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  • Military academy for Starfleet officers
  • Founded 2161 alongside the Federation
  • Motto: "Ex Astris, Scientia" ("From the Stars, Knowledge")
  • Main campus in San Francisco, United States of America, Earth
    • Headquarters at the Presidio, training facilities south of Sausilito (Star Trek)
    • Campus facilities
      • Academy Central Union (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
        • Sarek Lecture Hall (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
          • Largest Academy lecture hall (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
      • Preparatory Center (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
        • Located in domed building within northeast quadrant (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
  • Annex campuses established on various Federation worlds
    • Especially common in more distant areas where regular relocation to Earth is infeasible, but even core worlds may have annex campuses depending on available resources
    • Known annex campus locations
  • Academy keeps both civilian and Starfleet instructors


General Operations

Entrance process

  • No specific age requirement given the varying maturation rates of different species, but especially young entrants with respect to their species require approval by the Academy board
    • See Wesley taking the entrance exam at age 15, "Coming of Age", for example
  • Sponsorship by command-level officer optional, but provides waiving of certain requirements (VAN Novel: Reap the Whirlwind; TOS: "The Apple"; VOY: "Tattoo")
    • Individuals who are not Federation citizens require sponsorship by a command-level officer (DS9: "Heart of Stone")
    • Difference presumptive given that reference to sponsorship into Academy mentioned throughout 23rd, 24th century for Human officers, implying it aids in process for some but is required for non-Federation citizens
  • Various preparatory institutes established on Federation worlds (VOY Novel: Mosaic)
    • Such institutes offer general education oriented as early as age 12 (VOY Novel: Mosaic)
      • Oriented towards Academy preparation, but provides a broad enough educational program that many enter their children in such courses with no plans of eventual Starfleet membership
    • Top-performing students offered slots at Starfleet Academy upon graduation, waiving other requirements (VOY Novel: Mosaic)
  • Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, six-week course, is offered every year to all qualifying applicants as preparation for entrance exam (DS9: "Facets"; TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born; possibly referenced in TNG: "Coming of Age")
    • On-campus program held in Preparatory Center (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
  • Entrance exam offered annually at all campuses following completion of the program (TNG: "Coming of Age")
    • Completion of the program not required to take the exam (TNG: "Coming of Age")
    • If not passed, but the applicant's score is still above a certain threshold, it may be retaken the following year
  • Standardly a four-year process from acceptance to graduation as Ensign, but this schedule can be delayed or accelerated by circumstance
  • Those in training known alternatively as "cadet" or "midshipman"

Academy Experience

  • Academy runs on a two-semester schedule
    • Fall semester spans November to March
      • Wesley taking entrance exam in June 2364, "Coming of Age"; judging by below Nog example this would potentially fit entry into Fall semester (if a bit early) were he to have passed
    • Spring semester spans April to August
      • Nog prepping for exam December 2371, "Facets", in Academy by April 2372, "Homefront"
    • Cadets can begin training in either term
  • All cadets given a copy of the Starfleet Survival Guide upon their entry (TOS Novel: Errand of Vengeance: Killing Blow)
  • Training focused in specific service branch after first year
    • Command track offers general training in all branches in addition to command-focused training at Starfleet Command School (VOY: "Parallax")
      • Also includes courses in diplomacy in the event of first contact scenarios or other cases where a starship commanding officer will be required to represent the Federation
    • Medical track includes both research and field training
    • Science track focused on a particular field; program equivalent to an accelerated Masters program
      • Also provides post-graduate study for doctoral research (DIS Novel: The Way to the Stars)
  • On-campus residency required in first, second year, optional in third or fourth year (VOY Novel: Mosaic)


Extracurricular activities

  • Academy includes various athletics teams
    • Competes in various competitions and leagues with other educational facilities
    • Teams include
      • - 2283 - 2368: Track and field (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"; VOY: "Basics, Part II"; Star Trek: Nemesis)
      • - 2324 - 2370 - : Parrises squares (TNG: "The First Duty"; VOY: "Tsunkatse")
      • - c.2345 - : Boxing (VOY: "The Fight")
      • - mid-24th century - 2376 - : 3D Polo (SCE Short Story: "Here There Be Monsters")
      • - 2351 - : Wrestling (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising")
      • - 2370 - : Velocity (VOY: "The Disease")


  • Graduation and commencement ceremony in mid-September (TNG: "The First Duty")
    • Second smaller ceremony occurs in mid-May for those completing their program in the first semester
    • Commencement ceremony includes a commencement speech from an invited speaker (Novel: Articles of the Federation)
  • Graduates granted the rank of Ensign (Various)
    • New ensigns usually receive first assignment within days if not weeks

Post-Graduation Programs

  • Advanced Intelligence Training (SCE Short Story: "Home Fires")
    • Required one-year program for Starfleet officers transferring into Starfleet Intelligence (SCE Short Story: "Home Fires")
    • Name presumptive by analogy with Advanced Tactical Training
  • Advanced Tactical Training (TNG: "Preemptive Strike"; TOS Novel: Ex Machina)
    • One-year program giving high-level tactical instruction beyond the basic combat requirements needed for security service
      • Program known to be held at main campus, Tellar annex campus (TOS: Ex Machina; DS9 Novel: "Ascendance")
    • Includes field instruction, leading and directing teams, more advanced combat techniques, detailed briefings on foreign powers, starship operations and security
    • Requirement before being allowed assignment as chief of security or chief tactical officer
  • Bridge Officer's Test (TNG: "Thine Own Self")
    • Multi-stage test to demonstrate command suitability
    • No officer outside the command track may take command of a starship outside an emergency situation without having passed this test
    • Likely required to achieve Commander rank for those on starship duty
    • Can be given by any command crew officer

Starfleet Law Academy

  • Standardly a three-year program equivalent to civilian law school (VAN Novel: Open Secrets)

Starfleet Medical Academy

  • Name via "Rivals"'
  • Standardly a four-year program equivalent to civilian medical school, offered to those progressing along the medical branch
  • Can also be entered directly by civilians from pre-med on approval of the Academy board
    • McCoy known to have attended Ole Miss, seems not to have attended Starfleet Academy by "The Ultimate Computer"
  • Entrants are granted the rank of lieutenant, junior grade upon graduation (DS9: "Emissary")
  • Includes a one-year field residency

First Students