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A Summoner is a person of exceptional magical skill and often significant clout, who is capable of calling across the astral plane to the land of the Summoned, and pulling them over. A Summoner forms a strong bond with his or her Summoned, and can share their thoughts back and forth freely.


Destruction: Year Unknown (400 years ago from current RP time)

This marks the darkest day in the history of Mist. The King of Baron at this time was hell bent on making Baron a worldwide power. It was decided that the Summoners of Mist posed too great a risk to his plans. In the guise of a gift of respect to the powerful people of Mist, one of the Kingdom's Knights was sent to deliver this gift in person. When he arrived in the village to meet the elders, the gift revealed its true nature. It was a summoning artifact, calling forth a swarm of deadly, blood-thirsty demons that quickly killed the elders, soon moving out against the rest of the village. The surviving Summoners called forth their Summons, a long, grueling battle taking place between the demons and the people of Mist. To the surprise of the survivors, the same Knight who brought this destruction upon the village was doing his best to aid them in stopping the demons. After several hours of fighting, the demons had been eraticated. The surviving Summoners and their Summoned all gathered around the Knight, enraged and saddened at the loss of their comrades. To their surprise, however, they found this knight weeping openly before them. He looked around to all that had gathered, tears in his eyes as he uttered his last words:

"I am sorry for the horrors I have brought upon you, and the dishonor I have brought to the knights of Baron. May the gods forgive me, and watch over all of you."

He then stabbed himself in the chest, ending his life before the stunned Summoners and Summoned.

This Knight's sacrifice is one of the few reasons not all the people of Mist have hatred for Baron. A small monument still exists at the entrance to the village, in honor of the knight who tried to right this wrong.

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