PM): You mean Joe the Plumber.
Idran1701 (6:29:24 PM): Yeah, but the thing is that he's cutting taxes on small businesses, and trying to move the focus from corporations to the smaller companies that form a major part of our economy.
memyselfandlost (6:29:25 PM): I'm Joe the Plumber, and I voted for Obama.
DogshamanPhil (6:29:33 PM): Joe the Plumber is a fictional character who's way richer than Joe Blow.
Idran1701 (6:29:45 PM): By easing the burden on small businesses, he hopes to encourage entrepeneurship and thus increase the number of jobs in the nation.
Idran1701 (6:29:50 PM): As I understand his reasoning, at least.
EternalDragonAya (6:29:54 PM): I voted Joe the Plumber!
PapatymisonN (6:29:56 PM): May I just note: Your country's ability to latch onto inane unimportant bullshit during an election is LEGENDARY.
besyanteo (6:30:06 PM): Cha: Well duh
DogshamanPhil (6:30:06 PM): I wrote in Joe the Plumber for 10th district judge
memyselfandlost (6:30:10 PM): Isn't it?
Idran1701 (6:30:13 PM): Not everyone can just drop a hat and say "election tomorrow", Chuck. :P
E mouse2000 (6:30:19 PM): Is is, Chuck.
PapatymisonN (6:30:23 PM): It WORKS, doesn't it?
memyselfandlost (6:30:23 PM): My country sucks, but maybe we can get better.
besyanteo (6:30:33 PM): America runs on 1: It's own money, 2: Oil, 3: Starbucks, and 4: PAranoia
Idran1701 (6:30:39 PM): I think it has its pros and its cons compared to the American system.
DogshamanPhil (6:30:49 PM): Don't forget nostalgia and paperwork, Bes
Idran1701 (6:31:00 PM): There is a certain amount of stability you get from ahving set election dates. And while it leads to a huge campaign season, it also gives voters much longer to get informed.
besyanteo (6:31:05 PM): Five and Six, sure.
PapatymisonN (6:31:21 PM): Agreed, Iddy. They're far less important, our elections... and yeah, I BARELY got knowledged before voting.
DogshamanPhil (6:31:21 PM): I remember The Onion ran a piece that said "This year's election to be decided by bullshit"
memyselfandlost (6:31:26 PM): XD
PapatymisonN (6:31:58 PM): And the other thing? I need my leaders to screw up and let their true personalities show.
Idran1701 (6:32:15 PM): I didn't think Canadians even cared about their leader's personalities, unless they were _really_ crazy. :P
PapatymisonN (6:32:16 PM): Our politicians are so guarded and safe that voting gets boring.
Idran1701 (6:32:18 PM): *leaders'
PapatymisonN (6:32:27 PM): We don't. That's why Chretien was so popular.
PapatymisonN (6:32:44 PM): I mean, damn. He was all stroked out and intelligible... made for GREAT TV...
Idran1701 (6:32:54 PM): Heh.
PapatymisonN (6:33:02 PM): *unintelligible
Idran1701 (6:33:17 PM): I'll admit I'm not that up on Canadian politics, was he the one that had the really whacked-out sort of partygirl-ish wife?
DogshamanPhil (6:33:20 PM): Hm, I'd say our politicians have very carefully tailored personaliites, so meticulous that it can occasionally look like there's a real person behind it.
E mouse2000 (6:33:21 PM): Bush also made for great TV.
E mouse2000 (6:33:23 PM): Just, only comedy.
besyanteo (6:33:47 PM): ... I twitched and my neck popped.
DogshamanPhil (6:33:49 PM): Actually, when Bush leaves office, Ashton Kutcher is going to come out and yell YOU'VE ALL BEEN PUNK'D!!
PapatymisonN (6:34:00 PM): No. He was the one who was, really, all stroked out (he spoke out of the side of his mouth) and unintelligible (his first language was French, and it showed).
Idran1701 (6:34:08 PM): Aha. Who am I thinking of?
PapatymisonN (6:34:15 PM): Probably Trudeau.
Idran1701 (6:34:18 PM): I know there was some PM there whose wife just had scandal after scandal.
Idran1701 (6:34:22 PM): Yeah, I think so.
PapatymisonN (6:34:35 PM): Yeah, he was from the 70s... might want to get caught up-
Idran1701 (6:34:39 PM): Heh.
PapatymisonN (6:34:44 PM): Projection: Obama gets Ohio. o.o
Idran1701 (6:34:49 PM): Yep.
Idran1701 (6:34:53 PM): It was going 60/40 last I saw.
PapatymisonN (6:34:58 PM): AKA the "I'mmuna win" state. o.o
Idran1701 (6:35:01 PM): 64/35 now.
Idran1701 (6:35:17 PM): Actually Obama had a pretty good chance of winning even without it.
Idran1701 (6:35:17 PM): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5ieXw28ZU pg/SRCKHF_bYOI/AAAAAAAAAn A/1I29_a_5SDk/S1600-R/1105_scen ario.png
Idran1701 (6:35:34 PM): That's from the last run of simulations that Nate Silver made at 538.
besyanteo (6:36:06 PM): ... the hell are these projections based on?
Idran1701 (6:36:10 PM): He developed a model based on past elections and polling data that uses current polling data to generate possible outcomes for the race. He runs simulations 10000 times over the data, and collects the results.
Idran1701 (6:36:36 PM): He's actually really good. He was mostly in baseball for a while, and the model he developed there was the most accurate out of everyone involved.
besyanteo (6:36:54 PM): *headscratch*
Idran1701 (6:36:56 PM): http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_5ieXw28ZU pg/SRCJiHPgR9I/AAAAAAAAAmg/ _rNqRtVXrmE/S1600-R/1105_evdist. png
PapatymisonN (6:37:01 PM): I was also told that it's a "Go To Bed" state... as in, Obama wins it? Go to bed...
besyanteo (6:37:16 PM): I just.... Bler.
Idran1701 (6:37:18 PM): The possible electoral vote distributions by number of occurances in the simulation.
besyanteo (6:37:29 PM): I don't get how you could predict such, ah,
besyanteo (6:37:32 PM): dramatic figures.
Idran1701 (6:37:55 PM): Basically, it's statistically possible to take polling data and reverse it. Use it to figure out the percentage chance of possible outcomes.
DogshamanPhil (6:38:06 PM): There's a pretty big change in this election - younger voters are voting more often, and they're overwhelmingly voting democrat
Idran1701 (6:38:14 PM): So, like, if McCain is polling at X% in a given state, you can calculate the chance that he actually gets Y% of the vote.
Idran1701 (6:38:25 PM): That's not _all_ his model does, but it's part of it.
Idran1701 (6:38:40 PM): So he uses the most recent polling data and feeds it into a model that generates a simulation of a possible outcome.
Idran1701 (6:38:48 PM): He runs it thousands of times, and collects the data.
Idran1701 (6:38:57 PM): That's where those figures are from.
besyanteo (6:39:06 PM): Mr. o.o
CGNakibe (6:39:09 PM): Jason: Basic idea is that if you have a ton of polls from an election, you can look at them in terms of who won the election and sort of value them from there.
PapatymisonN (6:39:11 PM): Note: I would laugh and sell my organs to a hobo if Texas tips to blue.
Idran1701 (6:39:13 PM): So, for example, out of the 10000 simulations run, in 31 of them did McCain win the electoral vote while losing the popular.
CGNakibe (6:39:21 PM): If you take that value, apply it to the NEW polls, then you can figure out who will win THIS election.
CGNakibe (6:39:48 PM): With a fair degree of accuracy, really.
besyanteo (6:39:55 PM): ... I'mma assume blue=democrat?
CGNakibe (6:39:58 PM): Yeah.
Idran1701 (6:40:00 PM): It's also partially based in comparing the current distribution of polls to the distribution of polls in the past, and seeing how those elections come out.
Idran1701 (6:40:02 PM): Yeah.
besyanteo (6:40:12 PM): I never memorized the colors before. Just 'left' and 'right'.
CGNakibe (6:40:15 PM): He values polls which happened JUST before today highest.
Idran1701 (6:40:25 PM): *nod*
CGNakibe (6:40:26 PM): And the ones from, oh, say, April?
CGNakibe (6:40:35 PM): he values them very VERY little.
Idran1701 (6:40:40 PM): Here's the full site: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/
DogshamanPhil (6:41:02 PM): Ah, weighted averages. Apparently there are five or six ways to take them.
DogshamanPhil (6:41:19 PM): And I had to do all of them in analytical chemistry, and promptly forgot them.
CGNakibe (6:41:29 PM): More when you consider that polls often have slight biases towards one party or another.
CGNakibe (6:41:52 PM): Based mostly on how they do the polling. Its not "wrong" per-se, just that certain conditions may favor one or another party slightly even in a well-done poll.
Idran1701 (6:41:59 PM): Yeah.
besyanteo (6:42:01 PM): ... There's four squares inside nebraska. o.o
besyanteo (6:42:06 PM): er, three squares
Idran1701 (6:42:11 PM): Yeah, it's the way their EVs work.
CGNakibe (6:42:17 PM): But if you know how MUCH they lean, then you can still look at them in terms of the overall election.
Idran1701 (6:42:18 PM): They have 5 EVs and three districts.
Idran1701 (6:42:28 PM): The winner of each district gets 1 EV, and then the winner of the state gets the remaining 2.
DogshamanPhil (6:42:31 PM): YOUR MOM HAS THREE DISTRICS
Idran1701 (6:42:32 PM): Maine uses a similar system.
Idran1701 (6:42:40 PM): They're the only ones that aren't winner-take-all.
besyanteo (6:42:55 PM): ... while we're talking:
Idran1701 (6:42:56 PM): So it's possible for those states to split their electoral votes.
(6:43:07 PM) Almond Moose has left the room.
besyanteo (6:43:15 PM): Historically, how often do states in the northern half of the US go blue, while the soutehrn ones go Red?
Idran1701 (6:43:23 PM): Pretty consistantly.
Idran1701 (6:43:25 PM): Well, sort of.
CGNakibe (6:43:37 PM): fairly consistently within certain conditions.
Idran1701 (6:43:46 PM): It's more like the west coast and NE usually go blue, the south usually goes red, and the rust belt trends red but not as strongly as the south.
Idran1701 (6:44:16 PM): ...Er, not the rust belt.
Idran1701 (6:44:22 PM): The cornbelt. Or midwest.
PapatymisonN (6:44:23 PM): Bible belt?
memyselfandlost (6:44:30 PM): *nod*
memyselfandlost (6:44:36 PM): the Bible belt.
besyanteo (6:44:42 PM): ... Don't bring religion into it. We're already talking Pollitics.
Idran1701 (6:44:42 PM): Yeah.
Idran1701 (6:44:55 PM): Heh. That's what the area's called, though.
Idran1701 (6:45:00 PM): Though I tried to stay away from it.
PapatymisonN (6:45:03 PM): Just saying... Can I not call Israel the Holy Land?
(6:45:06 PM) KnightsofSquare has entered the room.
Idran1701 (6:45:06 PM): But yeah, basically any state with a big city usually goes blue too.
PapatymisonN (6:45:13 PM): Ahoy, Koss!
Idran1701 (6:45:13 PM): Like Illinois.
besyanteo (6:45:15 PM): Hey Mike
KnightsofSquare (6:45:15 PM): My font goes blue
Idran1701 (6:45:16 PM): Hey, Mike.
besyanteo (6:45:22 PM): Did you get my last IM?
besyanteo (6:45:27 PM): Does Dia have GiMP?
KnightsofSquare (6:45:35 PM): Yeah, we'll give that a shot
Idran1701 (6:45:56 PM): McCain is only leading in VA by _5000_ votes. Wow.
E mouse2000 (6:45:57 PM): Keeping mouth shut
besyanteo (6:45:58 PM): I should warn you that if she's used to Photoshop, she'll be disappointed. GiMP is much less user friendly.
Idran1701 (6:46:06 PM): and it's still mostly the western part of the state that's checked in.
KnightsofSquare (6:46:21 PM): Oh, she's used to GiMP
besyanteo (6:46:28 PM): Ah. Hokai!
KnightsofSquare (6:46:34 PM): And it works!
KnightsofSquare (6:46:41 PM): So, who's watching CNN?
KnightsofSquare (6:46:47 PM): I'm watching it because it had holograms
Idran1701 (6:46:51 PM): Haha.
PapatymisonN (6:46:51 PM): Question: I used GIMP ages ago. Is it still as buggy and crash-happy?
KnightsofSquare (6:46:57 PM): That is state-of-the-art election journalism
Idran1701 (6:46:57 PM): No TV, so I'm sticking to online stuff.
Idran1701 (6:47:02 PM): 538, electoral-vote.com, and MSNBC.
KnightsofSquare (6:47:04 PM): Help me, Wolf Blitzer
KnightsofSquare (6:47:06 PM): You're my only hope
PapatymisonN (6:47:13 PM): STOLE MY JOKE. :-(
besyanteo (6:47:52 PM): Cha: It doesn't seem buggy to me so much?
memyselfandlost (6:47:55 PM): What boggles the mind is how many people I know have been all like "ZOMG a vote for Obama is a vote for SOCIALISM!"
besyanteo (6:48:02 PM): But I hate trying to use it while being unfamilair with it.
KnightsofSquare (6:48:03 PM): Well, CNN basically just pulled up the map and played out a scenario where they gave every plausible state to McCain
Idran1701 (6:48:10 PM): Seriously. It's like they don't understand the point of a progressive tax.
PapatymisonN (6:48:10 PM): It crashed most of the time when I had it...
besyanteo (6:48:11 PM): I made the mistake of trying to work a gif transparency in it once...
besyanteo (6:48:13 PM): that ended poorly.
Idran1701 (6:48:16 PM): Haha.
DogshamanPhil (6:48:19 PM): Actually, I was thinking of something even nerdier, does anyone remember that video game called "Hologram" where you played as an ambiguously gay cowboy?
End790 (6:48:41 PM): Yes.
besyanteo (6:48:42 PM): What? o_O
End790 (6:48:51 PM): I do.
KnightsofSquare (6:48:51 PM): I think you mean "Time Traveler"
DogshamanPhil (6:49:01 PM): No no, there was another one called Hologram too, I think
KnightsofSquare (6:49:16 PM): Apparently it was called Hologram Time Traveler
End790 (6:49:16 PM): Or maybe I'm thinking of Time Traveler?
KnightsofSquare (6:49:18 PM): We both win!
End790 (6:49:26 PM): They did make a few games in that mold
End790 (6:49:28 PM): All terrible
DogshamanPhil (6:49:49 PM): Yeah, I thought they were slightly different games, but in all of them your gun doesn't work and you always die instantly.
End790 (6:50:02 PM): Basically.
DogshamanPhil (6:50:06 PM): Because the indians keep throwing invisible mayonnaise at you, or something
End790 (6:50:06 PM): It had a PC port sometime back
besyanteo (6:50:18 PM): ... Invisible mayonaise.
E mouse2000 (6:50:32 PM): Derp. Idiocy time.
DogshamanPhil (6:50:33 PM): They were throwing some kind of invisible projectile. I imagine it was mayonnaise, that sounds reasonable;
(6:50:34 PM) E mouse2000 has left the room.
besyanteo (6:50:48 PM): :|
End790 (6:51:02 PM): What a delightful shift of topic
KnightsofSquare (6:51:10 PM): But anyway, the pulled up the map, gave every remotely plausible state to McCain, and...he's just barely short of 270
besyanteo (6:51:13 PM): ALSO
besyanteo (6:51:14 PM): http://www.wastedtalent.ca/index.php?view=69
Idran1701 (6:51:16 PM): Haha.
DogshamanPhil (6:51:26 PM): What, you didn't invite me here to make me talk about politics, did you?
Idran1701 (6:51:32 PM): Yeah, it's pretty much already done for Obama. He's got Ohio and PA, and he'll probably be getting Florida.
Idran1701 (6:51:45 PM): McCain had to get at least one to even have a shot, and preferably all three.
KnightsofSquare (6:51:47 PM): That is a bad comic
KnightsofSquare (6:51:52 PM): I can't get past the first line of dialog
DogshamanPhil (6:51:54 PM): I watched CNN for an hour this morning, and my brain already dribbled out my ears from the sheer amount of bullshit.
KnightsofSquare (6:52:05 PM): That's why I'm switching to Comedy Central in 8 minutes
Idran1701 (6:52:17 PM): Oh, that's right, Indecision 2008.
PapatymisonN (6:52:18 PM): You mean John Stewart?
KnightsofSquare (6:52:21 PM): Funny bullshit!
DogshamanPhil (6:52:29 PM): Oh yeah, at least they don't pretend they're anything but bullshit
besyanteo (6:52:32 PM): Mew. o.o;
PapatymisonN (6:52:33 PM): I wish I had that live... we get it at miiiiiiiiidniiiiiiiiiight... ;_;
DogshamanPhil (6:52:48 PM): I'll probably download it.
Idran1701 (6:52:57 PM): Mike! You think Colbert's going to go the solid Republican demagogue approach after Obama gets elected, or stick with the sycophant to authority view? :D
DogshamanPhil (6:52:57 PM): House is off, so I may as well download something
KnightsofSquare (6:53:07 PM): No idea
KnightsofSquare (6:53:12 PM): I trust he'll find something funny to do
KnightsofSquare (6:53:16 PM): Wait
Idran1701 (6:53:16 PM): Indeed.
KnightsofSquare (6:53:25 PM): No, he'll still be a Republican demagogue
Idran1701 (6:53:34 PM): Dunno, he did endorse Obama.
KnightsofSquare (6:53:34 PM): He's being Bill O'Riley after all
DogshamanPhil (6:53:37 PM): No no, it's Bill O'Rielly he's making fun of, and he'll still be going strong
PapatymisonN (6:53:48 PM): He endorsed Obama to "not" endorse Obama.
KnightsofSquare (6:53:54 PM): You said the same thing I did, only you spelled it correctly
DogshamanPhil (6:53:58 PM): Heheh, zen endorsement.
DogshamanPhil (6:54:17 PM): That means I'm an egghead know it all, of course, so you don't need to hear that from me.
Idran1701 (6:54:18 PM): Also because so many other conservatives were doing it.
PapatymisonN (6:54:21 PM): It was funny when he suggested McCain be a true maverick and endorse Obama too...
memyselfandlost (6:54:30 PM): XD
DogshamanPhil (6:54:33 PM): You'd rather have a chat partner you can go have a beer with
Idran1701 (6:54:38 PM): That's why I'm unsure. A big part of his persona is doing what's popular. :D
memyselfandlost (6:54:57 PM): I would rather drink fictitious beer with Obama than McCain. mcCain is scary.
PapatymisonN (6:54:57 PM): Whatever he does, he'll make me weep with laughter.
DogshamanPhil (6:54:59 PM): Cindy McCain voted libertarian out of sheer spite
Idran1701 (6:55:01 PM): Among conservatives, at least.
besyanteo (6:55:15 PM): I hate beer, but at this point if it meant going out and doing something social AND lacking political stuff-and-things, I'd be up for it. :(
PapatymisonN (6:55:17 PM): McCain has a nasty temper, I hear... that'd only get worse with alcohol...
CGNakibe (6:55:22 PM): Meh. I'd drink beer with McCain. IF I drank beer. Which I don't.
CGNakibe (6:55:33 PM): Jason: I STILL haven't figured out what sorts of things I'd drink.
Idran1701 (6:55:33 PM): I heard some people speculating that Palin refused to disclose who she voted for because she wrote herself in. :P
memyselfandlost (6:55:39 PM): XD
CGNakibe (6:55:42 PM): hahah
PapatymisonN (6:55:50 PM): But I hear he can't lift his arms above chest level, so all you'd have to do is get up on the bar and he couldn't reach you.
CGNakibe (6:55:53 PM): You know what?
KnightsofSquare (6:55:53 PM): Man, that's like the safest thing in the world to lie about, though
besyanteo (6:55:59 PM): Am I the only person here who thinks good things about Palin? :(
DogshamanPhil (6:56:00 PM): Heh, after Tuesday there are going to be "Palin in 2012" bumper stickers.
Idran1701 (6:56:02 PM): Yeah, I don't buy it either.
CGNakibe (6:56:04 PM): Sam The Eagle/Big Bird, '08
CGNakibe (6:56:07 PM): GO VOTE DAMN YOU!
Idran1701 (6:56:08 PM): And honestly, it's possible, Bes. :(
KnightsofSquare (6:56:12 PM): Limited good things
Idran1701 (6:56:30 PM): I just don't see a single speck of intellectual curiosity anywhere about her.
memyselfandlost (6:56:37 PM): Hot Rod/Springer 08. Light our darkest hour.
PapatymisonN (6:56:42 PM): It's because she's stupid, Iddy.
DogshamanPhil (6:56:43 PM): You don't need brains when you can use MAGIC!
PapatymisonN (6:56:47 PM): And winks.
CGNakibe (6:56:49 PM): Optimus Prime/Knight Rider?
KnightsofSquare (6:56:55 PM): Ia! Ia! Cthulhu 2008!
memyselfandlost (6:57:05 PM): XD
besyanteo (6:57:08 PM): She was aparently smart enough to get Alaska's economy running at a profit. o_o
CGNakibe (6:57:14 PM): Lavos/Lavos Bits 2000~!
DogshamanPhil (6:57:14 PM): Hah, someone's a Hello Cthulhu fan.
PapatymisonN (6:57:15 PM): Reshtaha/Nakibe '12!
CGNakibe (6:57:16 PM): ... wait...
PapatymisonN (6:57:21 PM): 4 Billion More Years!
KnightsofSquare (6:57:24 PM): No, just an Actual Cthulu fan.
memyselfandlost (6:57:24 PM): hehehe.
memyselfandlost (6:57:32 PM): Why choose the lesser evil
memyselfandlost (6:57:33 PM): ?
CGNakibe (6:57:51 PM): ^^ I will bring home the bacon for the nation~!
besyanteo (6:57:52 PM): I don't know, I may be overly impressed by this:
besyanteo (6:57:59 PM): How many states produce more than they expend?
memyselfandlost (6:58:07 PM): not many.
PapatymisonN (6:58:07 PM): ... and I'll bring... guests. >.>
PapatymisonN (6:58:48 PM): Ashura can be secretary of state...
Idran1701 (6:58:49 PM): In 2005:
Idran1701 (6:58:49 PM): http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/show/266.html
Idran1701 (6:59:02 PM): Anyone under a dollar gained more than they spent.
DogshamanPhil (6:59:06 PM): If Cthulhu gets elected, I'm getting a bumper sticker that says "Don't blame me, I voted for Shub-Niggurath"
memyselfandlost (6:59:12 PM): XD
PapatymisonN (6:59:36 PM): Nikumu, Head of the Joint Chiefs... that'd end the war quickfast...
besyanteo (7:00:19 PM): Huh.
besyanteo (7:00:26 PM): I been lied to, then. Well, again I mean.
Idran1701 (7:00:31 PM): Besides, yes she gave Alaska a surplus, but before that she drove Wasilla something on the order of $10 million in debt.
Idran1701 (7:00:34 PM): To be fair, that's 2005.
memyselfandlost (7:00:39 PM): *nod*
Idran1701 (7:00:41 PM): I don't know how it may have changed since she became governor.
Idran1701 (7:00:47 PM): I can't find a more recent chart.
Idran1701 (7:01:14 PM): But Wasilla most definitely was not left with a surplus. They're still in legal battles because she got them to start building on land they didn't even legally own at the time.
PapatymisonN (7:01:34 PM): Lucio as Surgeon General... no one could help the Red Cross like him...
Idran1701 (7:01:38 PM): In order to build a giant sports stadium.
Idran1701 (7:01:47 PM): For a town of 9780 people.
DogshamanPhil (7:01:50 PM): Yeah, Wasilla was a complete mess, and nobody really even wanted the stadium
besyanteo (7:01:56 PM): ... :|
Idran1701 (7:02:13 PM): Although again to be fair, it's the fifth-largest city in Alaska.
CGNakibe (7:02:13 PM): Colbert/Stewart '08~!
DogshamanPhil (7:02:16 PM): And 10 million isn't the end of it, they're losing massive amounts of money on the stadium
Idran1701 (7:02:42 PM): Wait, 4th.
PapatymisonN (7:02:48 PM): Kalcya as Secretary of the Treasury... no one can balance books like her...
besyanteo (7:03:25 PM): <.<
besyanteo (7:03:55 PM): Gaeran deities as political figures feels like it would run something like...
besyanteo (7:04:11 PM): Say if the guy who wrote "Friends" ran a comedy about runnign a country
besyanteo (7:04:14 PM): plus divine powah
Idran1701 (7:04:22 PM): Ha! VA just pulled ahead for Obama.
PapatymisonN (7:04:37 PM): "The One Where They Try To Reverse A Nuclear Holocaust"?
PapatymisonN (7:05:06 PM): OK, serious question...
besyanteo (7:05:13 PM): NUUUUUUUUUU
besyanteo (7:05:14 PM): ;-;
PapatymisonN (7:05:18 PM): What possessed the people of Louisiana to go red?
memyselfandlost (7:05:30 PM): that IS bizarre
besyanteo (7:05:48 PM): I can't begin to comment.
Idran1701 (7:05:50 PM): I couldn't say, but they've almost always voted Republican.
PapatymisonN (7:06:11 PM): You'd think something like, oh, the last four YEARS would change that...
besyanteo (7:06:26 PM): Cha: By that definition, every state in America should be blue.
PapatymisonN (7:06:31 PM): ... also... Dammara! Director of Homeland Security!
PapatymisonN (7:06:36 PM): ... exactly... >.>
Idran1701 (7:06:37 PM): Yeah, but with Katrina specifically even?
Idran1701 (7:06:52 PM): Not the event itself, but the horrendous response of FEMA.
memyselfandlost (7:06:54 PM): *nod* That's what I'm wondering.
besyanteo (7:08:39 PM): CHUCK
PapatymisonN (7:08:41 PM): ... your country still shows signs of weirdness... but if things hold up...
memyselfandlost (7:08:46 PM): *nodnod*
besyanteo (7:08:47 PM): WHAT WOULD PRIMEAR DO?
PapatymisonN (7:08:59 PM): He's Bush Sr.
memyselfandlost (7:09:00 PM): We've almost got a filibuster-proof congress, too.
Idran1701 (7:09:16 PM): That's probably not going to happen this year, though. But almost definitely in 2010.
besyanteo (7:09:25 PM): ... *scratch forehead*
besyanteo (7:09:29 PM): I don't follow.
Idran1701 (7:09:40 PM): In the Senate, a 3/5th majority can overrule a filibuster.
besyanteo (7:09:46 PM): Not that
Idran1701 (7:09:48 PM): That's 60 seats right now.
Idran1701 (7:09:49 PM): Oh.
besyanteo (7:09:51 PM): Still talking to Chuck.
Idran1701 (7:09:54 PM): Oh! The Chuck thing.
memyselfandlost (7:10:23 PM): Obama's almost ahead by a million votes.
PapatymisonN (7:10:38 PM): "OK, dad, I'll conquer the slavering hordes of the Underrealms. Now will you PLEASE show me some affection? Anything?"
besyanteo (7:11:12 PM): ... Ner. o.o
besyanteo (7:11:24 PM): It's hard to argue with that, actually.
PapatymisonN (7:11:30 PM): ^_^
memyselfandlost (7:11:44 PM): off to get milkshakes. Back later.
PapatymisonN (7:11:47 PM): Tah!
Idran1701 (7:11:55 PM): Later!
besyanteo (7:12:18 PM): http://www.wastedtalent.ca/index.php?view=93
PapatymisonN (7:12:26 PM): Proteus: Head of the Department of Fisheries...
besyanteo (7:12:29 PM): NO TLDR. >:
PapatymisonN (7:14:12 PM): ... Kayne: Secretary of Education. "I feel your pain, kids... wanna listen to some Linkin Park? e_e"
besyanteo (7:14:33 PM): Bleh
PapatymisonN (7:15:25 PM): Nekogami as Secretary of Kittens with Ayra as Undersecretary. *nod*
(7:15:54 PM) OMG Priam has entered the room.
OMG Priam (7:15:57 PM): POOP
besyanteo (7:15:59 PM)
: NO
PapatymisonN (7:16:00 PM): OMG! PRIAM!
besyanteo (7:16:02 PM): GET YOUR OWN
PapatymisonN (7:16:03 PM): Ahoy!
CGNakibe (7:17:10 PM): Hee.
CGNakibe (7:17:19 PM): Colbert is playing the "Ignore it, maybe it'll go away" card.
PapatymisonN (7:17:29 PM): Untiiiiiiiiil...
KnightsofSquare (7:17:31 PM): Stacey: White House Press Secretary.
PapatymisonN (7:18:05 PM): "Everything's fluffy! ... I can't talk about that at this time... but I can tell you this... IT'S FLUFFY! ^_^"
besyanteo (7:18:19 PM): HLS code Fluffy?
PapatymisonN (7:18:36 PM): HLS?
besyanteo (7:18:43 PM): Home Land SEcurity
besyanteo (7:18:51 PM): Fuck color codes
besyanteo (7:18:56 PM): FLUFFINESS SCALE CODING
PapatymisonN (7:19:12 PM): Old Ugly Sheep means Trouble Ahead.
PapatymisonN (7:19:20 PM): While Newborn Chick means All Clear!
DogshamanPhil (7:19:29 PM): Stacey is the ultimate "Everything is fine and nothing is ruined" person
besyanteo (7:19:54 PM): Well, not by her definition.
besyanteo (7:19:59 PM): But terrorists beware:
besyanteo (7:20:04 PM): She will turn your ass into a bunny girl.
PapatymisonN (7:20:31 PM): "Osama... YOU'RE NOT CUTE! >.< *POFF*"
besyanteo (7:20:50 PM): Don't forget the domestic ones
PapatymisonN (7:21:08 PM): Ayers would be strung up by his rabbit ears.
PapatymisonN (7:21:28 PM): Shock of shocks... he got Texas.
PapatymisonN (7:21:33 PM): Shaun, YOU LOSE.
Idran1701 (7:21:34 PM): Hey, Ayers is a good guy nwait what?
besyanteo (7:21:40 PM): ... Obama got Texas?
PapatymisonN (7:21:45 PM): ... nu.
Idran1701 (7:21:47 PM): No he didn't.
besyanteo (7:21:57 PM): I thought that soudned strange
Idran1701 (7:22:05 PM): Although it's a lot closer than I would have expected, only 54/46.
besyanteo (7:22:19 PM): gaaaaaaaaaaaah afk
PapatymisonN (7:22:26 PM): I know... McCain has not wiped out ANYONE...
DogshamanPhil (7:22:30 PM): Where are you guys getting your results? The page I'm looking at says that only 1/4 of the districts in texas have reported
Idran1701 (7:22:39 PM): 32% here, but it's been called anyway.
Idran1701 (7:22:43 PM): McCain has a 500000-vote lead.
Idran1701 (7:22:58 PM): And there's not enough blue counties left to make that up.
PapatymisonN (7:23:01 PM): CNN is where we get our numbers...
Idran1701 (7:23:05 PM): MSNBC here.
Idran1701 (7:23:08 PM): The website, I mean.
DogshamanPhil (7:23:09 PM): I'm using BBC here.
Idran1701 (7:23:23 PM): I'm also using 538 and electoral-vote.com, but the latter's being really weird.
Idran1701 (7:23:38 PM): They're lagging behind by like 15 minutes or something.
OMG Priam (7:23:45 PM): I've got CNN and ABC on tap.
OMG Priam (7:24:06 PM)
: 207/129 and 207/135, Obama, respectively.
PapatymisonN (7:24:26 PM)
: Em Aye Ess Ess Aye Ess Ess Aye Pee Pee Aye... Em See See Aye Eye En.
PapatymisonN (7:24:39 PM): *Ey
Idran1701 (7:24:55 PM): MSNBC has 207/135 too.
Idran1701 (7:25:31 PM): 538's projecting 353 at this point for Obama in the end.
Idran1701 (7:25:38 PM): http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3066/3003768781_327a6a3a64_o.png
PapatymisonN (7:26:44 PM): Uh oh... the GOP only needs 4 votes to nix non-filibusterability...
Idran1701 (7:27:01 PM): Eh, that was a pipedream anyway.
PapatymisonN (7:27:03 PM): Which is something they need to bring Jimmy Stewart in for, right?
besyanteo (7:27:19 PM): ... I have to comment:
besyanteo (7:27:42 PM): The democratic party had no problem with the idea of Filibuster when they were using it to stop Bush from naming Judges. That said,
besyanteo (7:27:51 PM): whining about Republicans being abel to do it seems hipcritical.
besyanteo (7:27:57 PM): but spelled right.
PapatymisonN (7:28:07 PM): They're not whining, they're hoping.
PapatymisonN (7:28:26 PM): No one MINDS filibuster, they just don't want it used AGAINST them, I'm sure.
besyanteo (7:28:37 PM): Still. If filibuster is the tool of the minority to have it's voice heard,
besyanteo (7:28:45 PM): we should never want to see it be impossible to use.
Idran1701 (7:28:49 PM): It's not, though.
Idran1701 (7:29:00 PM): It's a tool to stagnate the senate and force all actions to come to a halt.
besyanteo (7:29:02 PM): Ok, that's what I was told it was by a democrat friend last year. What IS it?
besyanteo (7:29:15 PM): ...
Idran1701 (7:29:16 PM): I don't agree with filibustering on either side, personally.
KnightsofSquare (7:29:17 PM): Which is sometimes used by teh minority to have its voice heard
KnightsofSquare (7:29:25 PM): Oh, I agree with it completely
KnightsofSquare (7:29:34 PM): Here's the thing about a supermajority:
PapatymisonN (7:29:50 PM): The queen approaches!
KnightsofSquare (7:29:51 PM): Fillibuster means senators get to speak their mind, even those in the minority party
(7:29:54 PM) Lithaladhwen has entered the room.
Idran1701 (7:29:56 PM): Have you been paying attention to Congress in the last month or so, though? The Republicans were filibustering alomst every single bill that came down the pipe just to bog up the system as much as possible.
Idran1701 (7:30:00 PM): Even the purely ceremonial bills.
Lithaladhwen (7:30:04 PM): Indiana is about four thousand votes behind.
Lithaladhwen (7:30:06 PM)
: Incredible.
Idran1701 (7:30:11 PM)
: The things like "We decalre this day to be National Painter's Day" type bills.
KnightsofSquare (7:30:13 PM): A supermajority means there's just a point where the country is no longer interested in listening to your nonsense
PapatymisonN (7:30:13 PM): And Ashley is greeted with a great gift upon arrival.
PapatymisonN (7:30:16 PM): Hello...
Lithaladhwen (7:30:18 PM): Four thousand. There are more people than that at Butler.
KnightsofSquare (7:30:20 PM)
: Howdy!
Lithaladhwen (7:30:26 PM): Yo, Koss!
PapatymisonN (7:30:44 PM)
: Oh, right, Ashley! Would you vote for Resh/Nak '12?
OMG Priam (7:30:45 PM): HI ASHTAR
Idran1701 (7:30:48 PM)
: There have to be better ways of letting the minority's opinion come forward than an action that keeps Congress from voting on anything at all until you're done.
Idran1701 (7:30:53 PM): Even the things you aren't disagreeing with.
PapatymisonN (7:31:04 PM): We've already awarded, uh... is it called cabinet positions?
Lithaladhwen (7:31:06 PM): Are you asking me or Zea?
PapatymisonN (7:31:10 PM)
: Both.
besyanteo (7:31:13 PM): That's a problem with the way it's been employed rather than it's purpose, though
Lithaladhwen (7:31:18 PM): Give Zea an appointment in charge of science and I'll consider it.
besyanteo (7:31:32 PM)
: I suppose it means we need a better system? :-/
Idran1701 (7:31:33 PM): Yeah, but that suggests there should be some sort of restriction on how it can be employeed.
KnightsofSquare (7:31:40 PM): there is
PapatymisonN (7:31:43 PM): Done! Big cushy job at the Smithsonian working with Temperance Brennan.
KnightsofSquare (7:31:45 PM): 60 dudes :3
Idran1701 (7:31:54 PM): Haha, true.
Idran1701 (7:32:14 PM): But you know what I mean. I mean, a minority party that's upset with things will even filibuster bills they agree with just to make a point.
PapatymisonN (7:32:20 PM): Now, who did we have...
Idran1701 (7:32:22 PM): Bogging down the system and making things worse for both sides.
PapatymisonN (7:32:46 PM): Ashura's the Secretary of State, Nikumu's Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff...
besyanteo (7:32:53 PM): :(
Idran1701 (7:33:03 PM): Maybe just making the time limit tighter.
Lithaladhwen (7:33:20 PM): I think Ashura should be in charge of Health and Humanoid Services.
besyanteo (7:33:32 PM)
: Because she's pro-life?
besyanteo (7:33:34 PM): *rimshot*
PapatymisonN (7:33:46 PM): Lucio's Surgeon General, Kalcya's Secretary of the Treasury, Dammara's Director of Homeland security, Primaer's the equivalent of Bush Sr., and Stacey's the press secretary.
Idran1701 (7:34:11 PM): Kai! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3066/3003768781_327a6a3a64_o.png
Lithaladhwen (7:34:18 PM): *click*
Idran1701 (7:34:20 PM)
: Can't remember if you were in here when I linked it before.
besyanteo (7:34:37 PM): Safe meaning it's been counted and is for sure?
Idran1701 (7:34:47 PM): No, safe meaning it hasn't closed yet but it'll probably go that way.
Idran1701 (7:34:58 PM): Those states haven't officially closed the polls yet.
Idran1701 (7:35:19 PM): On the blue side, at least.
Idran1701 (7:35:26 PM): Missed that Texas was on the red side for safe.
KnightsofSquare (7:35:34 PM): Isn't that just 538's projection?
Idran1701 (7:35:36 PM): So it looks like it's also "probably yeah but hasn't been called yet".
Idran1701 (7:35:38 PM): And yeah.
Idran1701 (7:35:47 PM): Except for the Called states, which is from the AP.
KnightsofSquare (7:35:53 PM): Right.
Idran1701 (7:35:54 PM): But the Safe states I think are a pretty solid bet.
PapatymisonN (7:35:58 PM): ... holy crap... Al Franken could WIN... o.o
Idran1701 (7:36:08 PM): There's nothing especially outrageous on either side for those.
Lithaladhwen (7:36:27 PM): There are about 340k votes left to count in Indiana, and Obama's only behind about 5k. Come on, Da Region!
Idran1701 (7:36:30 PM)
: :D
PapatymisonN (7:36:36 PM): I guess he kept saying he was good enough, he was smart enough, and dog gone it, people like him.
Idran1701 (7:36:37 PM): VA pulled ahead with a similar deficit.
Lithaladhwen (7:36:38 PM): Civilize this state, bitches!
Idran1701 (7:36:41 PM)
: How blue are the remaining counties, Kai?
Idran1701 (7:36:49 PM): Usually, I mean.
Idran1701 (7:37:19 PM): There's one that's still 0% reporting, I see; Wayne County.
Lithaladhwen (7:37:25 PM): Wayne county has nothing in yet, and I don't know anything about them.
PapatymisonN (7:37:34 PM)
: *equates the senate hologram to the Death Star*
besyanteo (7:37:36 PM): I
besyanteo (7:37:41 PM): Ahem
Lithaladhwen (7:37:52 PM): Marion is super blue, and that's got 6% left.
besyanteo (7:37:53 PM)
: I'm sort of surprised that VA is leaning blue so much;
Lithaladhwen (7:37:55 PM): It's also a huge city.
besyanteo (7:38:14 PM)
: Most of the state is much, much more republican
Lithaladhwen (7:38:15 PM): But everything in the upper left around the rim of Lake Michigan?
Idran1701 (7:38:17 PM)
: I was surprised too, Bes.
PapatymisonN (7:38:19 PM): Bes: That is the power of Bush...
Lithaladhwen (7:38:21 PM): Hardcore blue.
Idran1701 (7:38:30 PM)
: It'd been on the border most of the last couple weeks, but I didn't think it might actually tip.
besyanteo (7:38:31 PM): Cha: Not really, in this case
KnightsofSquare (7:38:32 PM): Also, don't think in geography. Think in people.
PapatymisonN (7:38:32 PM): It can make everyone SUPER blue.
KnightsofSquare (7:38:50 PM): Florida's leaning obama
Idran1701 (7:38:55 PM): Yep.
Idran1701 (7:39:05 PM): Bes: Here's how it's breaking down county-by-county if you want to look: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032553/
besyanteo (7:39:13 PM): Mike: It's hard to do that here. Northern VA and the rest of VA are practically separate states
Idran1701 (7:39:27 PM): But which one's the Real America? :P
besyanteo (7:39:34 PM): I will stab you
PapatymisonN (7:39:40 PM): Star Trek Geeks... one of the people running for Senate is named Landrieu...
Idran1701 (7:39:41 PM): Heh.
PapatymisonN (7:39:48 PM): ... it's pronounced Landru. o.o
Idran1701 (7:39:50 PM): ...I don't get it.
Idran1701 (7:39:51 PM): Oh.
besyanteo (7:39:56 PM): ....
besyanteo (7:40:02 PM): Huh.
Idran1701 (7:40:04 PM): Yeah, well, Jeri Ryan's likely to thank for Obama becoming president.
Idran1701 (7:40:06 PM): :D
KnightsofSquare (7:40:11 PM): There are no doors here, only vengeful shadows.
Lithaladhwen (7:40:20 PM): Jeri Ryan. *swoons*
Idran1701 (7:40:27 PM)
: I'm actually serious, even.
besyanteo (7:40:36 PM): ... *headscratch*
besyanteo (7:40:40 PM): So,
PapatymisonN (7:40:40 PM): ... well, for me, if she wrote on her boobs "vote Obama", I would develop Borg technology and assimiliate America with Blue Thinking...
Idran1701 (7:40:41 PM): Jeri Ryan was married to Illinois attempted-senator Jack Ryan.
PapatymisonN (7:40:48 PM): ...
Lithaladhwen (7:40:49 PM): I heard that.
PapatymisonN (7:40:56 PM)
: You mean the American James Bond? o.O
Lithaladhwen (7:41:02 PM): That's Jack Bauer.
Idran1701 (7:41:03 PM)
: There was a huge sex scandal involving Jeri alleging Jack tried to force her to engage in public sex acts.
besyanteo (7:41:04 PM): the majority of VA is red. But the state is blue. ... What the fuck is the population density in these counties? o_o;
KnightsofSquare (7:41:10 PM): No, no, Cha's right
Idran1701 (7:41:11 PM): This forced Ryan out of the race for Illinois State Senator.
KnightsofSquare (7:41:21 PM): Jack Ryan is from Tom Clancy novels
Idran1701 (7:41:21 PM): And without that scandal, Obama probably wouldn't have been elected running against Ryan.
Lithaladhwen (7:41:30 PM): Oh, wow.
Idran1701 (7:41:33 PM)
: Look at where the blue counties are, Bes.
PapatymisonN (7:41:33 PM): Yeah, Jack Ryan's the guy from Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, all that stuff...
Idran1701 (7:41:38 PM): Arlington, LExington, Richmond.
(7:41:39 PM) End790 has left the room.
memyselfandlost (7:42:00 PM): hehehe.
besyanteo (7:42:05 PM): Yeah, I know
Idran1701 (7:42:08 PM): That's how the country tends to look in general. Tiny patches of blue around the biggest cities, and broad swathes of red in the more urban areas.
besyanteo (7:42:09 PM): Just...
memyselfandlost (7:42:22 PM): *nod*
memyselfandlost (7:42:24 PM): back.
PapatymisonN (7:42:25 PM): *rural?
memyselfandlost (7:42:28 PM): I had milkshake.
PapatymisonN (7:42:31 PM): How was it?
KnightsofSquare (7:42:33 PM): That's why I love this map
KnightsofSquare (7:42:34 PM): http://election.princeton.edu/electoral-college-map/
Idran1701 (7:42:36 PM): Er, yeah, rural.
Lithaladhwen (7:42:37 PM): omg Indiana you're giving me the vapors.
Idran1701 (7:42:39 PM)
: I always mix those two up.
KnightsofSquare (7:42:43 PM): The US as it looks to presidential candidates
Idran1701 (7:42:49 PM): Yeah, Zompist posted that. :D
(7:43:07 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
besyanteo (7:43:14 PM): >_o
besyanteo (7:43:19 PM): ... It's like...
besyanteo (7:43:20 PM): ...
PapatymisonN (7:43:29 PM): Ahoy, Nama.
Lithaladhwen (7:43:34 PM): Hey Nama!
besyanteo (7:43:35 PM)
: Like a map of America redone by Picasso
PapatymisonN (7:43:36 PM): Welcome to RPGWW Election Central.
Idran1701 (7:43:43 PM): Heh.
Idran1701 (7:43:47 PM): Those are called cartograms.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:43:53 PM): Where I didn't get to vote because I was busy keeping birds placated and quiet all day. :-(
Idran1701 (7:43:58 PM): They rescale maps based on some statistic other than geographic size.
Lithaladhwen (7:44:08 PM): Ohio isn't as much of a swing state this year, if it makes you feel better.
besyanteo (7:44:08 PM)
: Are you old enough to vote now? o.o
PapatymisonN (7:44:11 PM): No, no... you were supposed to vote at a POLLING STATION...
T3chn0Namagomi (7:44:15 PM): More than old enough.
Idran1701 (7:44:18 PM): I saw one for population after the 2004 election, maybe I can find it again.
besyanteo (7:44:22 PM): :( *hug*
memyselfandlost (7:44:25 PM): Ohio is swing enough to terrify us here.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:44:31 PM): Just that I got stuck with bullshit at home.
Idran1701 (7:44:37 PM): :(
PapatymisonN (7:44:37 PM): Which is why we're relieved it's Obama...
OMG Priam (7:44:46 PM): So far.
PapatymisonN (7:44:47 PM)
: ... right?
besyanteo (7:44:52 PM): QUICK CHECK
PapatymisonN (7:44:58 PM): CNN gave it to Obama... o.o
T3chn0Namagomi (7:45:00 PM): Though...hn. Honestly, I find myself opposed to the two-party system they have in place here.
OMG Priam (7:45:01 PM): I can't really feel sure about the blueness of the graphs when there's only 45% reporting
besyanteo (7:45:06 PM)
: Does anyone in here have anything negative to say about Obama? Because,
Idran1701 (7:45:16 PM): I didn't like how he handled FISA.
Idran1701 (7:45:19 PM): Also: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2008/statepopredblue512.png
PapatymisonN (7:45:20 PM): For the third time tonight... COME TO CANADA! WE GOT FIVE, EH!
besyanteo (7:45:22 PM): it sort of creeps me out when someone has NOTHING bad to say about their prefered candidate
Lithaladhwen (7:45:24 PM): I didn't like how he handled FISA either.
Lithaladhwen (7:45:32 PM)
: I joined the >9000 people on his site who protested that.
KnightsofSquare (7:45:32 PM)
: He's publicly anti-gay marriage?
KnightsofSquare (7:45:47 PM): anti-gay-marriage, I guess would be correct
besyanteo (7:46:00 PM): *nod* Alright then.
Idran1701 (7:46:03 PM): I thought he was in the "I don't like it but I won't keep you from doing it" camp.
Lithaladhwen (7:46:09 PM): Yeah. He's one of the people treating "civil unions" like they accomplish the same things as marriage.
Idran1701 (7:46:09 PM)
: Like Biden's abortion position.
Lithaladhwen (7:46:12 PM): Which isn't precisely true.
Idran1701 (7:46:13 PM)
: Aha.
Idran1701 (7:46:22 PM): Then yeah, that's another for me.
Lithaladhwen (7:46:26 PM): I suspect, given the way he has interviewed with an LGBT publication...
PapatymisonN (7:46:34 PM)
: Also: I sincerely hope that that HUGE crowd in Grant Park is being briskly frisked...
Idran1701 (7:46:36 PM): Speaking of, I wish the California results would come in soon.
PapatymisonN (7:46:37 PM): ... HA!
PapatymisonN (7:46:43 PM): Will.I.Am as Hologram!
Lithaladhwen (7:46:47 PM): That he's cool with it, but can't go the whole nine yards and say "for chrissakes just let them get married."
T3chn0Namagomi (7:46:51 PM)
: I admittedly get a bad vibe when I hear so little "bad" about him. I guess I've been trained toward the whole "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" mindset.
besyanteo (7:47:12 PM): Doug: That's commen sense talking.
memyselfandlost (7:47:15 PM): yeah, we're all rather cynical after how much we've been through as a nation.
Lithaladhwen (7:47:20 PM): Nama: Yes, but. Voting against Obama because he's "too popular" and everyone hates popular kids: Dumb.
besyanteo (7:47:21 PM)
: But!
Idran1701 (7:47:24 PM): Yeah, I agree with Bes.
Idran1701 (7:47:33 PM): And I certainly don't think Obama will be a perfect president or anything.
besyanteo (7:47:34 PM): Yeah, what Ashley said too
Lithaladhwen (7:47:36 PM): I know someone that I think had that knee-jerk reaction. They voted third-party to be different.
Idran1701 (7:47:40 PM)
: But I do think he'll do a lot to reverse the damage done by Bush.
Lithaladhwen (7:47:53 PM): Never mind that all the third party candidates were ridiculous (though Barr wasn't as bad as Paul).
Idran1701 (7:48:00 PM)
: Heh.
Lithaladhwen (7:48:00 PM): Vote third party! Be unique (and useless)!
OMG Priam (7:48:02 PM)
: Most people I've talked to who planned to vote McCain offered the argument that Obama would just get assassinated anyway, so why vote for a dead man
Idran1701 (7:48:14 PM)
: Couldn't you say the same thing about the 72-year-old melanoma sufferer?
besyanteo (7:48:23 PM): And while we're at it,
T3chn0Namagomi (7:48:34 PM): ...my brother believes there will be race riots erupting in this region.
besyanteo (7:48:38 PM): if it was still in this population to get off their asses and assassinate anyone,
PapatymisonN (7:48:42 PM): Nama: I feel the same way about John McCain... he TRIED to seem good, but I knew it wouldn't be true...
Idran1701 (7:48:48 PM): You didn't hear about the two crazies in Tennessee, Bes?
besyanteo (7:48:51 PM): how did Bush survive the full length of his second term? People threatened it a bunch,
besyanteo (7:48:56 PM): but it doesn't seem to have happened
Lithaladhwen (7:49:01 PM): Mm! Neo-Nazis.
Idran1701 (7:49:02 PM)
: There was an attempt in Chechnya.
besyanteo (7:49:07 PM): Also, now that I can look up from typing: I didn't!
PapatymisonN (7:49:08 PM): That is true...
Idran1701 (7:49:13 PM): They were going to shoot up 84 black people and then kill Obama...somehow.
PapatymisonN (7:49:25 PM): I love how it was EXACTLY eighty-four...
EternalDragonAya (7:49:35 PM): MIND BULLETS
PapatymisonN (7:49:35 PM): Would they go hunting if they didn't meet their quota...
PapatymisonN (7:49:38 PM): ?
Lithaladhwen (7:49:39 PM): The numerology of it is significant. I thought it was 88.
Lithaladhwen (7:49:44 PM)
: And then 14.
KnightsofSquare (7:49:51 PM)
: They weren't actually going to kill eighty eight of them
Lithaladhwen (7:49:52 PM): THAT'S TELEKINESIS KATE
KnightsofSquare (7:49:55 PM)
: They just thought the number sounded cool
PapatymisonN (7:49:57 PM): "Ah, shoot, Jed! There's only 79 people here!"
Idran1701 (7:50:00 PM): Oh, Bush's wasn't Chechnya, it was Georgia.
Idran1701 (7:50:02 PM): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_W._Bush#Assassination_attempt
besyanteo (7:50:04 PM): ... Dammit Mike
besyanteo (7:50:05 PM): XD
Idran1701 (7:50:10 PM): Hahaha.
Lithaladhwen (7:50:14 PM): Koss: Brian and I both award you awesome-points.
PapatymisonN (7:50:20 PM)
: "... well let's head on down to the NAACP! They's got plenty 'a negros there!"
Idran1701 (7:50:22 PM): And you might be right, Kai.
besyanteo (7:50:28 PM): Bleh
besyanteo (7:50:56 PM): Anyway, I'd like to think that Obama's not going to die a messy, publicly televised death.
Idran1701 (7:51:00 PM): As do I.
OMG Priam (7:51:02 PM): Hmm....using ASCII, 88 is capital X, and 14 is....it's shift-off! OF COURSE. IT ALL MAKES SENSE
Idran1701 (7:51:08 PM)
Lithaladhwen (7:51:10 PM): D:
besyanteo (7:51:14 PM)
: And if he is, I'm willing to be fucking dissapointed over it and remain optomistic
Idran1701 (7:51:20 PM): Indeed.
CGNakibe (7:51:23 PM): Also: Those folks that like that sort of thing...
KnightsofSquare (7:51:27 PM): ahahahaha
CGNakibe (7:51:31 PM): Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is awesome.
Idran1701 (7:51:36 PM): At least we didn't have another RFK, despite the fear-mongering from some a few months back about the possibility.
CGNakibe (7:51:38 PM): Why is it this awesome? The world may never know.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:51:43 PM): I lack a DS.
memyselfandlost (7:51:45 PM): I have been terrified for Obaa for a long time.
MajorGeneralTso (7:51:51 PM): Order of Ecclesia is awesome!
T3chn0Namagomi (7:51:52 PM): Therefore, cannot play it.
KnightsofSquare (7:51:56 PM): ZOMG black people are taking over the Colbert Report and Daily Show
PapatymisonN (7:52:00 PM): ... things are going to be good in America.
memyselfandlost (7:52:04 PM): Obama, even. My m key is evidently on strike.
PapatymisonN (7:52:21 PM): I mean, Obama's gonna be elected, and there's a new TRANSPORTER MOVIE COMING OUT! WOO! LIFE IS COMPLETE!
MajorGeneralTso (7:52:25 PM): Yo. Wyatt Cenac is awesome. I wouldn't mind if he had a part on the Colbert Report too.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:52:48 PM): Honestly, I'm more glad that Eternal Poison is shipping here a week from today.
OMG Priam (7:52:55 PM): HI TAI
MajorGeneralTso (7:52:59 PM)
Idran1701 (7:53:10 PM): I love Wyatt Cenac. :D
OMG Priam (7:53:11 PM): I'm more happy that I'm about to go back to playing Mother 3.
DogshamanPhil (7:53:12 PM)
: Hah, Ken and Kate are lurking almost exactly the same way
Idran1701 (7:53:13 PM): The whole team, really.
OMG Priam (7:53:16 PM): *minimize*
PapatymisonN (7:53:20 PM)
: LBP is out... and I bet five dollars to any takers that Marvel's going to revive Steve Rogers...
T3chn0Namagomi (7:53:20 PM): *has...mostly been playing Atlus RPGs here, really.*
DogshamanPhil (7:53:24 PM): Say one line, lurk half an hour.
DogshamanPhil (7:53:30 PM): Say one line, lurk half an hour.
PapatymisonN (7:53:31 PM): Seriously, any takers? I'm low on cash.
MajorGeneralTso (7:53:47 PM): That's how I always lurk.
DogshamanPhil (7:53:50 PM): Oh yeah, and Mother 3 is pretty legit.
DogshamanPhil (7:53:53 PM): Yeah yeah, I remember.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:53:59 PM): No bet. Saving it all for Atlus-made PS2 Strategy-RPG
KnightsofSquare (7:54:01 PM): Is it excessively legit?
besyanteo (7:54:05 PM): Also also: Were they going to make a Captain America movie? I rememberh earing something to that effect.
KnightsofSquare (7:54:07 PM): To the extent that it is difficult to discontinue?
Lithaladhwen (7:54:07 PM): Brian spent a couple of days playing that basically non-stop.
Lithaladhwen (7:54:11 PM)
: Koss: It's 2leg--
Lithaladhwen (7:54:12 PM)
: Yes.
PapatymisonN (7:54:12 PM)
: They are. Present tense.
memyselfandlost (7:54:14 PM): yes, they are..
Lithaladhwen (7:54:15 PM): Precisely.
PapatymisonN (7:54:21 PM)
: It's not anywhere near done, but yeah.
DogshamanPhil (7:54:24 PM): You've been doing the one line lurk maneuver since, oh, 2001 if I remember correctly?
besyanteo (7:54:27 PM): I'm trying to decide if that's going to be great or terrible.
PapatymisonN (7:54:27 PM): I think they haven't even cast it yet...
PapatymisonN (7:54:33 PM): My guess? An unknown actor.
Idran1701 (7:54:35 PM): Okay, I'm going to stop following E-V.com. They currently have Arizona as Strong Democrat from the polling figures back when it was 2% in, and it's currently 49% in.
PapatymisonN (7:54:46 PM): But the good thing is? All in WW2. THAT is awesome and correct.
Lithaladhwen (7:54:51 PM): OH MY GOD
KnightsofSquare (7:54:57 PM)
besyanteo (7:54:57 PM): ... Euuuugh
Lithaladhwen (7:55:02 PM): OBAMA HAS A LEAD AGAIN IN INDIANA
Idran1701 (7:55:06 PM)
: :D
Lithaladhwen (7:55:06 PM): Not quite nine thousand, though.
PapatymisonN (7:55:09 PM)
Lithaladhwen (7:55:13 PM): You will hear about it if he passes nine thousand.
besyanteo (7:55:21 PM)
: I'm so tired of WW2 related movies and games. :(
PapatymisonN (7:55:23 PM): Yes ma'am.
Idran1701 (7:55:27 PM): Cap came from WW2, BEs.
Idran1701 (7:55:29 PM): That's why that's awesome.
besyanteo (7:55:31 PM): I know, I know
PapatymisonN (7:55:33 PM): Bes: But it'll be CAPTAIN AMERICA.
besyanteo (7:55:33 PM): Still
besyanteo (7:55:44 PM): It's not that I think it can't be good now?
Idran1701 (7:55:44 PM): I have to agree that it's cool that they went with the period piece.
PapatymisonN (7:55:48 PM): And I'll love your country again...
besyanteo (7:55:51 PM): But I'm going to mope for a little bit.
Idran1701 (7:55:57 PM): Think of it this way: it's a WW2 movie involving a guy that punches Hitler and throws a shield.
T3chn0Namagomi (7:56:07 PM): Bes: Same here, really. I swear, I'm going to go on a punching spree the next time I see a NEW FUCKING CALL OF DUTY GAME BEING MADE.
besyanteo (7:56:09 PM): ... Ok, I laughed.
PapatymisonN (7:56:18 PM): ...
besyanteo (7:56:19 PM): But Ihave to agree with Doug
T3chn0Namagomi (7:56:25 PM): It's getting as bad as the fucking Madden license.
PapatymisonN (7:56:26 PM): *puts World at War in the corner... * >.>
Idran1701 (7:56:28 PM): Well, yeah, but that's Call of Duty.
besyanteo (7:56:59 PM): ... Gah. I should probably do dishes before it hits midnight.
besyanteo (7:57:03 PM): back soon.
Idran1701 (7:57:07 PM): Later.
Idran1701 (7:57:26 PM): 10 minutes until our polls close over here.
Lithaladhwen (7:57:31 PM): Obama's lead has narrowed to six thousand in Indiana, but 94% of precincts have reported in.
Idran1701 (7:58:15 PM)
: Wow. Obama's up in Omaha.
Idran1701 (7:58:21 PM): He might actually get an EV from Nebraska.
PapatymisonN (7:58:46 PM): Obama just violated the Virgin...ia! Woo!
Idran1701 (7:58:50 PM): That'd really surprise me.
memyselfandlost (7:58:59 PM): weird.
PapatymisonN (7:59:26 PM): No... Iddy... CNN just projected it!
(7:59:50 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
CGNakibe (8:00:03 PM): The Great Wizard CNN has spoken? >;P
PapatymisonN (8:00:12 PM): Agreed-
Idran1701 (8:00:17 PM): No, I mean Omaha.
PapatymisonN (8:00:19 PM): ... I just got goosebumps.
(8:00:25 PM) DogshamanPhil has left the room.
PapatymisonN (8:00:31 PM): They just ... ^_^ projected Obama's win!
memyselfandlost (8:00:37 PM): I KNOW!
PapatymisonN (8:01:09 PM): .... I've gotta go hug my mom!
PapatymisonN (8:01:26 PM): Crap! She's not here!
(8:01:41 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
Idran1701 (8:01:57 PM): Hey, welcome back Doug.
T3chn0Namagomi (8:02:04 PM): Yeah. Stupid router
Lithaladhwen (8:02:19 PM): CNN just projected that McCain can't win.
Idran1701 (8:02:31 PM)
: Chuck just told us. :D
Lithaladhwen (8:02:37 PM): Obama is at 297.
Lithaladhwen (8:02:41 PM)
: That is an asswhuppin.
Idran1701 (8:02:45 PM)
: Indeed.
Lithaladhwen (8:02:46 PM): Without the west coast.
Lithaladhwen (8:02:48 PM)
: omg
T3chn0Namagomi (8:02:56 PM)
: Well, now my mother is going to be quite upset.
Idran1701 (8:02:59 PM): Yeah, he's definitely going +350.
Idran1701 (8:03:05 PM): If that's true, at least.
PapatymisonN (8:03:25 PM): Wow... entire... east... coast... blue. BEAUTiful!
Lithaladhwen (8:03:25 PM): Your mother is an idiot and fuck what she thinks.
Idran1701 (8:03:30 PM)
: IN's back up to 8000.
Idran1701 (8:03:35 PM): What Kai said, Doug.
Idran1701 (8:03:43 PM): It usually is, Chuck. :D
Lithaladhwen (8:03:45 PM): Fuck your mother. I'm going to hit her with a baseball bat.
Idran1701 (8:03:52 PM)
: When it's not sweet-talked by a California cowboy, at least.
PapatymisonN (8:03:53 PM): It's still beautiful...
PapatymisonN (8:03:57 PM): I cannot be happier. CANNOT.
PapatymisonN (8:04:34 PM): And y'know why there won't be riots?
PapatymisonN (8:04:41 PM): BLACK PEOPLE WON'T ALLOW IT! WOOHOO! ^_^
Lithaladhwen (8:04:44 PM): Hahahaha
PapatymisonN (8:05:10 PM)
: I am so glad to be alive right now!
PapatymisonN (8:05:19 PM): I'm SO glad!
T3chn0Namagomi (8:05:53 PM): Eh. As long as there aren't, I'm okay. I have a test tomorrow, so...
Lithaladhwen (8:06:25 PM): Indiana needs to go blue. Holy shit it needs to go blue. If it doesn't it's going to be painfully close.
T3chn0Namagomi (8:06:47 PM)
: And, well, Computer Systems is a bitch of a class. Painfully hard tests
T3chn0Namagomi (8:06:59 PM): ...especially in questions where components are involved.
Lithaladhwen (8:07:08 PM): Dude. McCain got shot down because he didn't do a barrel roll.
Lithaladhwen (8:07:15 PM)
: Obama needs to win Indiana by >9000.
Lithaladhwen (8:07:19 PM)
: And this will be the lulziest election in history.
Idran1701 (8:07:27 PM)
: For Indianians. :P
Idran1701 (8:07:33 PM): Indianites?
CGNakibe (8:07:41 PM): This is GREAT news.
KnightsofSquare (8:07:44 PM): Dia: this year's ballot measures are terrifying
memyselfandlost (8:07:44 PM): Hoosiers.
CGNakibe (8:07:45 PM): ... for JOHN McCAIN!
CGNakibe (8:07:48 PM): *hides*
memyselfandlost (8:07:52 PM): They call themselves Hoosiers.
Idran1701 (8:07:58 PM): We had a bunch of yawners, and one interesting one.
Idran1701 (8:08:27 PM): 4 general bureaucratic clean-up stuff that was an easy yes (stuff like "make the state election age the same as the federal in law even though it has been in practice since the change).
Idran1701 (8:08:45 PM): 6 silly measures pushed by a guy in our state that has nothing to do with his time but make ballot measures.
KnightsofSquare (8:08:45 PM): Dia: I see Colorado is in favor of ammending their constitution to define human life as beginning from conception
memyselfandlost (8:08:54 PM): oh geez.
Idran1701 (8:08:59 PM): And one interesting one that involves Oregon switching to a jungle primary.
memyselfandlost (8:09:19 PM): a jungle primary?
T3chn0Namagomi (8:09:21 PM): Someone needs to get me a giant robot. I see government officials that need exploding in an overkill manner.
Idran1701 (8:09:30 PM): No, he's not government. And yeah.
Idran1701 (8:09:38 PM): What that is is sort of like a partyless primary for state offices.
Idran1701 (8:09:41 PM): And local partisan offices.
Idran1701 (8:09:58 PM): In a jungle primary, everyone enters regardless of party affiliation.
Lithaladhwen (8:10:02 PM): Indiana is so close. ;_;
memyselfandlost (8:10:03 PM)
: ahhh.
Idran1701 (8:10:04 PM): The top two vote getters move on to the election.
memyselfandlost (8:10:32 PM): That's what I'd like for the US presidential election.
memyselfandlost (8:10:38 PM): It'd be interesting.
Idran1701 (8:11:02 PM): I don't know about on the federal level. Even at this level, I was unsure since it could make things even worse for third aprty candidates.
KnightsofSquare (8:11:22 PM): No
Idran1701 (8:11:24 PM): But on the other hand, it gives the voters more power by stripping away the party system and forcing voting by individual issues.
memyselfandlost (8:11:44 PM): *nod* It's nice in that respect.
KnightsofSquare (8:11:46 PM): Yeah. But if we're changing the whole system, we need to do better than that
memyselfandlost (8:11:55 PM): It'd be nice if we had more than two major parties and a bunch of little ones.
Lithaladhwen (8:12:00 PM): Nama.
Idran1701 (8:12:01 PM)
: Oh, this was state only.
Lithaladhwen (8:12:06 PM): Stephen Colbert has a cockatoo on his shoulder.
Lithaladhwen (8:12:07 PM)
: What.
Idran1701 (8:12:09 PM)
: It wouldn't affect how Oregon votes in federal elections.
Lithaladhwen (8:12:14 PM): I demand an explanation for this bullshit.
KnightsofSquare (8:12:20 PM)
: Under that system, two similar (or identical) candidates both lose because they split the vote from eachother
memyselfandlost (8:12:22 PM): Stephen Colbert is a pirate?
Idran1701 (8:12:25 PM): Yeah.
KnightsofSquare (8:12:31 PM): The primary system helps to resolve that by forcing one of them out before the general election
Idran1701 (8:12:36 PM): But that's a flaw with plurality voting in general.
KnightsofSquare (8:12:43 PM): There are ways around it
Idran1701 (8:12:49 PM): You can get the same thing with a primary, just to a lessened degree.
KnightsofSquare (8:12:57 PM): If, for example, you listed candidates in order of preference
Idran1701 (8:13:05 PM): Condorcet, right?
Lithaladhwen (8:13:17 PM): Okay. We're gonna watch Fox News now for shits.
KnightsofSquare (8:13:23 PM)
: Guess it would be
Idran1701 (8:13:40 PM): I know some nations use that. I think Sweden's one of them?
Idran1701 (8:13:43 PM): Or Australia.
Idran1701 (8:13:54 PM): I know they both use a non-plurality system.
Idran1701 (8:14:09 PM): And I think at least one of them is Condorcet.
besyanteo (8:14:30 PM): ...
besyanteo (8:14:32 PM): >_o
besyanteo (8:14:40 PM): I come back to peopel claioming they will watch Fox News
besyanteo (8:14:41 PM): :(
besyanteo (8:14:47 PM): ALSO
Idran1701 (8:14:49 PM): Heh.
besyanteo (8:14:52 PM): *invites Dave*
memyselfandlost (8:14:52 PM): hehehehe.
Lithaladhwen (8:15:00 PM): Also.
Lithaladhwen (8:15:03 PM)
Lithaladhwen (8:15:05 PM)
(8:15:05 PM) FFFan80
has entered the room.
Idran1701 (8:15:07 PM): Speaking of voting systems, if it's an interest of yours, Mike, you should look up Arrow's Paradox.
Lithaladhwen (8:15:09 PM): ARE A CUNT
Lithaladhwen (8:15:10 PM)
FFFan80 (8:15:12 PM)
: ....
Lithaladhwen (8:15:15 PM): I'm so glad she got pwnt
PapatymisonN (8:15:16 PM)
: *pounces ondave*
FFFan80 (8:15:17 PM): ....hi? o_O
Idran1701 (8:15:20 PM): Indeed, Kai.
Lithaladhwen (8:15:21 PM): Not you darling.
PapatymisonN (8:15:23 PM)
Lithaladhwen (8:15:24 PM): <3 Dave.
besyanteo (8:15:25 PM)
: Hey! =D
FFFan80 (8:15:28 PM): Um
PapatymisonN (8:15:34 PM): Or so I hear.
Idran1701 (8:15:37 PM): Mike: It's a mathematical proof that a theoretical "perfect voting system" couldn't exist, as the basic assumptions behind one are contradictory.
FFFan80 (8:15:41 PM): Dare I ask what the vitrol is over? >_>;
Idran1701 (8:15:52 PM): Dave: Liddy Dole in the NC senator election.
CGNakibe (8:15:58 PM): Hey Dave!
CGNakibe (8:16:00 PM): *hugs*
Lithaladhwen (8:16:14 PM): The woman who tried to convince her constituency that they shouldn't vote for her Sunday-school-teacher because, get this, the teacher MIGHT BE AN ATHEIST OH SHIT.
memyselfandlost (8:16:28 PM)
: ....WHAT.
besyanteo (8:16:28 PM): ...
Lithaladhwen (8:16:30 PM): She even got an impersonator of her opponent to say "there is no God" for a commercial.
Lithaladhwen (8:16:31 PM)
: She got pwnt
Idran1701 (8:16:34 PM)
: Yeah.
Lithaladhwen (8:16:36 PM): Because she FUCKING SHOULD.
Idran1701 (8:16:41 PM)
: She was accepting GODLESS MONEY
Idran1701 (8:16:44 PM): (Actual commercial quote)
Lithaladhwen (8:16:45 PM): GODLESS
Lithaladhwen (8:16:48 PM)
memyselfandlost (8:16:50 PM)
KnightsofSquare (8:16:58 PM): So, Fox would like you to know that Karl Rove thinks America is a cool place
Lithaladhwen (8:17:06 PM): *smirk*
memyselfandlost (8:17:06 PM)
: heh.
FFFan80 (8:17:07 PM): It is though
besyanteo (8:17:08 PM): Also, Show Dave those pamphlets they were distributing here
PapatymisonN (8:17:16 PM): It's the best, the greatest country God has put upon this earth!
PapatymisonN (8:17:21 PM): Hadn't you heard?
Idran1701 (8:17:29 PM): Only 2% in for CA so far, but it's still 57/43 in favor of Prop 8. :(
Idran1701 (8:17:32 PM): Hopefully that'll shift in time.
T3chn0Namagomi (8:17:36 PM): ...but Japan is where anime comes from.
FFFan80 (8:17:36 PM): ?
T3chn0Namagomi (8:17:47 PM): And the majority of videogames for consoles.
PapatymisonN (8:17:49 PM): Oh, great. Now I wanna hug Jesse Jackson.
besyanteo (8:17:55 PM): Dave: There were some fake pamphlets passed out in VA on the 24th of October
memyselfandlost (8:17:56 PM): hehehe.
PapatymisonN (8:17:59 PM): He's crying. Just... damn...
besyanteo (8:18:06 PM): To sum it up breifly?
FFFan80 (8:18:22 PM): I heard about those
besyanteo (8:18:22 PM): "We have too many voters!"
besyanteo (8:18:28 PM): "Here's-" Ah
Idran1701 (8:18:29 PM): Gus linked them in this post, Dave: http://forums.rpgww.org/viewtopic.php?p=135144#135144
FFFan80 (8:18:29 PM): Saying "Democrats vote on the 5th"?
besyanteo (8:18:33 PM): Yus
Lithaladhwen (8:18:47 PM): omg
Lithaladhwen (8:18:52 PM)
: mccain is gonna concede omgomgome
Lithaladhwen (8:18:53 PM)
: sdf
besyanteo (8:18:57 PM)
: What?
KnightsofSquare (8:18:58 PM): This speech must suck to give and attend
PapatymisonN (8:19:01 PM): SDF?
KnightsofSquare (8:19:06 PM): BOOOOOO
Idran1701 (8:19:07 PM): McCain's giving his concession speech.
KnightsofSquare (8:19:08 PM): BOOOOOOOOO
PapatymisonN (8:19:08 PM): do you mean WTF?
Idran1701 (8:19:10 PM): Obama hit 297.
Lithaladhwen (8:19:10 PM): All the booing.
Lithaladhwen (8:19:14 PM)
PapatymisonN (8:19:16 PM)
: Try 306.
Lithaladhwen (8:19:17 PM): THE PRESIDENT OF GARBAGE
Lithaladhwen (8:19:18 PM)
Idran1701 (8:19:19 PM)
: I wish I had a TV ;_;
Lithaladhwen (8:19:20 PM): BOOOOOO
Idran1701 (8:19:25 PM)
: I will look for a stream!
KnightsofSquare (8:19:35 PM): And now we cast the McCain supporters into the outer darkness
KnightsofSquare (8:19:42 PM): Where there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth
KnightsofSquare (8:20:04 PM): Ah, at last. The opportunity to experience what is best in life.
besyanteo (8:20:29 PM): ... So wait,
besyanteo (8:20:31 PM): it's over?
Lithaladhwen (8:20:36 PM): McCain is conceding.
FFFan80 (8:20:38 PM)
: May I point out that McCain told them to knock it off?
FFFan80 (8:20:40 PM): >_>;
besyanteo (8:20:41 PM): Most of the states aren't even 50% in yet? <_>
Lithaladhwen (8:20:41 PM): Like, right now.
KnightsofSquare (8:20:44 PM)
: He did
Idran1701 (8:20:48 PM): It's mostly over, Bes. There's still state-level and local things.
Lithaladhwen (8:20:51 PM): Dave, yes, he did.
memyselfandlost (8:20:54 PM)
Idran1701 (8:20:54 PM): And Prop 8 in CA, like I mentioned before.
KnightsofSquare (8:20:59 PM): The fact of the matter is that there's no plausible route to victory for him
PapatymisonN (8:20:59 PM): o.o
PapatymisonN (8:21:07 PM): Wow. They... stopped booing Obama.
Idran1701 (8:21:10 PM): Yeah. There's pretty much no way the votes can come in now to give him a win.
PapatymisonN (8:21:20 PM): McCain got his freak show to STOP BOOING OBAMA. AND ACTUALLY CHEER.
Idran1701 (8:21:21 PM): Obama has over 270 votes, which is the majority.
besyanteo (8:21:25 PM): ... *nod* And it's better to concede than to have a repeat of 2000
besyanteo (8:21:44 PM): For everyone involved
Idran1701 (8:21:46 PM): Yeah, true, but it's nowhere even close to how close 2000 was.
FFFan80 (8:21:51 PM): yup
Idran1701 (8:21:54 PM): Obama leads McCain by at least 100 EVs right now.
besyanteo (8:21:55 PM): Jsut sayying. It has to be on someone's mind
Idran1701 (8:21:58 PM): *nod*
EternalDragonAya (8:22:11 PM): TEE HEE EVS
PapatymisonN (8:22:12 PM): 151, actually.
EternalDragonAya (8:22:16 PM): That makes me think POKEMON.
besyanteo (8:22:26 PM): Pokemon are made of candy
besyanteo (8:22:31 PM): or vice versa
Idran1701 (8:22:42 PM): MSNBC is saying 333/146 Obama.
EternalDragonAya (8:22:45 PM): Obamasaur I choose you!
besyanteo (8:22:45 PM): zop bop bibbidy bop
memyselfandlost (8:22:53 PM): Holy CARP YOU GUISE.
Lithaladhwen (8:23:04 PM): OBAMASAUR USES HOPE
Lithaladhwen (8:23:06 PM)
PapatymisonN (8:23:10 PM)
: "Change... change we can! Changewecanbelievein!"
besyanteo (8:23:12 PM): So,
besyanteo (8:23:19 PM): Today will go in the history books and such.
Idran1701 (8:23:25 PM): Yep!
besyanteo (8:23:54 PM): There is a problem with Obama winning, for me, personally:
PapatymisonN (8:23:57 PM): ...ew... he said "My friends"...
besyanteo (8:24:01 PM): I will spend then ext four YEARS
besyanteo (8:24:03 PM): Listening
EternalDragonAya (8:24:08 PM): I wonder what the final % of people voting is going to be.
besyanteo (8:24:11 PM): to my folks talk about how much the race factor played into it
PapatymisonN (8:24:15 PM): It's like breaking up with your boyfriend, then having him lick your face before he goes...
Idran1701 (8:24:15 PM): 8, Bes. :D
Lithaladhwen (8:24:22 PM): I'm still waiting on Indiana.
FFFan80 (8:24:27 PM)
: *bops Charles*
KnightsofSquare (8:24:28 PM): This is pretty neat, actually. This is not an easy speech to give or to take, and he is doing a pretty good job of managing that situation
Lithaladhwen (8:24:30 PM): Holy shit this is driving me up the wall. I'm gonna pee myself.
Idran1701 (8:24:32 PM)
: Yeah.
PapatymisonN (8:24:36 PM): *gets a bucket*
Lithaladhwen (8:24:37 PM): Koss: This is actually his best speech that I've seen so far.
Lithaladhwen (8:24:44 PM)
: Because it's the first time I've seen grace and class.
besyanteo (8:24:59 PM)
: I don't have TV down here anymore,
memyselfandlost (8:25:02 PM): I know!
besyanteo (8:25:07 PM): and I'd rather not watch it than watch it with Dad. >_>;
Idran1701 (8:25:16 PM): One sec, Bes.
FFFan80 (8:25:17 PM): Stream it from CNN? =O
besyanteo (8:25:19 PM): I'm sure it will be on Youtube later
Idran1701 (8:25:22 PM): You have a connection good enough for streaming?
besyanteo (8:25:25 PM): Yus
Idran1701 (8:25:30 PM): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/
Idran1701 (8:25:38 PM): "Live MSNBC TV" link on the mid-right
Idran1701 (8:25:47 PM): that's what I'm using.
Idran1701 (8:25:50 PM): *That's
KnightsofSquare (8:26:01 PM): So...Palin 2012?
FFFan80 (8:26:07 PM): Who knows
Idran1701 (8:26:09 PM): I would be _really_ surprised.
Lithaladhwen (8:26:12 PM): Obama's lead in Indiana is under 1800.
Idran1701 (8:26:14 PM)
: I can't imagine the RNC trying her again.
Lithaladhwen (8:26:15 PM): *sweats*
Lithaladhwen (8:26:22 PM)
: But Da Region isn't done reporting.
besyanteo (8:26:25 PM)
: ... oh fuck yiou guys
Lithaladhwen (8:26:27 PM): Guys, don't fail me now!
besyanteo (8:26:31 PM)
: comercials before the stream
Idran1701 (8:26:35 PM): YEah, I know.
Idran1701 (8:26:37 PM): :/
PapatymisonN (8:26:38 PM): Obama took Florida... cool!
Idran1701 (8:26:41 PM): He did!
Idran1701 (8:26:46 PM): And he's leading in Montana right now.
memyselfandlost (8:26:50 PM): wow.
Idran1701 (8:26:52 PM): Probably thanks to Schweitzer.
memyselfandlost (8:26:56 PM): Evidently, we really did want change. This is awesome.
T3chn0Namagomi (8:26:56 PM): ...I'm just glad that I won't have to listen to and watch any more fucking political ads
besyanteo (8:27:02 PM): Hm
memyselfandlost (8:27:04 PM): CAN I GET AN AMEN.
FFFan80 (8:27:04 PM): Amen
besyanteo (8:27:04 PM): IT's not live
Idran1701 (8:27:12 PM): It's not? Huh.
besyanteo (8:27:13 PM): It's the start of McCain giving his speech
Idran1701 (8:27:16 PM): Aha.
Idran1701 (8:27:21 PM): Well, at least you get to hear the whole thing.
KnightsofSquare (8:27:22 PM): "You deserve more!" perhaps he did. In 2000.
Lithaladhwen (8:27:25 PM): Fox News is live.
Lithaladhwen (8:27:33 PM)
: They're giving McCain pleeeenty of air tiem.
Lithaladhwen (8:27:34 PM)
: *time
FFFan80 (8:27:39 PM)
: So's CNN
FFFan80 (8:27:41 PM): =P
KnightsofSquare (8:27:42 PM): They should
KnightsofSquare (8:27:45 PM): This is also historic right here
Idran1701 (8:27:58 PM): Fox News has actually also started edging towards Obama in recent days.
Lithaladhwen (8:28:11 PM): Dragged kicking and screaming.
Idran1701 (8:28:15 PM)
: Oh, wait, misread what you meant, Mike. :O
besyanteo (8:28:27 PM): ... Wow
Idran1701 (8:28:30 PM): I agree with what you meant, then.
besyanteo (8:28:33 PM): That was very nice
Idran1701 (8:28:36 PM): Yeah.
Idran1701 (8:28:44 PM): That really was one of his better speeches on the campaign.
PapatymisonN (8:28:50 PM): I wanna hear the message. I do.
Lithaladhwen (8:28:51 PM): Obama's back up in Indiana.
Lithaladhwen (8:29:03 PM)
: Da Region pulled us back up.
PapatymisonN (8:29:03 PM)
: Speak, Obama... massage our ears with your sweet words! ^_^
Lithaladhwen (8:29:04 PM): But they're not done yet.
memyselfandlost (8:29:34 PM)
: eeee I need Obama's speech!
Idran1701 (8:29:41 PM): NC is really close too, Kai.
Idran1701 (8:29:47 PM): 5000 votes with 94% reporting.
Lithaladhwen (8:29:47 PM): But I don't LIVE there!
Idran1701 (8:29:52 PM)
: True!
Lithaladhwen (8:29:53 PM): Indiana's at 96%.
Idran1701 (8:29:58 PM)
: But I don't live in either. >:
besyanteo (8:30:12 PM): ... o_o
Lithaladhwen (8:30:17 PM): Indiana is making me fucking spaz.
besyanteo (8:30:21 PM)
: I can watch the news again. Possibly.
besyanteo (8:30:40 PM): I won't have to listen to the same "Bush is the devil" crap 24/7, because he's done now.
Lithaladhwen (8:30:48 PM): Well. In January.
besyanteo (8:30:49 PM)
: There might be something less repetative one now
Idran1701 (8:30:52 PM): Haha.
besyanteo (8:30:53 PM): Still
FFFan80 (8:31:02 PM): Complaints about the Congress instead?
FFFan80 (8:31:03 PM): =x
besyanteo (8:31:10 PM): IT will be different thought. :(
Idran1701 (8:31:15 PM): 58/42 on Prop 8 with 6%.
besyanteo (8:31:15 PM): though*
FFFan80 (8:31:26 PM): Also: What is prop 8?
besyanteo (8:31:32 PM): No to gay marriage in Cali
Idran1701 (8:31:34 PM): The gay marriage ban in California.
Idran1701 (8:31:35 PM): Yeah.
FFFan80 (8:31:38 PM): Ah
CGNakibe (8:31:44 PM): >:\
Idran1701 (8:31:47 PM): Since the supreme court said yes, they're trying to amend the state constitution.
Lithaladhwen (8:31:50 PM): 58/42 for?
Idran1701 (8:31:59 PM)
: It was looking for a while like it'd be an easy No, until the Mormon Church got involved.
Idran1701 (8:32:01 PM): Yeah.
Lithaladhwen (8:32:09 PM): You've got to be kidding me.
Idran1701 (8:32:12 PM)
: Nope.
Idran1701 (8:32:15 PM): But only 6% so far.
Lithaladhwen (8:32:22 PM): 6% reported?\
Idran1701 (8:32:24 PM)
: Yeah.
besyanteo (8:32:34 PM): ... Aren't the results almost meaningless, then?
Lithaladhwen (8:32:36 PM): *Kai takes back Nanao*
Idran1701 (8:32:40 PM)
: Yeah, mostly.
Lithaladhwen (8:32:42 PM): *refreshes Indiana again*
Idran1701 (8:32:46 PM)
: But it's still worrisome.
MajorGeneralTso (8:32:52 PM): Nanaaaaao-chaaaan...
MajorGeneralTso (8:32:58 PM): *Lurks*
Idran1701 (8:33:08 PM): I'm a democrat, I need to worry about something politically. :P
besyanteo (8:33:09 PM): Idran: HAve they counted San Francisco yet?
besyanteo (8:33:10 PM): <_<
besyanteo (8:33:18 PM): *jerk*
Idran1701 (8:33:28 PM): I don't know, it doesn't give the measure results by county. :(
besyanteo (8:33:33 PM): Aw
memyselfandlost (8:33:51 PM): If just San Francisco turns out in droves, 8 might get struck down.
besyanteo (8:34:00 PM): Indeed
Lithaladhwen (8:34:10 PM): There's a whole county in Indiana that must just be sitting on their votes.
Idran1701 (8:34:10 PM)
: Yeah, but the LDS has really been doing a big push in the last month or two.
Lithaladhwen (8:34:14 PM): They haven't reported anything yet.
Idran1701 (8:34:18 PM)
: Still Wayne?
Lithaladhwen (8:34:24 PM): Yeah.
Lithaladhwen (8:34:26 PM)
: I don't trust that.
Idran1701 (8:34:29 PM)
: Call them up and yell at them.
Lithaladhwen (8:34:32 PM): They have to be counted by now. I think they're up to something.
memyselfandlost (8:34:40 PM)
: Seriously, what's so bad about gay people? How are they going to ruin the fabric of life?
Lithaladhwen (8:34:44 PM): There's no other reason not to give anyone any idea what you're doing.
besyanteo (8:34:48 PM)
: Well,
T3chn0Namagomi (8:34:52 PM): The fundies are stupid.
Lithaladhwen (8:34:53 PM): EKP.
memyselfandlost (8:34:55 PM)
: Their getting married has nothing to do with anything other than themselves.
besyanteo (8:34:55 PM): I was thinking about grabbing 8 or so chaos emeralds?
Lithaladhwen (8:34:58 PM): They're gonna DESTROY FAMILIES.l
besyanteo (8:35:02 PM)
: And them makign a black hole with their power
memyselfandlost (8:35:04 PM): Oh, that's right. I forgot about that.
Lithaladhwen (8:35:05 PM): DESOTRY FAMILIES
FFFan80 (8:35:12 PM)
: Shit
memyselfandlost (8:35:13 PM): ONOES.
besyanteo (8:35:13 PM): IT destroys families in a roundabout way...
Lithaladhwen (8:35:15 PM): Omg I'm too keeyed up to type
Lithaladhwen (8:35:17 PM)
: I'm not even drunk
Idran1701 (8:35:17 PM)
: Bes, why would you and Shaun do that? ;_;
FFFan80 (8:35:19 PM): Bes, they're on to us. _
besyanteo (8:35:28 PM): Idran: Mostly for entertainment value
Idran1701 (8:35:28 PM): Oh, forgot Dave was here.
Idran1701 (8:35:30 PM): You too. ;_;
T3chn0Namagomi (8:35:32 PM): My family's already self-destructed. <_<
besyanteo (8:35:34 PM): Being sucked into a singularity is TRIPPY
CGNakibe (8:35:45 PM): oh, wait. NOT Bizzaro world.
CGNakibe (8:35:47 PM): Nevermind. ^^
Lithaladhwen (8:35:59 PM): Your family needs to stfu.
besyanteo (8:36:04 PM)
: ALSO: I suppsoe I should be ashamed and such,
Lithaladhwen (8:36:08 PM): If not for you and the animals I'd say they should diaf.
T3chn0Namagomi (8:36:09 PM)
: Mind, I need to move out of the house.
besyanteo (8:36:15 PM): but I don't know what the legal difference between marraige and a ciivl union is.
besyanteo (8:36:19 PM): Someone splainies? <.<;
Lithaladhwen (8:36:22 PM): Bes: "Separate but equal."
Idran1701 (8:36:26 PM)
: Yeah, pretty much.
besyanteo (8:36:29 PM): ... :(
T3chn0Namagomi (8:36:41 PM): Also: To be fair, my brother's fine, my father's fine in small doses. My mother's...well, she needs to learn to fucking let go
Lithaladhwen (8:36:55 PM): Your mother needs to eat me.
besyanteo (8:37:02 PM)
: ewww, vore
Lithaladhwen (8:37:02 PM): I'm happy and she can deal with that! D:<
KnightsofSquare (8:37:11 PM)
: Also a variety of policies exist that specifically refer to "marriage" or "spouses" by those terms, simply because no other alternative was considered
T3chn0Namagomi (8:37:19 PM): ...I don't like EITHER mental image I'm getting.
KnightsofSquare (8:37:22 PM): So, civil union doesn't necessarily get you in to see your partner in the hospital after hours
Lithaladhwen (8:37:25 PM): Koss has the right of it but can still express himself
KnightsofSquare (8:37:28 PM)
: Because you're not his spouse
Lithaladhwen (8:37:28 PM): Listen to kos
besyanteo (8:37:37 PM)
: ... *nod*
Idran1701 (8:37:46 PM): Koss is Kos? IT ALL MAKES SENSE?
Idran1701 (8:37:51 PM): *-?
besyanteo (8:38:01 PM): THAT puts it into perspective nicely.
Lithaladhwen (8:38:12 PM): Koss speaks wisdom
Idran1701 (8:38:22 PM)
: As he often does!
PapatymisonN (8:38:30 PM): I just hugged my mom. ^_^
KnightsofSquare (8:38:52 PM): These things would proably get fixed eventually...probably at about the same rate as challenges to the constitutionality of disallowing marriage
T3chn0Namagomi (8:39:07 PM): My mother's the type who thinks that I should wait until I'm 40 before even considering the thought of marriage.
FFFan80 (8:39:09 PM): If I'm crossing a line, let me know, but!
Idran1701 (8:39:17 PM): But even if they did, it would still be a separate-but-equal-type issue.
FFFan80 (8:39:25 PM): Isn't this a glaring example of why there's separation of church and state? Or supposed to be? >_>;
(8:39:35 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
Idran1701 (8:39:39 PM): Yeah, you're not the first to argue that about marriage.
Idran1701 (8:39:42 PM): It's really fuzzy.
FFFan80 (8:39:49 PM): Like kitties? o.o
KnightsofSquare (8:39:50 PM): I'm in favor of a marriage ban
KnightsofSquare (8:39:52 PM): Across the board
KnightsofSquare (8:39:56 PM): Civil unions for everyone
besyanteo (8:40:01 PM): ofux
Lithaladhwen (8:40:09 PM): Koss: I actually plan to get a domestic partnership at most until gays in my state can get real marriages.
Lithaladhwen (8:40:17 PM)
: Fuck that separate but equal mess.
Idran1701 (8:40:18 PM)
: You mean purely governmentally, right, Koss?
KnightsofSquare (8:40:20 PM): Any two consenting adults, who may not even be in any sort of relationship my religion would call "marriage"
KnightsofSquare (8:40:34 PM): Yeah
Idran1701 (8:40:57 PM): Kai: Current state or any state? Because weren't you planning to move to the East Coast in the near future?
KnightsofSquare (8:41:00 PM): Basically, my position is "This is why we can't have nice things"
FFFan80 (8:41:07 PM): Hehe
CGNakibe (8:41:18 PM): Honestly, I like your idea, Mike.
Lithaladhwen (8:41:23 PM): My current state at the time. It's looking like Indiana for the next few years.
(8:41:24 PM) T3chn0Namagomi
has entered the room.
Idran1701 (8:41:29 PM): *nod*
besyanteo (8:41:58 PM): ... Also, because I have to say this to fucking someone:
besyanteo (8:42:08 PM): My father confuses me.
Idran1701 (8:42:11 PM): Oh?
besyanteo (8:42:17 PM): So, he doesn't want Obama in office, right?
FFFan80 (8:42:21 PM): But?
besyanteo (8:42:23 PM): And he voted for McCain,
besyanteo (8:42:25 PM): BUT
memyselfandlost (8:42:26 PM): Would anybody like to do my paperwork for me?
besyanteo (8:42:36 PM): HE confided in me that he hoped that, should McCain be elected,
besyanteo (8:42:45 PM): that he would die in his first year or so in office.
FFFan80 (8:42:48 PM): ....
Lithaladhwen (8:42:50 PM): So that Palin could be in charge?
besyanteo (8:42:52 PM)
: heart attack, etc. Natural causes.
besyanteo (8:42:55 PM): Ashley: Yes
Lithaladhwen (8:42:55 PM): I know a lot of people were hoping that.
memyselfandlost (8:42:56 PM)
: So he wanted to vote for Palin.
FFFan80 (8:42:56 PM): He was voting for Palin? =/
KnightsofSquare (8:42:58 PM): ugh
Idran1701 (8:42:58 PM): Yeah, lots of people were hoping to get Palin that way.
FFFan80 (8:42:59 PM): *thud*
memyselfandlost (8:43:05 PM): SHe's even scarier than Bush.
KnightsofSquare (8:43:06 PM): vote death
besyanteo (8:43:14 PM): Mom heard him say it
besyanteo (8:43:17 PM): she almost slapped him.
memyselfandlost (8:43:21 PM): I've heard people say it myself.
KnightsofSquare (8:43:25 PM): Yeah. It's fortunate McCain didn't win
KnightsofSquare (8:43:35 PM): So now you know you won't have to talk to the Secret Service about him
KnightsofSquare (8:43:43 PM): There is some shit you should be smart enough not to do.
besyanteo (8:43:44 PM): Indeed. :(
Idran1701 (8:43:52 PM): And I still think Palin's got no chance of a future presidential run. Not as a Republican, at least.
PapatymisonN (8:44:00 PM): Lord I hope not...
PapatymisonN (8:44:04 PM): She's a ninny.
Idran1701 (8:44:05 PM): There's no way the RNC will let her be a rpimary candidate.
Idran1701 (8:44:07 PM): *primary
memyselfandlost (8:44:09 PM): Though a Palin vs. Clinton run would be hilarious.
PapatymisonN (8:44:16 PM): That's the perfect way to describe her... a ninny!
besyanteo (8:44:23 PM): >_o
besyanteo (8:44:42 PM): I think EKP jsut turned me libertarian.
FFFan80 (8:44:44 PM): I think she was really, really massively not prepared for something like this. It'll be interesting to see where she goes from here.
FFFan80 (8:44:48 PM): Bwuh?
memyselfandlost (8:44:55 PM): Maybe she could run with Nader.
PapatymisonN (8:45:00 PM): Hosting beauty pageants is my guess.
FFFan80 (8:45:13 PM): No love for Ron Paul? =(
PapatymisonN (8:45:29 PM): He's as relevant as ever, dude.
Lithaladhwen (8:45:31 PM): Fucking Wayne county. I think they're waiting to see if it'll be worth it to risk some fraudulent shit.
PapatymisonN (8:46:20 PM)
: GOP dude, to votes: DIAF!
FFFan80 (8:46:31 PM): ...huh?
besyanteo (8:46:34 PM): Also: I made a mistake on my ballot. >_<
Lithaladhwen (8:46:38 PM): Lawl!
Lithaladhwen (8:46:46 PM)
: I love my right-wing propaganda emails. "Dick Morris says Kentucky and Indiana are offering conflictingindications about McCain's chances across the nation."
FFFan80 (8:46:47 PM)
: *confused!*
Lithaladhwen (8:47:08 PM): lolololol
besyanteo (8:47:18 PM)
: There was a proposition on it to set the state tax at 4%?
besyanteo (8:47:40 PM): I voted yes, because I thought the current tax was 3.5, and the state is trying to fund a bunch of new schools and shit.
besyanteo (8:47:48 PM): current tax is 4.5. x_x
FFFan80 (8:47:55 PM): Yay for more money? =x
besyanteo (8:48:28 PM): Yes, my extra cent back from the dollar menu will be well spent, not going to schools, hospitals or fire stations. :(
besyanteo (8:48:37 PM): I sure will appreciate my penny.
besyanteo (8:48:59 PM): *hits head on desk*
memyselfandlost (8:49:06 PM): awww.
memyselfandlost (8:49:09 PM): *patpat*
PapatymisonN (8:49:41 PM): Did the prop still pass?
besyanteo (8:49:48 PM): I haven't seen yet.
besyanteo (8:50:40 PM): ... aaaand google isn't helping me much.
Lithaladhwen (8:51:58 PM): *spazzes* Indiana come on.
KnightsofSquare (8:52:37 PM)
: Man, your state doesn't want to be pigeonholed into voting for one candidate or the other
KnightsofSquare (8:52:40 PM): It's too indie for that
FFFan80 (8:52:53 PM): I can relate! =x
Lithaladhwen (8:52:54 PM): Awesome.
Lithaladhwen (8:52:55 PM)
: Historic election stirs homeless to vote
PapatymisonN (8:52:57 PM): ... bad pun.
Lithaladhwen (8:53:24 PM): Also, yes, you suck.
PapatymisonN (8:55:08 PM)
: It's two minutes to Barack and roll!
memyselfandlost (8:55:23 PM): eeeeeeee.
FFFan80 (8:55:35 PM): THAT
FFFan80 (8:55:37 PM): was a bad pun
FFFan80 (8:55:39 PM): *thwap*
besyanteo (8:55:44 PM): what? Obamaroll'd?
PapatymisonN (8:55:49 PM): But it's Barack-derived, so it's awesome!
Lithaladhwen (8:56:08 PM): Bes: You've seen the Barack Roll, haven't you?
memyselfandlost (8:56:17 PM)
: I haven't.
PapatymisonN (8:56:26 PM): Blasphemers, the lot of ya!
PapatymisonN (8:56:40 PM): Find the one where it happens to John McCain, Ashley!
Lithaladhwen (8:56:41 PM): Google it you heathens.
Lithaladhwen (8:56:43 PM)
: Now is the time.
Lithaladhwen (8:56:45 PM)
KnightsofSquare (8:57:05 PM)
: The time is now
KnightsofSquare (8:57:07 PM): The day is here
Lithaladhwen (8:57:08 PM): They're playing the Higher and Higher song from Ghostbuster.
Lithaladhwen (8:57:11 PM)
: Oh my fucking word.
Lithaladhwen (8:57:14 PM)
: That's hilarious.
besyanteo (8:57:16 PM)
: There it is
memyselfandlost (8:57:16 PM): hehehehe.
Lithaladhwen (8:57:19 PM): XD
besyanteo (8:57:24 PM)
: Food and Beverage question
besyanteo (8:57:36 PM): 98% reporting, 70% against it
besyanteo (8:57:45 PM): Tax won't change. I feel less guilty.
besyanteo (8:58:01 PM): Oh, he's on
T3chn0Namagomi (8:58:07 PM): Turn that Everyman into a BEVERYMAN. Bevery stands for BEVERAGE!
KnightsofSquare (8:58:14 PM): Now
KnightsofSquare (8:58:22 PM): Now we will see his hideous true form
PapatymisonN (8:58:28 PM): Nice! Anti-shotdead glass! Like the Mythbusters!
besyanteo (8:58:30 PM): MechaObama?
Lithaladhwen (8:58:39 PM): Obamamon digivolve toooooooo
Lithaladhwen (8:58:41 PM)
besyanteo (8:58:51 PM)
: Tye: ... I did not see that coming.
memyselfandlost (8:58:54 PM): *snrk* is he giving his speech?
besyanteo (8:59:00 PM): About to
besyanteo (8:59:03 PM): He's at the podium
memyselfandlost (8:59:04 PM): *turns on the TV*
KnightsofSquare (8:59:21 PM): You are off! Send back your president to his haunt on unknown Kadath, and pray to all space that you may never meet me in my thousand other forms
KnightsofSquare (8:59:38 PM): Farewell, America, and beware; for I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos
besyanteo (8:59:42 PM): ... I have to admit,
PapatymisonN (8:59:49 PM): "Tyrannimon is a Gotcha, Hillbillies-type Digimon! His power level is through the charts! Beware his Yes We Can Rape Your Bum attack, it's a doozy!"
besyanteo (9:00:00 PM): I am still scared to death that this man's head is goign to explode righti n front of me. >_<
Lithaladhwen (9:00:20 PM): OH MY GOD GUYS
Lithaladhwen (9:00:26 PM)
Lithaladhwen (9:00:28 PM)
besyanteo (9:00:37 PM)
PapatymisonN (9:00:44 PM): ... It's over two SEVENTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
besyanteo (9:00:44 PM): ?
CGNakibe (9:00:45 PM): Jason?
CGNakibe (9:00:50 PM): Look at the video some more.
Lithaladhwen (9:00:53 PM): If Wayne county fucks up my lulz election I will personally pimpslap everyone in it.
CGNakibe (9:00:55 PM)
: See that slight shine?
besyanteo (9:00:59 PM): Yes
CGNakibe (9:01:06 PM): Safety glass on the front of the podium.
besyanteo (9:01:14 PM): Oh thank god
besyanteo (9:01:21 PM): I would have vomited if that had happened.
CGNakibe (9:01:22 PM): That thought is old hat.
KnightsofSquare (9:03:02 PM): That would be quite the project.
PapatymisonN (9:03:09 PM): Show of hands...
PapatymisonN (9:03:23 PM): Who here's glad that Joe Biden's going to be getting his speeches written for him?
CGNakibe (9:03:29 PM): Hahahah
besyanteo (9:03:48 PM): One would think he would tire of the taste of foot. :(
KnightsofSquare (9:03:54 PM): NEW PUPPY
PapatymisonN (9:03:56 PM): Ha! Oprah's in the crowd!
KnightsofSquare (9:04:01 PM): OH MY GOD BEST PRESIDENT
besyanteo (9:04:02 PM): What'
CGNakibe (9:04:02 PM): White House Puppy.
Lithaladhwen (9:04:10 PM): PUPPY
Lithaladhwen (9:04:21 PM)
besyanteo (9:04:24 PM)
: I obviously don't have the attention span to watch this AND the chat
PapatymisonN (9:04:33 PM): If he didn't have it before, he's now got the fluffy vote.
KnightsofSquare (9:04:34 PM): He told his daughters he loved them and they've earned the new puppy that's coming with them to the White House
Lithaladhwen (9:05:00 PM): ^.^
besyanteo (9:08:45 PM)
: Hey Ashley
besyanteo (9:09:00 PM): How did the deal with the DHHS turn out?
Lithaladhwen (9:09:34 PM): I dunno. The comment period obviously expired, but I don't know what happened with it. Didn't hear back from my sources.
Idran1701 (9:09:44 PM)
: What's that?
besyanteo (9:09:56 PM): Department of Health and Human Services
Idran1701 (9:10:06 PM): Oh, right, that deal.
besyanteo (9:10:26 PM): Yeah. I wasn't feeling the contraception=abortion thing
Lithaladhwen (9:10:32 PM): That was terrifying.
(9:11:00 PM) EternalDragonAya
has left the room.
Idran1701 (9:11:02 PM): Indeed. :(
KnightsofSquare (9:11:02 PM): Don't be fooled by his speech http://www.scribd.com/doc/7470439/Obamas-Use-of-Hidden-Hypnosis-Techniques-in-His-Speeches
Idran1701 (9:11:09 PM): oh no nlp :(
besyanteo (9:11:15 PM): Oy
PapatymisonN (9:11:19 PM): @_@ Yes master... I hear and obey...
PapatymisonN (9:11:30 PM): See, the thing about hypnosis is...
PapatymisonN (9:11:39 PM): It won't make you do ANYTHING you don't want to.
Idran1701 (9:11:48 PM): That's actually not necessarily true.
Idran1701 (9:11:55 PM): It's based on your preconceptions of hypnotism, oddly enough.
PapatymisonN (9:12:12 PM): It's based on Mythbusters, actually... >.>
Idran1701 (9:12:20 PM): They did a hypnotism deal?
PapatymisonN (9:12:24 PM): Yup.
Idran1701 (9:12:31 PM): Huh. Never mind, then.
Idran1701 (9:12:37 PM): More recent than the thing I read.
besyanteo (9:12:40 PM): MYthbusters: Yes, we're scientists. No, we're not going to do Rigor: We have an hour here, folks.
Idran1701 (9:12:55 PM): Haha.
besyanteo (9:12:56 PM): Don't put total faith in uit. It's cool, it's not fake,
Idran1701 (9:13:02 PM): Pretty mucyh, except claiming they're scientists. :P
besyanteo (9:13:03 PM): but it's not 100% accurate. =P
Idran1701 (9:13:04 PM): *much
besyanteo (9:13:15 PM): That was me, actually. .. .And yeah, you're right. Hush.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:13:35 PM): Yeah. Same goes for the psychology classes I've been in. Though then you've also got that apparently, you have to be willing to be hypnotized, IIRC.
Lithaladhwen (9:14:02 PM): I'm willing. I just don't know how to be hypnotized. Seems to me it's like meditation, and I suck at that.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:14:19 PM)
: There is a bit of innate personal factor.
PapatymisonN (9:14:20 PM): But from what I gleaned from the show, if you told a Catholic to spit on a crucifix, they wouldn't, no matter how good you were at hypnotizing.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:14:51 PM): Some people simply aren't going to be hypnotized.
KnightsofSquare (9:15:04 PM): Hahaha no way I'm letting anyone hypnotize me outside of very controlled circumstances
FFFan80 (9:15:39 PM): I hear its a great ice breaker on the first date =(
(9:15:53 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
KnightsofSquare (9:15:55 PM): Now is the time to exert Marvan mind powers
Idran1701 (9:15:59 PM): I've got something of a phobia about that sort of thing myself, so I'm in Mike's boat.
Lithaladhwen (9:16:07 PM): o____o
Lithaladhwen (9:16:10 PM)
: o__________o
Lithaladhwen (9:16:15 PM)
Lithaladhwen (9:16:20 PM)
besyanteo (9:16:32 PM)
: ... Everyone stand back,
besyanteo (9:16:36 PM): she could blow at any second
KnightsofSquare (9:16:47 PM): http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p369/LogicgateStuff/hypnosis.png
besyanteo (9:16:52 PM): I hear fangirl can fly pretty far when put under preassure.
(9:17:19 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
Lithaladhwen (9:17:42 PM): I have to save this chat.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:17:44 PM)
: Pfft. Dates.
PapatymisonN (9:17:49 PM): Already done.
besyanteo (9:17:54 PM): They are a tasty fruit!
Lithaladhwen (9:17:56 PM): In case future generations want to know what I was doing, they'll know what a nerd I was.
besyanteo (9:18:03 PM)
: Heh
CGNakibe (9:18:23 PM): NEEEEEERDS!
besyanteo (9:18:51 PM): So!
T3chn0Namagomi (9:18:52 PM): I've come to the conclusion that I am incapable of expressing romantic love. Only descending into infatuated phases. XP
PapatymisonN (9:18:52 PM): *attaches to Ashley's leg* I love you. ^_^
besyanteo (9:19:09 PM): How long do we think it will take his hair to turn white while in office?
memyselfandlost (9:19:24 PM): oh my gosh guys we did it. ^_^
PapatymisonN (9:19:24 PM): Three death threats.
besyanteo (9:19:40 PM): Cha: So, 3 months ago?
PapatymisonN (9:19:46 PM): Exactly!
Lithaladhwen (9:19:52 PM): EKP: Indiana.
Lithaladhwen (9:19:54 PM)
: Indiana.
memyselfandlost (9:20:02 PM)
: Indiana? *was watching the speech*
Lithaladhwen (9:20:08 PM): We've been wandering in the political desert for forty years.
memyselfandlost (9:20:08 PM)
: Ohio went blue. What color is Indiana?
memyselfandlost (9:20:12 PM): ZOMG WHAT?!
besyanteo (9:20:13 PM): Indiana=blue
memyselfandlost (9:20:16 PM): EEE!
Lithaladhwen (9:20:22 PM): And now Obama is 15k ahead in Indiana.
memyselfandlost (9:20:27 PM)
: wowowowow!
Lithaladhwen (9:20:29 PM): There's one county left to be counted.
KnightsofSquare (9:20:33 PM)
: There's no way Obama's actually going to win Montana
CGNakibe (9:20:35 PM): Texas is a lot less red than previously expected.
Lithaladhwen (9:20:37 PM): Wayne County is draggin' ass and we need to see their results.
Idran1701 (9:20:45 PM)
: You sure, Koss?
Idran1701 (9:20:50 PM): They did elect a Democratic governor.
Idran1701 (9:21:20 PM): A hugely popular one at that.
KnightsofSquare (9:21:47 PM): We'll see
Lithaladhwen (9:23:38 PM): I guess there's a livejournal icon floating around that has Obama and Michele together that says, "Victory sex: imminent."
Lithaladhwen (9:23:44 PM)
: *immanent
Lithaladhwen (9:23:48 PM)
: However it's spelled.
besyanteo (9:23:48 PM)
: HA
Lithaladhwen (9:23:49 PM): They did it right.
memyselfandlost (9:23:50 PM)
: XD
Lithaladhwen (9:23:52 PM): I'm gonna drink now.
besyanteo (9:23:56 PM)
CGNakibe (9:23:58 PM): The first spelling was right, by the way. >;P
besyanteo (9:23:59 PM): BE careful
CGNakibe (9:24:01 PM): Also: HAH
besyanteo (9:24:06 PM): your short term memory has NOT stored yet;
memyselfandlost (9:24:08 PM): I love how Barack said that his daughters have earned the puppy they're taking to the white house.
besyanteo (9:24:18 PM): if you get shit-faced, you could lose the whole night
PapatymisonN (9:24:22 PM): Well, ya gotta have a presidential dog!
Lithaladhwen (9:24:45 PM): i don't black out
besyanteo (9:24:59 PM)
: Just sayyin. Everyone has a first time. :x
Lithaladhwen (9:25:02 PM): Ha! Black out.
besyanteo (9:25:06 PM)
: =P
Lithaladhwen (9:25:10 PM): lulz
T3chn0Namagomi (9:25:27 PM)
: *files a class-action suit on the under-representation of cats in the government*
Idran1701 (9:25:43 PM): Hey, you're forgetting Socks. >:
Idran1701 (9:25:47 PM): No one should forget Socks. >:
memyselfandlost (9:26:27 PM): Socks is my hero.
PapatymisonN (9:26:38 PM): Also: Does anyone else realize that Barack is actually an African-American, in the most literal sense of the term?
memyselfandlost (9:26:52 PM): *nod*
besyanteo (9:27:14 PM): ... Er. Any native or naturalized black person is LITERALLY an african-american.
besyanteo (9:27:15 PM): o_o
Idran1701 (9:27:35 PM): He means he's both African and American.
Idran1701 (9:27:41 PM): Kenyan father, American mother.
besyanteo (9:27:45 PM): Ah.
besyanteo (9:27:59 PM): Yeah, I recall this now
besyanteo (9:28:08 PM): republicans bitching about his dual citizenship or something?
PapatymisonN (9:28:26 PM): For a bit, I'm sure.
Idran1701 (9:28:41 PM): No, it was a few conspiracy theorists saying he wasn't really American.
Idran1701 (9:28:51 PM): That he was actually born in Kenya and his Hawaiian birth certificate was a forgery.
besyanteo (9:29:08 PM): Ah.
Lithaladhwen (9:29:12 PM): Yeah.
memyselfandlost (9:29:13 PM)
: wow, Socks is 18.
KnightsofSquare (9:29:18 PM): Where can you see Obama?
KnightsofSquare (9:29:20 PM): ONLY IN KENYA
KnightsofSquare (9:29:25 PM): COME TO KENYA, WE'VE GOT OBAMA
Idran1701 (9:29:30 PM): EKP: He's still alive? Wow.
besyanteo (9:29:30 PM): ... *facepalm*
Lithaladhwen (9:29:35 PM): Hahaha
memyselfandlost (9:29:38 PM)
: yeah.
besyanteo (9:29:40 PM): My cat lived to atleast 20. It happens.
besyanteo (9:29:44 PM): Also: OBAMA IS NOT AL ION
memyselfandlost (9:29:46 PM): yep, 18 1/2.
besyanteo (9:29:48 PM): Lion*
PapatymisonN (9:29:50 PM): *staying awake till Ashley's poor state changes colour*
Lithaladhwen (9:29:54 PM): thx
Idran1701 (9:29:57 PM)
: I feel like I am missing a reference. ;_;
memyselfandlost (9:29:58 PM): *snrk*
PapatymisonN (9:30:04 PM): yrwlcm
Lithaladhwen (9:30:05 PM): I'm still drinking now.
besyanteo (9:30:06 PM)
: Idran: Weebl and bob
besyanteo (9:30:09 PM): lions,
besyanteo (9:30:11 PM): only in Kenya
OMG Priam (9:30:14 PM): oh my god *dies*
besyanteo (9:30:17 PM)
besyanteo (9:30:43 PM): THIS IS THE PROJECTED ARC
besyanteo (9:30:52 PM): *assert arc*
besyanteo (9:31:31 PM): Also, because flash toons being mentioned made me think of it:
besyanteo (9:31:44 PM): Obama: Hey, remember that time when we- McCain: NO!
besyanteo (9:31:46 PM): *credits roll*
Lithaladhwen (9:32:14 PM): WAYNE COUNTY REPORTED
Lithaladhwen (9:32:16 PM)
Lithaladhwen (9:32:22 PM)
PapatymisonN (9:32:31 PM)
memyselfandlost (9:32:36 PM): ZOMG!
besyanteo (9:32:48 PM): Hm
Lithaladhwen (9:32:56 PM): NINE THOUSAAAAAAND
besyanteo (9:32:59 PM)
: I wonder what life for Bush will be like back in Texas?
FFFan80 (9:33:02 PM): WHAT?!
Lithaladhwen (9:33:03 PM): Actually more like fifteen thousand.
Lithaladhwen (9:33:05 PM)
Idran1701 (9:33:06 PM)
: Very quiet, I imagine.
FFFan80 (9:33:08 PM): OVER NINE THOUSAND? =O?!
besyanteo (9:33:22 PM): Idran: That would be nice, yes.
besyanteo (9:34:07 PM): Also: I have done something decadent and fun. Sort of decadent. ANYWAY!
KnightsofSquare (9:34:20 PM): WHAT NINE THOUSAND?
Lithaladhwen (9:34:27 PM): *crushes the chat*
besyanteo (9:34:27 PM)
: Take some plain chocolate ice cream. Crumble Nestle Crunch bars over it. It is fun and tasty.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:34:28 PM): Sorry. I've felt like quoting Powerthirst.
Lithaladhwen (9:34:29 PM): NINE THOUSAND
Lithaladhwen (9:34:47 PM)
: He did powerspawn so many votes.
Lithaladhwen (9:34:52 PM)
: Almost 400 electoral votes.
Lithaladhwen (9:34:58 PM)
: Well, not really.
Lithaladhwen (9:35:03 PM)
: But 400 is a magic number.
besyanteo (9:35:07 PM)
: Not quite close enough to claim SHOCKOLATE
KnightsofSquare (9:35:27 PM): Hey, where can I find the popular vote stats so far?
Lithaladhwen (9:35:34 PM): He won as fast as Kenyans.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:35:36 PM)
: Give SHOCKOLATE to your kids and they'll be good at SPORTS!
Lithaladhwen (9:35:36 PM): *is shot*
Idran1701 (9:35:43 PM)
: The MSNBC chart has it nationally and state-by-state.
besyanteo (9:35:48 PM): ... Fucking hell, Ashley. XD
Idran1701 (9:35:49 PM): But it's not in convienant tabular form.
Idran1701 (9:36:01 PM): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032553/
Idran1701 (9:36:08 PM): *convenient
PapatymisonN (9:36:35 PM): My head hurts...
besyanteo (9:36:50 PM): Literally?
besyanteo (9:37:25 PM): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand some guy on MSNBC ranting about the Bush Administration.
PapatymisonN (9:37:30 PM): Yep. Staring at a TV screen too much.
besyanteo (9:37:36 PM): *turns off*
besyanteo (9:37:58 PM): Gotta get in your parting shots.
PapatymisonN (9:38:04 PM): By TV screen, I mean this monitor.
PapatymisonN (9:38:19 PM): GOIN' TO BED.
Idran1701 (9:38:22 PM): Night. :O
besyanteo (9:38:25 PM): BEFORE YOU GO
PapatymisonN (9:38:29 PM): Yeah?
FFFan80 (9:38:35 PM): Is it Keith Olberman? =O
besyanteo (9:38:37 PM): PANCH! *WHACK*
PapatymisonN (9:38:38 PM): *duck*
Idran1701 (9:38:50 PM): Chris Matthews, I think, Dave.
Idran1701 (9:38:54 PM): But I was only half-listening.
FFFan80 (9:38:56 PM): Same difference =(
besyanteo (9:38:57 PM): *becomes a tornado by accident, then*
MajorGeneralTso (9:39:00 PM): I don't think you could dodge a Falcon Punch by ducking...
PapatymisonN (9:39:02 PM): ^_^
PapatymisonN (9:39:04 PM): Later, guys!
Lithaladhwen (9:39:06 PM): DO A BARREL ROLL
besyanteo (9:39:09 PM)
: x.x!
MajorGeneralTso (9:39:11 PM): Later.
Lithaladhwen (9:39:13 PM): I'm sorry.
besyanteo (9:39:15 PM)
: LAter
Lithaladhwen (9:39:16 PM): That was the only response I could give.
Idran1701 (9:39:18 PM)
: *rolls a dew barrel*
Lithaladhwen (9:39:18 PM): G'night, dude.
(9:39:29 PM) PapatymisonN
has left the room.
besyanteo (9:39:47 PM): Gaaah. My FA watch list is going to be so fucking FULL of celebratory blog posts...
Idran1701 (9:39:52 PM): Haha.
Idran1701 (9:40:17 PM): And probably some tearful ones, I bet.
besyanteo (9:40:25 PM): If Prop 8 goes down I won't be able to delete journal entries fast enough to keep up for a fortnight.
Lithaladhwen (9:40:25 PM): Dude, Idran.
Lithaladhwen (9:40:33 PM)
: I cry maybe once a year. I haven't cried from happiness in, like, five.
Lithaladhwen (9:40:38 PM)
: And I totally teared up tonight.
Idran1701 (9:40:45 PM)
: I mean the ones upset about McCain losing.
besyanteo (9:40:48 PM): I is pushover:
Lithaladhwen (9:40:48 PM): Even the happy ones will be spazzing like me.
Idran1701 (9:40:50 PM)
: But :D
FFFan80 (9:40:51 PM): Ash:
besyanteo (9:40:55 PM): I tear up at dramatic moments in movies
FFFan80 (9:41:05 PM): Are you about to break into a ballad of "AND I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN"?
FFFan80 (9:41:06 PM): =(
CGNakibe (9:41:17 PM): I R SUPER MANLY.
Lithaladhwen (9:41:21 PM): I might.
FFFan80 (9:41:21 PM)
: Complete with requisite country twang?
CGNakibe (9:41:23 PM): Make ME cry? AHAHAHAHAH~!
besyanteo (9:41:30 PM): Eh. 'Proud to be an American' has always seemed odd to me.
Lithaladhwen (9:41:33 PM): If I can do Palin, I can do the twant.
Lithaladhwen (9:41:35 PM)
: *twang
FFFan80 (9:41:37 PM)
: *shows Shaun pictures of sad puppies*
Idran1701 (9:41:42 PM): I was about to say such, Kai. :D
besyanteo (9:41:47 PM): or, well, soudned odd
CGNakibe (9:41:51 PM): <.<
Lithaladhwen (9:41:51 PM): Be right back.
KnightsofSquare (9:41:52 PM)
: So
CGNakibe (9:41:52 PM): >.>
Idran1701 (9:41:52 PM): Speaking of, I have yet to see/hear a recording of that. >:
CGNakibe (9:41:54 PM): http://i33.tinypic.com/zx6yi8.jpg
besyanteo (9:41:56 PM): I know why most people sayying it are
KnightsofSquare (9:41:58 PM): SomethingAwful had a couple threads
Lithaladhwen (9:42:03 PM): And I love you guys so much.
Lithaladhwen (9:42:03 PM)
: Thanks for having a chat and everyone being here.
Lithaladhwen (9:42:03 PM)
: <3
besyanteo (9:42:08 PM)
: ... HA
KnightsofSquare (9:42:09 PM): "Post in this thread to have your account permabanned if X doesn't win the election"
besyanteo (9:42:10 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
Lithaladhwen (9:42:12 PM): Going back home now to drink and watch a movie to celebrate.
besyanteo (9:42:14 PM)
: Fucking ACE
KnightsofSquare (9:42:14 PM): http://forums.somethingawful.com/banlist.php?adminid=&actfilt=-1&ban_month=&ban_year=&s=#list
Lithaladhwen (9:42:16 PM): Koss: Beautiful.
Idran1701 (9:42:19 PM)
: :D
KnightsofSquare (9:42:22 PM): The ban reasons are ACE.
Idran1701 (9:42:23 PM): (They're fake permabans, though.)
besyanteo (9:42:25 PM): Night Ash
Idran1701 (9:42:28 PM): (They get to come back.)
Lithaladhwen (9:42:33 PM): You know the drill.
Lithaladhwen (9:42:36 PM)
Idran1701 (9:42:37 PM)
: Night!
CGNakibe (9:42:38 PM): Sleep well.
Lithaladhwen (9:42:43 PM): When chat closes I want a log
Lithaladhwen (9:42:44 PM)
: Charles!
Lithaladhwen (9:42:52 PM)
: Your AIM autolog still?
Idran1701 (9:42:58 PM)
: I can get it, Kai.
Idran1701 (9:43:01 PM): Chuck already left.
Lithaladhwen (9:43:02 PM): <3
KnightsofSquare (9:43:04 PM)
: "Obama's kids get a puppy you get a permaban."
Lithaladhwen (9:43:08 PM): I'M NOT PAYING ATTENTION I'M CRAZY
(9:43:13 PM) Lithaladhwen
has left the room.
Idran1701 (9:43:17 PM): Also, Bes, late but: I think Dave meant the song.
FFFan80 (9:43:31 PM): The one that got my Boss pissed at me =(
Idran1701 (9:43:36 PM): Oh?
FFFan80 (9:43:36 PM): Back at my old job
FFFan80 (9:43:39 PM): Well
FFFan80 (9:43:44 PM): It was a couple weeks after 9/11
FFFan80 (9:43:51 PM): That song had been playing, nonstop
FFFan80 (9:43:52 PM): For weeks
KnightsofSquare (9:43:54 PM): "I'm pretty damn certain he's gonna win." YOU HAVE SUNK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE RIVER AND LOST 4 OXEN OR SOME SHIT.
FFFan80 (9:44:01 PM): I made an offhand comment that I was getting sick of the song
FFFan80 (9:44:10 PM): Did I mentioned he was a hard-core conservative? =(
Idran1701 (9:44:30 PM): Mike: The best people are the ones that posted in both threads.
(9:44:49 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
besyanteo (9:45:01 PM): Dave:
besyanteo (9:45:18 PM): I would normally have reccomended using fire, but...
besyanteo (9:45:24 PM): Well, at the time, it wouldn't have felt right.
besyanteo (9:45:34 PM): .... But now it's been 7 years! Use fire. =D
KnightsofSquare (9:45:39 PM): If you want your account back you must challenge me to a series of 11 town hall debates.
CGNakibe (9:46:21 PM): Dave: Play it now.
CGNakibe (9:46:24 PM): He'll love it. >;P
CGNakibe (9:46:49 PM): Mike: I can do this.
CGNakibe (9:46:56 PM): But I doubt you have 11 town halls!
besyanteo (9:47:09 PM): Also, I'm surprised that no one locally has demanded to know how I voted.
Idran1701 (9:47:16 PM): Are you so sure? He can't even remember how many town halls he has!
besyanteo (9:47:22 PM): It got around through various people that I spent a long time in indecision,
CGNakibe (9:47:29 PM): *gnaws on Jason*
Idran1701 (9:47:33 PM): Bes: Ron Paul, right?
Idran1701 (9:47:38 PM): PURESTRAIN GOLD
besyanteo (9:47:38 PM): and right up until it was time for me to vote, they all wanted to tell me how to vote, and ask who I voted for...
CGNakibe (9:47:42 PM): No no, Clearly Huckabee.
besyanteo (9:47:48 PM): And now, total disinterest.
besyanteo (9:48:08 PM): And actually, I think I did vote Huckabee in the primaries.
CGNakibe (9:48:14 PM): I can't expect everyone to see things my way, and I honestly don't want to know people's votes usually.
(9:48:18 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
besyanteo (9:48:46 PM): But no, I voted Obama at the polls. And everyone who would give a shit about it and NOT ream me for it is on the intertubes.
besyanteo (9:48:55 PM): .... Except maybe one local girl I can think of.
memyselfandlost (9:48:57 PM): hehehehe.
Idran1701 (9:49:23 PM): You know, if you weren't gay, that would be the perfect meeting story. :D
CGNakibe (9:49:42 PM): Hahah
besyanteo (9:50:04 PM): =P
besyanteo (9:50:08 PM): Actually?
besyanteo (9:50:14 PM): Before I came out, I asked her to date me.
besyanteo (9:50:21 PM): She gave me the "you're like my brother!" line.
CGNakibe (9:50:26 PM): ... ouch.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:50:32 PM): ...heh.
CGNakibe (9:50:43 PM): Plane lost over Bermuda Friend Zone.
memyselfandlost (9:50:48 PM): heh.
besyanteo (9:50:49 PM): Also, I don't think she thought I was serious. She's, like, oblivious to men.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:50:55 PM): I always get the 'casually mentions boyfriend in conversation' shootdown.
Idran1701 (9:50:57 PM): Heh. *nod*
CGNakibe (9:51:18 PM): Doug: Gotta keep trying, then.
Idran1701 (9:51:25 PM): Indeed.
CGNakibe (9:51:26 PM): Alternately: Hypnotoad.
Idran1701 (9:51:30 PM): She can't keep the boyfriend forever.
Idran1701 (9:51:43 PM): :P
T3chn0Namagomi (9:51:55 PM): <_< Honestly, it feels wrong to wait for and attempt to intercept a breakup
Idran1701 (9:52:06 PM): Yeah, I was joking. :D
besyanteo (9:52:16 PM): I want to think of a way to use an elliptical reflector dish as part of a pick up.
besyanteo (9:52:30 PM): Just so I can say I did
CGNakibe (9:52:34 PM): Doug: Because it honestly is.
Idran1701 (9:52:49 PM): *throw a spotlight on them* "You light up my life"?
CGNakibe (9:52:50 PM): Jason: Well, if you used that satellite to connect to the interwubs....
CGNakibe (9:53:10 PM): Well, not QUITE the same thing.
T3chn0Namagomi (9:53:23 PM): Also: The 'keep trying' part doesn't work too well when few actually SEEM to be interesting.
CGNakibe (9:53:24 PM): Idran: Does this involve showtunes?
CGNakibe (9:53:30 PM): Because I'm not sure this should involve showtunes.
Idran1701 (9:53:34 PM): No, just elliptical reflectors.
besyanteo (9:53:39 PM): Heh
CGNakibe (9:53:42 PM): Ah, good.
besyanteo (9:53:43 PM): Idran has us.
Idran1701 (9:53:46 PM): Unless there's a showtune about those.
besyanteo (9:54:16 PM): http://www.wastedtalent.ca/index.php?view=126
FFFan80 (9:54:39 PM): Well, I need to start the drive home. Later all!
besyanteo (9:54:49 PM): Later!
Idran1701 (9:54:50 PM): Later!
Idran1701 (9:55:10 PM): I should probably head off for sleep soon myself. Not right away just yet, but soon.
besyanteo (9:55:35 PM): Bleh. I get up at 6,
besyanteo (9:55:40 PM): see Darren off to school,
besyanteo (9:55:44 PM): and then lie down again for a nap
besyanteo (9:55:58 PM): I should sitll probably go sleep
besyanteo (9:56:02 PM): but don't wanna. ._.
(9:56:41 PM) FFFan80 has left the room.
Idran1701 (9:57:42 PM): :(
besyanteo (9:58:04 PM): ALso: Ok. Ok. HEre goes. *opens FA*
Idran1701 (9:58:05 PM): I get up at 5 here, but that's 8 your time, so that's not quite as bad off as you'd be.
(9:58:19 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
besyanteo (9:58:25 PM): ... 8 journals. Well, that's not so terrible.
besyanteo (9:58:46 PM): ...
(9:58:47 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
besyanteo (9:58:48 PM): and a...
besyanteo (9:58:49 PM): uh.
besyanteo (9:58:51 PM): ...
besyanteo (9:58:56 PM): *cries*
Idran1701 (9:58:59 PM): ?
Idran1701 (9:59:04 PM): It's not fanart, is it?
besyanteo (9:59:07 PM): A politically themed vore picture on the front page
Idran1701 (9:59:12 PM): Ah. :(
T3chn0Namagomi (9:59:15 PM): ...
besyanteo (9:59:24 PM): a '367 deomcratic part noms the GoP"
memyselfandlost (10:01:11 PM): ....wait, what?
besyanteo (10:01:45 PM): EKP: If you don't understand,
besyanteo (10:01:47 PM): DO NOT SEEK TO
besyanteo (10:01:50 PM): SAVE YOURSELF AGONY
memyselfandlost (10:02:04 PM): I know what vore is.
memyselfandlost (10:02:14 PM): I'm just not sure if the universe can handle politically-themed vore.
besyanteo (10:02:32 PM): It's a donkey
Idran1701 (10:02:38 PM): A couple weeks ago I saw "babyfurs for McCain".
besyanteo (10:02:39 PM): nomming a smaller elephant.
besyanteo (10:02:43 PM): The universe did not explode
memyselfandlost (10:02:48 PM): weird.
besyanteo (10:02:49 PM): ...
besyanteo (10:02:52 PM): *twitch*
besyanteo (10:03:02 PM): I'd react more violently?
KnightsofSquare (10:03:02 PM): ahahahahaha
besyanteo (10:03:05 PM): But honestly...
besyanteo (10:03:16 PM): Gay Nazi Furs.
besyanteo (10:03:18 PM): *shaeks head*
KnightsofSquare (10:03:34 PM): That can't possibly exist outside fo the internet
KnightsofSquare (10:03:48 PM): Like, the middle part of that person would reach out and destroy the left and right halves
memyselfandlost (10:04:00 PM): yeah.
besyanteo (10:04:03 PM): You would certainly think
besyanteo (10:04:11 PM): But people do it
Idran1701 (10:04:15 PM): No, Mike, you're forgetting.
Idran1701 (10:04:18 PM): The middle doesn't get arms.
Idran1701 (10:04:22 PM): That's only the sides.
besyanteo (10:05:19 PM): ... O_x
besyanteo (10:05:24 PM): FUHPAHAHAHAHA
Idran1701 (10:05:29 PM): ?
besyanteo (10:05:34 PM): Oh fuck I am a bad person
Idran1701 (10:05:39 PM): What did you do :(
besyanteo (10:05:48 PM): http://a.furaffinity.net/sonderjen.gif
besyanteo (10:05:52 PM): It's what I laughed at
Idran1701 (10:06:11 PM): Haha. I don't think I get it, but it's still funny to me. :D
besyanteo (10:06:19 PM): 4chan meme
Idran1701 (10:06:25 PM): Aha.
besyanteo (10:06:29 PM): normall it would be "Pool's Closed"
KnightsofSquare (10:07:14 PM): Basically, there is a game: http://www.habbo.com/
KnightsofSquare (10:07:46 PM): A bunch of /b/tards got together, made characters that looked identical (black guys with afros dressed in suits) and lined up to block access to the pool
KnightsofSquare (10:07:53 PM): Explaining that "POOL'S CLOSED"
KnightsofSquare (10:08:00 PM): Some elaborating that it was on accout of AIDS.
Idran1701 (10:08:02 PM): Aha.
(10:08:27 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has left the room.
(10:11:46 PM) T3chn0Namagomi has entered the room.
memyselfandlost (10:12:06 PM): I should go to bed.
memyselfandlost (10:12:11 PM): I'm tired and sick.
Idran1701 (10:12:17 PM): Same here, except the sick part.
memyselfandlost (10:12:32 PM): I've been sick since... Saturday.
Idran1701 (10:12:37 PM): :(
Idran1701 (10:12:40 PM): Hope you feel better soon.
memyselfandlost (10:12:53 PM): I slept all day Saturday, most of the day Sunday, was mostly comatose yesterday and went to work but accomplished nothing today.
memyselfandlost (10:13:08 PM): If I don't get caught up I'll lose my job and I still feel like crap. Good thing I can stay late tomorrow night.
Idran1701 (10:13:23 PM): *nod*
besyanteo (10:14:37 PM): http://www.wastedtalent.ca/index.php?view=145
memyselfandlost (10:15:30 PM): that's awesome.
besyanteo (10:15:38 PM): =D
MajorGeneralTso (10:16:42 PM): ...There's no such thing as a female engineer!
besyanteo (10:17:09 PM): There is, but they are raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare~
besyanteo (10:17:14 PM): also, I sleep!
(10:17:18 PM) besyanteo has left the room.
Idran1701 (10:17:19 PM): Night!
Idran1701 (10:24:01 PM): Heading to bed too myself, I think. Night, all.
memyselfandlost (10:24:11 PM): goodnight. Bedtime for me.
(10:24:24 PM) memyselfandlost has left the room.