Federation colony

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  • Colonial operations handled by Federation Colonial Authority
  • In 23rd century, potential independent colonial bodies draft, submit colonial charter for approval (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • Applications can be submitted by either private individuals or corporate bodies (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • Up for colonists to decide level of Federation ties, Starfleet support
  • Core systems generally reserved for directly Federation-run colonies, private colonies tend towards frontier worlds
  • Most colonial militaries consist of civil air and ground patrols (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • Members sometimes move from colony to colony over time (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • As of 23rd century, civil air patrols use vehicles with inertial dampers, electrically-charged plasma cannons (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
    • Handheld surface-to-air weaponry limited to Starfleet only, unavailable to civilian forces (DIS Novel: Desperate Hours)
  • Standard practice to dismantle main colony transport ships to provide for initial settlements planetside (ENT: "Terra Nova"; DIS Nov;el Desperate Hours)