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  • Appearance: Mammalian; short hair with a high hairline, prominent temporal ridges running up along the forehead, shallow cleft down the center of the forehead, small Y-shaped ridge on the chin
    • Similar ridges along spine
    • Long, claw-like nails
  • Homeworld: Denobula
  • Clawed nails and strong climbing ability suggest descent from arboreal mammals (ENT: "A Night in Sickbay", "The Breach")
  • Extremely elastic skin and musculature
    • Much broader grin than most humanoid species (ENT: "Broken Bow", "A Night in Sickbay", "Stigma")
    • Can inflate the face akin to a pufferfish when in distress (ENT: "Home")
  • Sleep on a hibernation cycle of five to six days each year (minimum of two for health) (ENT: "Dear Doctor", "Two Days and Two Nights")
    • Normal physiological effects of sleep on the brain gained through waking hallucinations instead; considered a healthy release of stress (ENT: "Exile", "Doctor's Orders")
  • Cultural notes
    • Polyamorous culture, with an expectation of three spouses per person
      • Additionally, marriages are considered open by default, though most have no fundamental objection to a desire for a closed relationship
    • Bi- and pansexuality common amongst Denobulans (ENT Novel: Live by the Code)
    • Denobulans give plants to friends in celebration of a coming wedding in their own family (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)
      • Considered metaphorical for the need to tend to a relationship to allow it to grow
    • Denobulan men usually eschew public displays of affection; much more inhibited, especially as compared to Denobulan women (ENT: "Dear Doctor")
    • Denobulan medical ethics place the desire of the patient above all else, even should such desires result in harm or death (ENT: "The Breach")
    • Common pastimes at social gatherings include gueaa-dancing and "Stump the Philosopher" (ENT Novel: Uncertain Logic)