USS Lovell (NCC-170)

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  • Name: USS Lovell
  • Registry: NCC-170
  • Class: Daedalus
  • Fleet: Starfleet
  • Commissioned: 2141
  • Launched: 2152
  • Retired: 2192
  • Reactivated 2264 on request of SCE due to lack of assigned materiel (VAN Novel: Summon the Thunder)
    • Upgraded to modern standards through refit and reconstruction performed by SCE crew
    • Cruising velocity of at warp 7, maximum velocity of warp 9 (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book One")
    • November 2265: Support vessel, Starbase 47 (VAN Novel: Summon the Thunder)
    • Crew consists of half Starfleet, half civilian specialists (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book One")
  • January 10, 2266: Enacted General Order 24 against Gamma Tauri IV alongside USS Endeavour, with aid of IKS HovQaw'wI (VAN Novel: Reap the Whirlwind)


Command crew

Department heads

Bridge staff

Alpha shift

Beta shift

Gamma shift

Engineering division

Medical division

Science division

Security division


Auxiliary Craft


  • - 2266 - : Kepler (VAN Novel: Reap the Whirlwind)