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  • Appearance: Mammalian
    • Orange to bronze skin
    • Large skull with prominent brow ridge
    • Visibly hairless
    • Large ears
      • Male ears much larger than female
    • Averaging around four feet tall
  • Homeworld: Ferenginar
  • Biological notes
    • Distantly related to Dopterians (DS9: "The Forsaken")
    • Four-lobed brain structure (TNG: "Menage a Troi"; DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
      • Results in resistance to many, but not all, forms of telepathy (TNG: "Menage a Troi", "The Loss"; DS9: "The Forsaken")
    • Incredibly sensitive hearing
      • Frequency response range much wider than most humanoid species (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
  • Cultural notes
    • Ferengi faith
    • Ferengi language
    • Ferengi food
    • Children (of any species) generally referred to as "grubs" (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
    • Society largely based on extreme capitalism directed and (minimally) regulated by the Alliance
      • General laissez-faire approach to capitalistic endeavors
    • Those who don't operate under a capitalistic framework known as "val-effs", or "value frauds" (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
      • Especially applies to the Federation or other socialistic, currency-free economies (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
    • Society and business both guided by the Rules of Acquisition
    • Coming of age traditions
      • At about age 18, following the completion of their Attainment Ceremony, Ferengi males are expected to purchase an apprenticeship from a suitable role model (DS9: "Heart of Stone")
      • Following the completion of their apprenticeship, they sell off all childhood possessions to obtain a starting stake in business (DS9: "Little Green Men"; SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
        • Coming of age traditions likely apply to Ferengi female children as well following planetary reforms of 2375
    • Traditional greeting consists of touching wrists together with hands apart, fingers curled into the palm (DS9: "Business as Usual"; DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
    • Guests to a person's home are expected to pay admission of one slip of latinum, in addition to signing a waiver acknowledging responsibility of any missing property (DS9: "Family Business")
      • When greeting a guest, traditional call and response: (DS9: "Family Business")
        • "My house is my house."
        • "As are its contents."
    • Common sayings
      • "Ears open, eyes wide" (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
        • Be wary about trusting customers (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)