Andorian language

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General Information

  • Most prominent Andorian language (as described here) known as Andorii (ENT Novel: Live by the Code; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit)
  • Old High Andorian dialect used by Aenar when speaking aloud as of 22nd century (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm)


  • shelthreth
    • Bond grouping of four Andorians (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight; DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit)
  • tezha
    • Intimate sexual relationship resulting in a biochemical bond between the individuals (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit)
  • ushaan-tor
    • Ice-cutting tool (ENT: "United")
  • vol'rala
    • Enterprise (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures, Live by the Code)
  • zhihal
    • Unit of measuring distance (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures)

Gender terms

Gender zhen shen chan thaan
Title Zha Sha Cha Tha
Bondmate zh'yi sh'za ch'te th'se
Parent zhavey shreya charan thavan
Parent-in-law zhadi shidei chada thadu
Child zhei shei chei thei
Child-in-law zhri'za shri'za chri'ze thri'ze
Sibling zhi shi chi thi
  • Per Worlds of Deep Space Nine: Andor