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  • Umbrella term for any form of non-technological mental connection between two intelligent beings
    • Interlink between two consciousnesses allowing for communication, transference of thoughts, feelings
    • Extreme telepathic talents capable of transferring consciousness from one substrate to another
  • Function of quantum entanglement between two consciousnesses allowing for transmission of information (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
  • Types and variations of telepathy
    • Empathy
      • Detection and in some instances transmission of emotional states
    • Logopathy
      • Contact with, implicit knowledge of linguistic centers
    • Touch telepathy
      • Often relies on entanglement coupled with direct bioelectric contact
  • Telepathy difficult to technologically circumvent
    • Can be defended against to a degree via suppressing electron tunneling in the thalamus (TNG Novel: The Buried Age)
  • Known telepathic species or castes