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  • 2030: First manned mission to Mars, the Ares I; Verna Mitrios is the first human to set foot on Mars (TLE Novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)
  • August 2032: Ares IV vanishes into a graviton ellipse in orbit of Mars (VOY: "One Small Step")
  • 2069: First temporary habitation established at Utopia Planitia outpost; general terraforming processes begin (ENT: "Terra Nova")
  • 2103: Ares City, the first long-term colony intended for open settlement, is established (VOY: "The 37s")
  • 2105: War of Martian Independence begins with the Gundersdottir's Dome Rebellion (ENT Novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing; TNG Novel: Rogue)
  • 2105: War of Martian Independence ends with the drafting of the Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies, leading to the formation of the Confederated Martian Colonies