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  • General term covering Federation weapons
    • Mid-22nd century, known as either phase pistols (handheld variants) or phase cannons (starship-mounted variants) (ENT)
    • By late-22nd century, known colloquially as phasers (or occasionally lasers) (ENT Novel: Live By the Code; TOS: "The Cage")
  • Projects beam of rapid pulses of phased nadions at particular frequencies (TNG: "The Mind's Eye")
    • Allowable frequency range for a given device determined by calibration of collimation lens (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • Frequency of pulses determines color of beam (TNG: "Best of Both Worlds, Part I")
  • Beam effect ranges from light stun to heat to fatal nervous disruption to full disintegration
  • Hand weapons powered by sarium krellide cells (ENT: "The Andorian Incident"; TNG: "In Theory")
    • General landing party protocol to carry one extra fully-charged cell in gear (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)