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  • Primary: Ferengal (MU Novel: Rise Like Lions)
  • System name: Ferengal IV (MU Novel: Rise Like Lions)
  • Class M
  • Inhabitants: Ferengi
  • Nation
  • As of mid-24th century, constantly patrolled by three D'Kora-class vessels to maintain perimeter in the event of customer discontent (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)


  • c.8th millennium BCE: Written Ferengi history begins. (DS9: "Little Green Men")
  • The Outer Islands are first discovered by the explorer Jalia. (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Twilight)
  • c.10,000 ya: The cult of Milia briefly rises, preaching love, kindness, and fairness to all, before Milia is viciously executed for heresy. (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
  • c.4th millennium BCE: The Furies hold weak, distant domination over Ferengi culture, inspiring various myths and legends which continue into the present day. ("Invasion!" series)



  • Sites
    • Colloid marshes (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
      • Site of high-demand real estate (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
    • Mayak Swamp (Novel: Articles of the Federation)
      • Naturally toxic to humanoid life (Novel: Articles of the Federation)
    • Nimbi Massif (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
      • Only desert on Ferenginar (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
        • Kept arid via a series of massive dehumidifiers (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
      • Valley lined with vast array of parabolic baffles, serving as a massive transceiver dish for the purposes of information collection, communication tapping (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
        • Known as the Nimbi Array (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
    • Terekol Chasm (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
      • Noted significant fissure (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
      • Site of the first discovery of latinum on Ferenginar (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
  • Cities
    • Ferengi capital city
      • Tower of Commerce
        • Site of the Sacred Marketplace (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
        • Lined with stone slibuts (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)
      • Nagal Residence (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
        • Home estate for the Grand Nagus (DS9 Novel: The 34th Rule)
    • Unknown city
      • Commercial and Mercantile Institute of Ferenginar (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")
        • Highly prestigious educational institution (SCE Short Story: "Caveat Emptor")

Indigenous Life


  • Slibut (DS9 Novel: Mission Gamma: Cathedral)