Trillius Prime

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  • Approximately two weeks from B'hava'el at high warp (DS9 Short Story: "Second Star to the Right...")
    • Approximately 30 hours at warp 9.5 (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)
  • Likely near Tessmata (DS9 Short Story: "Old Souls")
  • Class M
  • Inhabitants: Trill, Symbiont
  • Nation
    • Antiquity - 2065 - : Independent (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
    • - 2230s - Present: United Federation of Planets (Articles of the Federation)
  • Seas and oceans generally tinted deep purple (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I"; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight, Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit, Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Possibly something along the lines of halobacteria-analogue content, akin to Earth salt lakes?

Political Structure

  • By c.21st century
    • Led by Ruling Council (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
      • Councilors elected by popular vote (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
      • Seniority determined cross-lifetime (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
        • Implication that unjoined Trill not allowed membership (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
      • Membership relatively inequitable until, through mid-21st century (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
        • Only four women elected by that point (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
        • Junior members disallowed from calling a session (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
  • By 24th century
    • Head of State: President (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)
      • Trill Presidents
      • Has a cabinet (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)
      • Foreign relations
        • Trill Diplomatic Corps (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)
    • Military: Trill Defense Ministry (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)


  • Early 21st century: First contact with interstellar civilization following development of warp drive (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
    • Vulcans (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
  • By 2230s: Joined Federation
  • c.2235: Incident on Trillius Prime involving inadvertent discovery by the Tessma of the symbiont pools of Mak'ala results in collapse of diplomatic relations with Tessma (DS9 Short Story: "Old Souls")



  • Nation
    • Manev
      • Within the southern hemisphere (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
      • Demonym: Manevri (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
    • Bes Manev (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
      • Tallest mountain on Trill (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
    • Leran Manev (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
      • Council Chambers (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
        • One of the oldest building in the city as of mid-21st century (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
    • Unknown nation
      • Gheryzan (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
        • Within the eastern hemisphere (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
      • Unknown city
        • Devritane Museum (DS9 Short Story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")
        • St'asla (DS9 Short Story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")
          • Outdoor cafe at the edge of Tenaran Music Academy campus (DS9 Short Story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")
        • Tenaran Music Academy (DS9 Short Story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")
  • Sites
    • Caves of Mak'ala (DS9: "Equilibrium", "Afterimage"; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight)
      • Spawning grounds and ancestral home of the symbionts
    • Ganses Peninsula (DS9 Short Story: "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor")
    • Ice caves (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
      • Acelon mining located here (DS9 Short Story: "First Steps")
    • Tenaran ice cliffs (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)

Indigenous Life


  • Mreker (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
    • Burrowing animal (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
  • Skutfish (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Bottom-dwelling oceanic fish (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
  • Symbiont predator (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Former inhabitant of symbiont caves, feeding on symbionts (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Eyeless animals with extremely sensitive sense of smell (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
    • Cleared from symbiont caves by the Guardians "long ago" (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
      • Unclear if still alive elsewhere on the planet (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)


  • Lida (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
    • Fruiting tree (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")
  • Syto beans (DS9 Short Story: "Reflections")