Romulan Star Empire

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  • Full name: Romulan Star Empire
  • Center of government: Romulan Senate House, Ki Baratan, Romulus
  • Population largely comprised of Romulans
  • Subject worlds
  • Annexed territory organized in tiers based on distance from core (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
    • Furthest reaches known as outworlds (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
  • Annexation proceeds in series of expansionary waves rather than constant territorial acquisition (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)

Bordering territories


  • July 22, 2155: War begins against the Coalition of Planets upon attack against various United Earth facilities (ENT Novel: Kobayashi Maru, Beneath the Raptor's Wing)
    • Non-Earth nations withdraw from conflict July 2156 due to significant weakness against telepresence attacks (ENT Novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)
    • War ends July 29, 2160 with Battle of Cheron (ENT: "In a Mirror Darkly, part II"; ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm; TNG: "The Defector")
  • November 9, 2160: Official surrender of Romulan Star Empire to United Earth and establishment of the Neutral Zone (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm; TOS: "Balance of Terror")
  • 2311: Withdrawal from interstellar affairs following the Tomed Incident (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")
    • Occasional, often combative interactions with nearby neutral powers, but no interactions with larger nations outside covert espionage and infiltration
  • December 2364: Return to interstellar presence following then-unidentified Borg attacks against outposts along border of Romulan Neutral Zone (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")
  • October 20th, 2379: The entirety of the Romulan Senate and Praetor Neral are assassinated by Senator Tal'aura acting under the auspices of significant Reman military hero Shinzon in an unexpected coup. (Star Trek: Nemesis)
    • Shinzon himself is killed in combat with the USS Enterprise November 9th, leaving a power vacuum that threatens to upend the entire Empire and resulting in the loss of control of a number of outlying worlds. (Star Trek: Nemesis; TNG Novel: Death in Winter; TTN Novel: Taking Wing)

Political Structure

  • Military: Romulan Guard
  • Executive
    • Praetor practically serves as head of state
      • Romulan Praetors
      • Officially, the Empire is led by the Emperor/Empress, but by the 22nd century this position is largely ceremonial
      • Selected by the Senate Continuing Committee
    • National technological development led by Chief Technologist (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
  • Legislative
    • Romulan Senate
      • Led by the Proconsul (TNG: "Unification")
        • Romulan Proconsuls
        • Commonly translated in the 22nd century as "First Consul" (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
        • Vice-proconsul (Second Consul) immediately beneath in rank (TNG: "Face of the Enemy"; TNG Short Story: "Turncoats")
        • Proconsul also serves as commander-in-chief of the Romulan Guard (TNG Novel: Death in Winter; TTN Novel: Taking Wing)
          • Not explicitly stated by texts, but implied
            • Death in Winter established Tomalak as newly-appointed commander-in-chief December 2379
            • Taking Wing established Tomalak as newly-appointed Proconsul December 2379
      • Romulan Senators
      • Divided into subject-matter divisions similar to executive departments found in other governments
        • Medical Division (VAN Novel: Summon the Thunder)
  • Legal framework
    • Upon conviction for any significant crimes, convicted are granted a public Right of Statement prior to their execution (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm; TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"; TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
      • Granted to all citizens regardless of status or caste (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
      • Statement presented to all those impacted by crime (TNG Novel: Death in Winter)
        • For acts against the state, statement is recorded and publicly broadcast to allow the convicted to explain their actions and motives (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm; TOS: "The Enterprise Incident")
      • No limitations on length (ENT Novel: To Brave the Storm; TOS: "The Enterprise Incident")