Starfleet Academy

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  • Motto: "Ex Astris, Scientia" ("From the Stars, Knowledge")
  • Academy operations and disciplinary procedures led by Superintendent of the Academy (TNG: "The First Duty"; "Journey's End")
  • Day-to-day cadet management and direction led by Commandant of the Academy (TNG: "Coming of Age"; DS9: "Paradise Lost")
    • Both positions filled by flag ranks only
  • Main campus in San Francisco, United States of America, Earth
    • Headquarters at the Presidio, training facilities south of Sausilito (Star Trek)
  • Annex campuses established in more distant areas where regular relocation to Earth is infeasible
  • Entrance process
    • Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, six-week course, is offered every year to all qualifying applicants as preparation for entrance exam (DS9: "Facets"; possibly referenced in TNG: "Coming of Age")
    • Entrance exam offered annually at all campuses following the program (TNG: "Coming of Age")
      • If not passed, but the applicant's score is still above a certain threshold, it may be retaken the following year
  • Training runs over a minimum of four years, with additional four year training at Starfleet Medical for physicians and surgeons
    • Those in training known alternatively as "cadet" or "midshipman"
  • Training focused in specific service branch after first year
    • Command track offers general training in all branches in addition to command-focused training at Starfleet Command School (VOY: "Parallax")
  • Post-graduation Training
    • Bridge Officer's Test (TNG: "Thine Own Self")
      • Multi-stage test to demonstrate command suitability
      • No officer outside the command track may take command of a starship outside an emergency situation without having passed this test
      • Likely required to achieve Commander rank for those on starship duty
      • Can be given by any command officer
    • Advanced Tactical Training (TNG: "Preemptive Strike; TOS Novel: "Ex Machina")
      • One-year program at Starfleet Academy giving high-level tactical instruction beyond the basic combat requirements needed for security service
      • Includes field instruction, leading and directing teams, more advanced combat techniques, detailed briefings on foreign powers, starship operations and security
      • Requirement before being allowed assignment as chief of security or chief tactical officer