USS Orion (NCC-63247)

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  • Name: USS Orion
  • Registry: NCC-63247
  • Class: Steamrunner
  • Fleet: Starfleet
  • Crew complement includes 71 SCE personnel (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire, Book 1")
  • Active by August 2376 (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire")
  • Lost: September 25, 2376; Galvan VI (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire")
    • All crew lost upon hull breach during test run of Wildfire device (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire")
    • Vessel destroyed September 26 during efforts to disarm Wildfire device (SCE Short Story: "Wildfire")


Command crew

Department heads

Bridge staff

Alpha shift

Beta shift

Gamma shift

Engineering division

Medical division

Science division

Security division

Auxiliary Craft