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  • Appearance: Mammalian; extremely variable in appearance, across the full swathe of humanoid or nonhumanoid forms
  • Originated c.600 mya (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Went extinct following the failure of their ultimate communications project c.252 mya, excepting individual stasis fields (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
      • Project entailed reaching out to attempt interconnection between all inhabitants of physical realm and realms beyond where past beings had ascended beyond the physical reality (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
      • Unexpected intensity of energies in mental realms burnt out minds of all sentient beings throughout the galaxy, forcing transition to incorporeal state, leading to widespread ecological disaster both directly and indirectly over the millions of years following (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
        • Direct effects included immense waste heat, radiation exposure through vaporization of physical form, disrupting the ecologies of innumerous worlds (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
        • Indirect effects included suddenly uncontrolled subspace-manipulation and astroforming technology leading to multiple cataclysms on worlds without intelligent species; supernovas, gamma ray bursts, gravitational shockwaves, as well as actions taken by maddened or damaged newly-incorporeal entities (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
      • Ultimate source of many of the various malign energy beings encountered by Federation (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
  • Innate experts in communication of all forms through natural logopathy; verbal, physical, electronic (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Capable of using subtle manipulation techniques to completely swing an individual's opinion on one topic or another (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
  • Biology
    • Biology integrated with nanotechnology at a genetic level (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Extreme regenerative capability (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Naturally logopathic, able to connect with the language centers of other intelligent beings to facilitate communication (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Bodies able to take in energy, sustenance from any manner of sources, including traditional means, photosynthesis, water absorption (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Extremely sensitive sight, able to see in very low light (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
    • Potentially biologically immortal (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
      • Shares certain metabolism attributes with noted long-lived species: Platonians, Dlascru, Omegans (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)