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  • Largely based on TNG Technical Manual description, modified as necessary by other presentations
    • All specifics below assuming Federation technology; likely similar but not identical for other implementations
  • Essentially based on disassembly of a target object into matter stream structure, transmission and reassembly by a stored pattern to a destination
  • Molecular imaging scanners generate quantum-resolution pattern of object to be transported
    • Cargo transporters or other devices not cleared for transport of living objects scan to molecular level only to save storage, allow for faster transport rates by increasing capacity
  • Target held in annular confinement beam (ACB) while phase transition coils disassemble target object into largely-debonded matter stream
    • Consciousness and self-awareness persists throughout transport via some means (TNG: "Realm of Fear")
      • Consciousness seems decoupled from material form via transport process (TNG: "Lonely Among Us")
      • Possibly connected to general phenomenon of ascendance to energy beings, existence of non-corporeal life? (TOS Novel: Ex Machina)
    • Heisenberg compensators allow for overcoming fundamental uncertainty limitations of particle measurements through indirect entanglement with internally-maintained Bose-Einstein condensate in deconstruction, reconstruction of pattern, averting need to measure directly (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
      • Sufficiently high power can cause compensators to fuse and burn out (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
  • Matter stream directed into pattern buffer, held in suspension during transport cycle
    • Matter stream can be suspended before rematerialization for up to 420 seconds in standard operation in 24th century design before embedded pattern begins to deteriorate and subject is unrecoverable
  • Biofilter applied to matter stream to detect patterns corresponding to known dangerous forms of life, removing them from suspension
  • ACB projected to destination in preparation for rematerialization, to clear destination of pre-existing matter and establish reference matrix for rematerialization
  • Matter stream transmitted via subspace to projected ACB, reassembles according to embedded pattern and reference matrix (DS9 Novel: Millennium: Inferno)
    • Stored in linearly-propagating carrier wave on particular subspace frequency (DS9 Novel: Gamma: Original Sin)


  • Vulcan transporters established well before 22nd century
  • Emory Erickson begins development into human transporters 2103 (Reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)
  • First successful transportation of a living object 2118 (Reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)
    • Banana
  • First cargo transporter completed 2138, research continues into personnel transporter (ENT: "Daedalus")
    • Installed in ECS vessels shortly after
  • Erickson personnel transporter completed 2151 (ENT: "Broken Bow")
  • Transporter technology spreads through trade to other races in Sol-local space
  • Single-bit error rematerialization issue discovered 2162 (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)
    • Starfleet policy sets transporters as emergency use only until issue is resolved
  • Starfleet Mark I transporters developed
    • Improvements include enhancements to error correction resolving single-bit transposition issue
  • Transporter psychosis first diagnosed 2209, Delinia II (TNG: "Realm of Fear")
  • Transporters re-established in general use by 2255 (TOS: "The Cage")
  • Starfleet Mark IV transporters begin production 2312
    • Improvements include development of multiplex pattern buffer, eliminating transporter psychosis (TNG: "Realm of Fear")
  • Starfleet Mark VI transporters begin production 2356 (DS9: "Family Business")
  • Starfleet Mark VII transporters begin production 2369 (DS9: "Family Business")
    • Improvements include enhancements to phase transition inhibitor allowing transport of unstable biomatter in the proper configuration (DS9: "Family Business")

Known Components


  • Most buildings in the Federation constructed of materials that impede beaming in and out of the structure (DS9 Novel: Gamma: Original Sin)

Related Devices

Transporter inhibitor

  • Projects a general scattering field to prevent transporter sensor lock
    • Potentially works by emission of high-powered transporter scanning to interfere with opponent scanning (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)