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  • Appearance: Humanoid; largely indistinguishable from hairless humans
  • Homeworld: Dhei
  • Warp capable: Antiquity
  • Naturally empathic, able to connect the self at a variety of levels, from basic sharing of emotive experiences to a deep connection somewhat similar to a Vulcan mind meld (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic; DTI Novel: Watching the Clock)
    • Such contact only works well with individuals with sufficient natural empathy; nonempathetic individuals tend to have little response (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
  • Cultural notes
    • General believe amongst Deltans of the unitive nature of life throughout reality; that all life is bound with one another, and interconnection is a bringing together of that which is separated, whether that be emotional or sexual (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic; DTI Novel: Watching the Clock)
      • Sexual interactions naturally and reflexively involve a submersion and blending of self via their natural telepathy and can be dangerous for individuals with enough empathy to connect with a Deltan, but still with enough of a strong sense of individuality to require a sense of self for their psychological well-being; for such individuals, such interactions can result in depersonalization or dissociation, potentially to the point of catatonia (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic; "Star Trek: The Motion Picture")
    • Generally passionate in all respects, eager to dive into new experiences