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  • Full name: Shinzon
  • Born: c.early 2350s
    • Produced from DNA harvested from Captain Jean-Luc Picard c.2348 (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • c.early 2350s: Produced as part of Senate-sponsored Tal Shiar plan to replace significant Starfleet officers with Romulan-produced clones (Star Trek: Nemesis)
  • c.mid-2360s: Shifting power in the Romulan Senate led to cancellation of the plan, consignment of Shinzon to Remus (Star Trek: Nemesis)
  • September 2374: Drafted into Dominion War alongside other Reman citizens (Star Trek: Nemesis)
    • February 2375: Participated in Battle of Goloroth (DS9 Short Story: "Twilight's Wrath"; TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
      • Claimed thalaron generator from top secret Tal Shiar base following victory, discovery (DS9 Short Story: "Twilight's Wrath"; TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
  • October 30, 2379: Praetor, Romulan Star Empire; Romulus (SCE Short Story: "The Art of the Comeback"; Star Trek: Nemesis)
    • Spearheaded plan to assassinate Praetor Hiren and the Romulan Senate with the aide of significant members of the Romulan Star Navy as well as Senator Tal'aura (Star Trek: Nemesis)
  • Death: November 9, 2379; IRW Scimitar (Star Trek: Nemesis)