Inner Kaferia

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  • Primary: Tau Ceti
  • System name: Tau Ceti III (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Class M
  • Local name: Kohath-Seredi
  • Commonly known as simply Kaferia since the destruction of the colony on Outer Kaferia (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Inhabitants: Kaferians
  • First human charting by the Kaferi family
  • Frequent asteroid impacts (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)


  • By 2151: First contact with Humans (ENT: "Strange New World")
  • 2156: Occupied by Romulan forces alongside Outer Kaferia following the destruction of Earth's colony on that world (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Local inhabitants undergo hibernation to avoid/hide from occupying forces
  • 2160: Occupation ends with the end of the Earth-Romulan War (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)

Indigenous Life


  • Sea-hornets (ENT Novel: Live by the Code)
    • Lives in floating hive mounds (ENT Novel: Live by the Code)


  • Kaferian apple (ENT: "Strange New World"; TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; VAN Novel: Harbinger; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight; SCE Short Story: "The Art of the Comeback")
    • Red, spined fruit with a large pit, presumably named due to a similarity in flavor rather than appearance? (ENT: "Strange New World")
    • Considered a delicacy throughout the Federation