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  • Based in San Francisco, Earth (Various)
    • Located on grounds of Fort Baker (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)


Starfleet Communications

  • Direction and expansion of Federation-wide comm network
  • Development and support of universal translator functionality
    • Includes distribution of new and/or revised translation matrices

Pathfinder Project

Starfleet Corps of Engineers

  • Officially established mid-23rd century
  • Initially assigned detachment of three decommissioned Daedalus-class vessels (SCE Short Story: "Foundations")
  • Following push for greater standing due to importance of duties, expanded c.2270s (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
    • Assigned detachment of ten active starships (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
    • Granted permission for independent research and development projects (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
  • SCE vessel detachment
  • Crew
    • SCE Liaison
      • Position established 2280 (SCE Short Story: "Foundations, Book Three")
      • Serves as commander of SCE, interface between SCE and Starfleet Command (SCE)
      • 2280 - : Mahmud al-Khaled
      • 2375 - 2376 - : Montgomery Scott
    • Engineer

Starfleet Advanced Technologies

  • Testing and implementation of new prototype technologies

Starfleet Operational Support Services

  • Repair and refit of fleet resources

Starfleet Research and Development

  • Design and development of new hypothetical technologies
  • Staff

Starfleet Shipyard Operations

  • Operation of fleet shipyards, construction of new vessels

Starfleet Cultural Affairs

  • Liaison with civilian organizations
  • Staff

Starfleet Intelligence

Starfleet Internal Affairs

  • Investigation of threats to Starfleet or the Federation internal to Starfleet (DS9: "Inquisition")

Starfleet Military Intelligence

  • Branch of Starfleet Intelligence focusing on intelligence on external military forces (DS9 Novel: Avatar, Book Two)
  • Unknown

Starfleet Judge Advocate General

  • Legal advice and administration, handling of military court proceedings
  • Manages operations of Starfleet Law Academy
  • Facilities known as "Hall of Justice" (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
  • JAG officer

Criminal Investigations Division

Starfleet Materiel Supply Command

  • Fleet supply lines and quartermaster support

Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Dental

  • Subdepartment responsible for dentistry (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

Starfleet Medical Mental Health

  • Subdepartment devoted to psychiatric treatment and evaluation (TNG Novel: A Time to Be Born)
  • Staff counselor

Starfleet Operational Safety and Health Command (OSHC)

  • Subdepartment responsible for investigating issues of health or safety incurred by Starfleet officers as a result of Starfleet materiel or procedures (TNG: "Eye of the Beholder")

Starfleet Operations

Starfleet Administrative Operations

  • Management and support
Starfleet Orbital Operations
  • Orbital control for worlds with Starfleet presence

Starfleet Deep Space Exploratory Corps

Starfleet Mission Operations

  • Mission assignment and approval

Starfleet Strategic Operations

Starfleet Science

Starfleet Cartography

  • Creation and maintenance of Starfleet stellar and subspace charts

Starfleet Security

  • Pursues weapon development (DS9: "Field of Fire")

Starfleet Rangers

Starfleet Tactical

  • Determines tactics and strategy for repelling potential attacks with minimum risk, loss of life through analysis and simulation (TOS Novel: The Captain's Oath; TNG Novel: The Buried Age)

Long-Range Threat Assessment and Response

  • Focused on analysis of known distant threats before conflict with Starfleet forces occurs (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)

Starfleet Planetary Defense



Type 8

  • - October 2376 - : Haley (SCE Short Story: "Aftermath")