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  • Appearance: Mammalian
    • Most of body covered in silver exoskeleton (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
    • Skin color similarly silver (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
  • Homeworld long forgotten due to age of species (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
  • Biological notes
    • Lifespan can reach over 230 years (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
  • Cultural notes
    • Ascendant faith
    • Ancient species, their history dating back at least one million years (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
      • Their numbers are significantly declined by 24th century, to the point that they have become near-mythical (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
      • Due to low population, lack of homeworld, the species is largely nomadic by 24th century (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
        • Individual nomadic groups gather once every 50 years to exchange information and technology, arrange matings to perpetuate the species (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)
    • Extreme religious zealots, wiping out all cultures who worship a deity identified with their "True" in a way incompatible with their own faith (DS9 Novel: Rising Son)