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  • Six-dimensional spatial domain underlying four-dimensional spacetime (TOS Novel: Ex Machina; VOY Short Story: "Brief Candle")
    • Subdivided into infinite domains or layers, each corresponding to a particular brane frequency and strength of field emissions (TNG: "Schisms"; VOY: "Cold Fire", "Bride of Chaotica"; VOY Short Story: "Brief Candle")
      • Also referred to as the subspace spectrum (TNG: "The Loss")
    • Subspace correspondence with normal space dynamic rather than static, shifting over time
      • Shifts can be caused by natural phenomena, resulting in gravimetric distortions and/or exotic radiation in normal space with strength proportional to the degree of shift
        • Such exotic radiation can include chronitons, tetryons
          • Often generically and broadly referred to as "subspace radiation" (VOY: "The Omega Directive", "Course: Oblivion", "Human Error")
        • Disruptions to subspace propagate throughout the local configuration, resulting in periodic oscillations that manifest as regular gravimetric pulses (DS9: "If Wishes Were Hordes", "Destiny", "The Visitor")
      • Subspace can also be manipulated or displaced artificially through applications of specific gravimetric fields and/or exotic radiation instead
        • Study of such manipulation known as "subspace morphology" (TNG: "Suspicions")
        • Fundamental principle of most subspace-based propulsion or FTL technology, including warp drive and slipstream drive as well as FTL processing in later generation computer cores
    • Normal spacetime essentially a 4D manifold of underlying subspace configuration (DTI Novel: Forgotten History)
      • Gravimetric distortions created by subspace manipulations thus simply a reconfiguration of this manifold
      • Alternate realities, timelines, time periods correspond to other 4D manifolds, thus accessible through subspace traversal via warp drive, transporter use, subspace anomalies, etc. (Various)