Vic Fontaine

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  • Full Name: Vic Fontaine
  • Species: Near-sentient holographic virtual intelligence within program Bashir 62 (DS9: "It's Only a Paper Moon")
  • Gender: Male
  • November 2374: Developed by Felix Knightly for Julian Bashir (DS9: "His Way")
    • Simulation of a Las Vegas lounge singer c.1962 (DS9: "His Way")
    • Designed as self-aware holographic character for novelty, interactivity (DS9: "His Way")
  • 2386: Interviewed by Federation Security Agency, Department of Temporal Investigations following receipt of illegal mobile emitter for sentience (DS9 Novel: The Long Mirage)
    • Determined to be pre-sentient on the cusp of transition (DS9 Novel: The Long Mirage)