Cardassia Prime

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  • Primary: Cardassia
  • System Name: Cardassia II
  • Capital: Cardassia City (DS9 Novel: A Stitch in Time)
  • Class M
    • Climate warmer, more arid than most Class M worlds, with slightly higher carbon dioxide concentration than average (TNG Novel: The Battle of Betazed)
    • Formerly incredibly arboreal world (DS9 Novel: Dawn of the Eagles)
      • Resource exploitation in early years of the Union led to planet-wide dustbowl conditions, reducing arable land (DS9 Novel: A Stitch in Time)
  • Three moons
  • Inhabitants: Cardassian
  • Nation


  • c.19th century: Establishment of the Cardassian Union (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)



  • Cardassian City (DS9 Novel: A Stitch in Time)

Indigenous Life