Starbase 23

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  • Constructed by 2268 (TOS Novel: Cloak)
  • Still in service as of 2375 (TNG Novel: Q & A)
  • Near Romulan Neutral Zone (TOS Novel: Cloak, TNG: "All Good Things...")
  • Located in proximity to Terra 10 colony, Arachna system, Cepheus system, Devron system (TAS: "The Terratin Incident"; TNG: "All Good Things")
  • By late 24th century, considered out-of-the-way posting for more difficult officers


  • Command crew
    • Commanding officer
    • Executive officer
  • Department heads
    • Chief of security
      • - late 2370s - : NFN Aenni (TNG Novel: Q & A)
  • Crew