Betazoid faith

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  • Polytheistic, with particular gods (or religious figures) heavily associated with particular relics under the stewardship of the noble families of Betazed
    • Gods
      • Katara
        • Associated with blessed books (TNG Novel: The Battle of Betazed)
          • Held by the Fourth House (TNG Novel: The Battle of Betazed)
      • Rixx
        • Associated with sacred chalice (TNG: "Haven")
          • Held by the Fifth House (TNG: "Haven")
    • General relics
      • Holy Rings (TNG: "Haven")
      • Sacred Scepter (TNG Novel: The Battle of Betazed)
      • Relics held by individual members of houses
        • Next in line to take ownership known as heirs (TNG Novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)