Cestus III

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  • Primary: Cestus
  • Capital city: Pike City (Novel: Articles of the Federation)
  • Class M
  • Population
    • 500+ (2267) (VAN Novel: Open Secrets)
      • All killed in Gorn attack (VAN Novel: Open Secrets; TOS: "Arena")
  • Nation
    • 2266 - 2267: United Federation of Planets (VAN Novel: Open Secrets; TOS: "Arena")
      • Federation colony
    • 2267 - : Uninhabited (TOS: "Arena")
    • - 2292 - Present: United Federation of Planets (Novel: Articles of the Federation)
      • Initially a Federation colony
      • Achieved full membership by mid 24th century (Novel: Articles of the Federation)


  • By February 2266: Federation colony established (VAN Novel: Open Secrets)
  • December 16, 2266: Colony destroyed by Gorn attack due to encroachment onto Gorn space (TOS: "Arena")
  • By 2292: Gorn Hegemony grants permission to resettle planet upon diplomatic contact.
    • Implied by Nanietta Bacco being born on Cestus III in that year per Articles of the Federation



  • Pike City (DS9: "Family Business", "The Way of the Warrior")

Indigenous Life