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  • Appearance: Reptilian; hide spans pink, purple, greenish-brown; bulging, protruding eyes (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)
  • Lifespan: ~200 years (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)
  • Homeworld: Sauria
  • Nocturnal, sensitive to bright light (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures, Patterns of Interference)
  • Vision in visual range, second eyelid filters visual light to allow infrared vision (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures, Patterns of Interference)
    • Homes lit by bioluminescent paints and lanterns derived from specially-bred microorganisms (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)
  • Extremely physiologically robust species
    • Quadruply redundant circulatory system (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Biological respiratory filter to cleanse toxins from inhaled air, akin to a respiratory liver (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel, Patterns of Interference)
    • Very efficient liver (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Resistant to most toxins, including a higher tolerance for alcohol than many humanoids (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Extremely hardy against most diseases (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Mortality rate of 14% as a result of Maltuvis's engineered plague of 2164 was seen as shocking (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Cultural notes
    • Saurian faith
    • Insect tamers lead choreographed firewasp dances at special occasions (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)
    • Tradition (possibly local to Narpra) of shared nude saunas (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Spreading of hands uses as a gesture meaning "no" (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Technological development began upon discovery of volcanic glass as a means of shielding eyes from glare to allow for harnessing of fire (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
    • Foods and drinks
      • Narpran rum (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Pevrig cake (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Saurian brandy (Various)


  • 2156: First contact with humans, ECS Silk Road (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm, A Choice of Futures)
    • 2157 by A Choice of Futures, but referenced by name (specifically described as coined by crew of Silk Road due to coincidence of constellation and reptilian form) in To Brave the Storm