Confederacy of Vulcan

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  • Full name: Confederacy of Vulcan
  • Center of government: Administration Tower, ShiKahr, Vulcan
  • Established c. 12th century
  • Core territory consists of the Nevasa system
  • Dominant power in Nevasa-local space from the late-19th century through 2161
    • Influence of Vulcan over Nevasa-local space prevented much of the hostility of nearby nations and criminal organizations from reaching pre-warp planets within their sphere of influence, as a manifestation of their general policy of non-interference
    • Allied powers included Agaron, Coridan, Lorillia, Mazar, United Earth
    • Contact with Andor led to the extension of the Andorian Empire to an interstellar power; ongoing conflict continued between the two powers from that point until 2154, though never breaking into all-out war
    • Further significant conflicts include the century-long Vulcan-Romulan War of the mid 19th to mid 20th century and the Vulcan-Klingon War of the early 21st century
  • Founding member of the Coalition of Planets (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
  • Founding member of the Federation
    • Officially considered the second member via signing order
      • Councillor T'Maran (2161 - 2164 - ) (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures; ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Councillor T'Nuri ( - 2270 - ) (DTI Novel: Forgotten History)
      • Councillor T'Latrek (2296 - 2382 - ) (TNG Novel: Diplomatic Implausibility; Novel: Zero Sum Game)
      • Councillor Sipak ( - 2385 - ) (Novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)


  • 12th century: Forms upon final unification of Vulcan under the philosophies of Surak (Presumptive)
  • Early-to-mid 19th century: Regains spacegoing and interstellar capability lost in the nuclear conflicts of 15 centuries previous; within decades, becomes the dominant power in Nevasa-local space (ENT: "The Forge")
  • Mid-19th century: Start of the Vulcan-Romulan War, a semi-cold conflict that will continue until the mid-20th century (ENT: Uncertain Logic; VOY: "Death Wish")
  • Early 21st century: Start of the Vulcan-Klingon War upon first contact with the Klingon Empire, continuing through the mid-21st century (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures; DIS: "The Vulcan Hello"; TNG: "First Contact")
  • August 2154: Rediscovery of the kir'shara leads to a government reformation, purging of more aggressive factions (ENT: "Kir'shara")
    • It is later discovered that the increasingly aggressive direction of the Confederacy of the last two centuries was due in large part to covert Romulan infiltration attempting to position the Confederacy as a weakened target through the strain of constant warfare (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
  • March 5, 2155: Founding member of the Coalition of Planets (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
  • August 12, 2161: Founding member of the United Federation of Planets

Political Structure

  • Government consists of a single legislative body with various underlying directorates and ministries
    • Vulcan Council
      • Vulcan High Command (ENT)
        • Officially a ministerial cabinet under but semi-independent from the Vulcan Council
        • Most ministers appointed by the Vulcan Council on the advice of the First Minister, can be dismissed by either (ENT: "Kir'Shara")
        • Highest minister popularly elected, given the title of Administrator with the rank of First Minister (ENT: "United"; ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
        • Vulcan Defense Force ( - 2154)
          • Originally strictly charged with overseeing Vulcan's space fleet, but role transitioned over the centuries to serve essentially as the Confederacy's executive body due to the increased prevalence of interplanetary relations in Confederacy affairs (ENT: "The Forge")
          • Most directorates functioned under the auspices of the High Command as an intermediary to the Council as a result of its increasing prevalence
          • Following the Syrannite incident of 2154, all directorates transitioned back to Council oversight, and control over the Vulcan Defense Force specifically to the newly-established Defense Directorate
      • Defense Directorate (est. 2154)
        • Vulcan Defense Force (2154 - 2161)
          • Upon transition of Defense Force from independent agency to Defense Directorate subagency, all vessels previously referred to with DFV prefix were renamed to DDV prefix
          • Most vessels transitioned to the Vulcan Space Council fleet within Starfleet upon the founding of the Federation
          • Some disassembled, used to provide technological foundation for Romulan Neutral Zone outposts (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm)
        • Vulcan Space Service (2161 - Present)
          • Purely-defensive space fleet replacing the Vulcan Defense Force following the founding of the Federation (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
      • Health Directorate
      • Science Directorate
      • Security Directorate
        • V'Shar
        • Vulcan Planetary Security (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
          • Oversees security on Vulcan, working with reasoning forces to avert threats to safety of the populace (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
      • State Directorate
      • Thought Directorate
        • Duties include historical preservation, education, and cultural advancement
      • Trade Directorate