Ferengi language

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General information

  • 178 words for rain (DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."; DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule, Mission Gamma: Twilight)
    • Sigh.
  • Written language takes the form of a branching, tree-like structure at rigid angles (DS9; DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)


  • chava
    • Uncertain, used to refer dismissively to a woman; likely profane (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
  • choritz
    • Rain (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight)
      • In context, weak rain with light droplets
  • frinx
    • Uncertain; profane (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil)
  • grak
    • Uncertain, possibly referring to junk or debris; likely profane (TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
  • pradoosh
    • Rain (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
      • Specifically long, slim drops falling at a constant rate and a slight angle