As'si K'ullho

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  • Full Name: As'si K'ullho
  • Species: Damiani
  • Gender: Cogenitor-analogue
  • Member, Damiano military (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
    • Dishonorably discharged following conviction of assaulting a fellow officer (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
    • Sentenced to military prison, Barlin (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
  • By July 2371: Member, moralist faction; Damiano (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
    • Involved with assassination plot against Ra'ch B'ullhy (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
    • Skilled sniper (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")