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  • Cubic divisions of space 20 light-years to a side, used for quick identification (Star Charts)
    • Technically not precisely a cube, as "parallel" sides spinward and antispinward are actually portions of radial planes intersecting cylinder circumscribing the galaxy
      • Height and length (core-to-rim direction) defined as precisely 20 ly, but width (spin-to-antispin) defined such that breadth of sector 001 at midpoint is precisely 20 ly
      • Thus, sectors further rimward increasingly wider, sectors further coreward increasingly thinner
  • Given numeric identifiers generally corresponding to distance from core systems
  • Often given informal verbal name as well
    • Verbal name generally refers to most prominent star in a given region
  • Sectors further subdivided into sections (ENT Novel: Kobayashi Maru)
    • 15 per sector, numbered coreward (sector 1) to rimward (sector 15)