Zefram Cochrane

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  • Full Name: Zefram Cochrane
  • Born: 2033, Earth (Star Trek: Star Charts)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • PhD, physics
  • Author; Transformational Relativity and Continuum Distortion Propulsion (TNG Novel: Greater Than the Sum)
  • By 2053: Project leader, Project Phoenix (TLE Novel: The Sundered)
  • April 5, 2063: With the launch of the Phoenix, becomes the first human to travel at warp velocities (Star Trek: First Contact)
    • Following return to Earth, initiates first contact with Vulcan via Solkar (Star Trek: First Contact)
  • 2088: Leads an independent colonization effort for Alpha Centauri III following reluctance of UESPA's colonization board in the wake of the Terra Nova disaster (ENT Novel: A Choice of Futures; TOS: "Metamorphosis")
  • 2119: Founds the Warp Five Complex at the former site of Project Phoenix alongside Dr. Henry Archer (ENT: "Broken Bow")
  • 2120: Departs for interstellar space in a one-man pod to spend his last days (TOS: "Metamorphosis"; Star Trek: Star Charts)
  • After 2120: Sets down on Gamma Canaris N (TOS: "Metamorphosis")
    • Biologically rejuvenated by the Companion (TOS: "Metamorphosis")
    • Granted biological immortality via her aid (TOS: "Metamorphosis")
  • May 2267: Biological immortality ended upon merger of the Companion with Nancy Hedford (TOS: "Metamorphosis")
    • Presumptive death in early 24th century