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Briefly: IC

Brass Rackets is a traditional game of the world of Ayenee which was brought to Doma and popularized by Aya du Mythril-Domanada. A match involves four players, two per team, who each have an enchanted racket which is used to volley a small ball back and forth. The game is similar to tennis.

The racket used by the player is made to channel the player's magical abilities. As such, the game can only be played by those with innate magical leanings, as rackets will not form a net for those unconnected to the magical planes.

There are minimal fouling rules involved in brass rackets, the majority of which are actually references to city, protectorate, and country laws. As such, outlandish behavior is often a staple of the game, which attracts many fans despite its similarities to tennis and its limitations on participants.

Traditionally, teams consist of one male, one female each. This is more often observed in sponsored tournaments and less often in informal games.

Existing courts

A brass rackets court has been added to the outskirts of the Doma Park at the behest of the queen. Gunnir Academy is also home to an impressive court--and many impromptu ones--as the game is very popular at the magical academy.

Chat rules: OOC

Playing brass rackets in chat RP is based on d6. The game ends when either one person from either team is knocked out or one team scores 5 points by hitting the ball out of the court. Each player starts with 10 HP.

The basics are thus: the server in control of the ball--before rolling her d6--declares at whom she is aiming the ball, and if she is using a guts point (more on this later). She then serves the ball, rolling the d6, aiming at said character.

  • In the case of a 1, she is unable to hit her opponent, yet he is unable to return the ball. Her team scores a point!
  • In the case of a 2, 3, or 4, the opponent gets a chance to roll his own d6. Should he receive an equal roll, he is not hit but his opposing team loses a point as the ball rolls out of bounds. Should he receive a lower roll, he is both hit--for 1 HP damage--and his opposing team scores a point. Should he receive a higher roll, he returns the ball--and on a 5 or 6, both scores a point for his team and hits the original server for 2 HP damage. He also gains control of the ball for his team.
  • In the case of a 5 or 6, she hits her opponent for 2 HP damage and scores a point for her team.

When the opposing team scores a point, control of the ball switches between the teams. Alternating partners take turn as servers on both sides.


Guts points: each players gets 3 "guts points," which--depending on the character in question--can be serving with a special spell, taunt, twirl, or whatever seems appropriate. Using a "guts point" gives a +1 to the roll; additionally, if you use a guts point then roll a 6, you deal 3 damage (and score a point). However, as previously mentioned, you have to state whether or not you're using a guts point BEFORE you roll the die for your hit.

You must also, before each hit, state who the target of your serve is. For fairness, you cannot attack the same person more than two times in a a row.

Healing magic is not allowed in games of brass rackets.

Each character starts with no more than 10 HP. If, for IC reasons, a player wants to start their character off with less HP, that is fine.

Brass Rackets is new to Gaera. The most skilled players are the Doman queen and Taiar. Other Gaerans will have no more than 5 years experience in the game, tops, assuming they have been playing since the queen first introduced the game, in the capital.

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