Ra'ch B'ullhy

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  • Full Name: Ra'ch B'ullhy
  • Species: Damiani
  • Gender: Female-analogue
  • Mate: My'ah NSN
  • c.2366: Chief of staff, Es'sca G'ullho (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
  • By May 2371: Appointed first representative of Damiano to Federation Council (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream")
  • May 2371: Elected Planetary Governor, Damiano (TNG Comic: "Perchance to Dream"; TNG Novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)
    • By context, possible that planetary governor is appointed Federation Councillor by default as well
  • March 23, 2379: Appointed President Pro Tempore of the Federation by Federation Council following resignation of President Min Zife (TNG Novel: A Time to Heal)