Starfleet probes

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  • Standard varieties of probes in use by Starfleet
  • Basic structure designed to be compatible with standard torpedo launch systems
  • Known references
    • Series Alpha (MA Short Story: "Things Fall Apart")
      • Intended for investigation of areas deemed too dangerous for direct starship investigation due to spatial conditions, radiation, etc. (MA Short Story: "Things Fall Apart")
  • Varieties by 24th century standardization
    • Class 1
    • Class 2
    • Class 3
    • Class 4
      • Largely intended for investigation of stellar phenomena (TNG: "Relics", "Rascals"; DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses", "Rejoined"; VOY: "Elogium")
      • Has atmospheric variant (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire, Book 2")
      • Detection suite includes magneton scanner (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire, Book 2")
    • Class 5
    • Class 6
      • Designed for long-term observation, transmission
      • Commonly used for warning buoys around dangerous phenomena (TNG Technical Manual)
    • Class 7
    • Class 8
      • Designed for long-distance travel via warp sustainer coils allowing continued travel at launch velocity up to warp 9 (TNG: "The Emissary")
    • Class 9
      • Emergency log capsules capable of independent travel at high warp velocity (TNG Technical Manual)
      • More commonly referred to as log buoys (TNG Technical Manual)