Empok Nor

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  • Class: Nor
  • Originally located in Trivas system (DS9: "Empok Nor")
  • Abandoned 2372 (DS9: "Empok Nor")
  • 2373: Evaluated for spare parts by Deep Space 9 engineering team (DS9: "Empok Nor")
  • 2374: Site of Ferengi/Dominion prisoner transfer (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")
  • 2375: Operating base of pah wraith cult (DS9: "Covenant")
  • 2376: Repaired and brought to operating status by Androssi agents, intending to reconstruct it into a massive warp-capable weapons platform (SCE Short Story: "Cold Fusion")
    • Following the disruption of this attempt by SCE team, towed to B'hava'el system in order to safely transfer station fusion reactors following damage incurred by removal of Androssi technology (SCE Short Story: "Cold Fusion")
    • Left in orbit of Cajara to serve as nearby upgrade test-bed and part source for Deep Space 9 (SCE Short Story: "Cold Fusion"; S31 Novel: Abyss)