Earth Cargo Service

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  • Established 2080s
    • Definitively established by 2102 by ECS Horizon commissioning date
  • Headquartered in Earth Cargo Service Central, Earth (ENT Novel: Kobayashi Maru)
  • United Earth merchant marine organization (ENT)
    • Civilian freight hauling between Earth outposts, foreign ports (ENT)
  • Source of late-21st and 22nd century Boomer subculture (ENT)
    • Long haul freight runs at sub-warp 2, taking years between ports (ENT)
    • Individual crew members colloquially known as "Boomers" (ENT)
  • Popular holonovel series The Boomer Diaries, released in mid-24th century, presented fictionalized account of Boomer lifestyle (TNG Novel: Greater Than the Sum)