Starfleet Starship Classes by Type

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Ship types


  • Cruiser
  • Courier
    • Smaller, high-speed vessels meant for supply runs, quick transport, diplomatic ferrying, etc.
  • Escort (a.k.a. destroyer)
    • Small combat-focused vessel used to protect larger, less-armed ships
  • Explorer
    • Vessel devoted to long-term exploration missions far from Federation core territory, without access to starbase support
  • Frigate
  • Strike Fighter
    • Very small, quick, heavily-armed vessel meant for use in large groups, often held in larger carriers


  • Hospital ship
    • Medical support vessel; combat support, planetary medical disaster, etc.
  • Repair ship
    • Industrial vessel devoted to on-site maintenance, offering facilities normally available only at starbases
  • Runabout
    • Large auxiliary vessel used as support for starbases or other fixed locations
  • Survey (a.k.a. science vessel, scout)
    • Vessels meant for short-term analysis and observation, often intelligence-gathering or scientific study
  • Transport